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Posted in fremantle by freoview on January 22, 2013

An urgent photo shoot prevented me last night from attending the City of Fremantle Electors AGM. I wanted to speak as president of the Fremantle Society on two issues, so I publish what I had prepared here:


The Fremantle Society supports council efforts to revitalise the inner city, but we are worried about the selling of assets, especially those that create income for the city. With the sale of the Point Street car park site there are now only two multi storey car parks left in the inner city and the city intends to sell off the money making Henderson Street car park without putting the sale out for tender and sell it to the highest bidder. Instead it intends to make it part of the Sirona Capital contract to rebuilt the Queensgate site. We believe this is not in the best interest of the City of Fremantle. If car parks are such assets why does council not try to get top dollars for ours?

 While on the subject of assets, we also need to mention our green spaces. Council wants thousands of new people to live and work in the inner city, but it has not addressed the lack of green spaces in the CBD. On the contrary, it wants to build a skate park on the Esplanade, and as part of the Victoria Quay development it is suggested that buildings could be erected on the western side of Pioneer Park, so we will lose green space instead of adding to it.

 The controversial Planning Scheme Amendment 49 does not address in any significance public open space, let alone green space in the inner city. While we applaud the percentage for the art and heritage, council should also have introduced a percentage for green and open spaces for significant development projects in the CBD. The lack of planning and foresight in this regard is disappointing.

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