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OnePerth reports that the State Heritage Office is investigating the unauthorised erection of a large timber deck on the northern side of Kidogo Arthouse at Fremantle’s Bathers Beach. The building is also known as the  heritage listed Kerosene Store.

The gallery received permission in July 2015 to build a small toilet block and deck of a total area of 13.6mx3.8m but instead only built a large deck of 13.6mx5.12m but not the toilet block.

The State Heritage Office says the deck is inappropriate in material, height and size and built over a significant archaeological area, and that is detrimentally affects the cultural heritage significance of the building.

A state committee will decide on March 22 if retrospective approval will be given or the owner forced to demolish the $ 75,000.00 deck that already has been used for the pop-up Kelp bar, weddings and functions and the recent World Match Racing Tour.

This is not good news for owner Joanna Robinson who fought with Fremantle Council for years to get approval to build toilets, why she changed her mind after approval for that was finally given is anyone’s guess and might cost her dearly.

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Posted in beer festival, city of fremantle, drinking by freoview on November 16, 2015

So much for the City of Fremantle responsible alcohol policy and allowing large booze events in our city. WA TODAY reports that two young men in their early twenties were bashed unconscious on Sunday night as they were leaving the Fremantle Beer Festival on the Esplanade.

Friends who visited last year’s Beer Fest reported that many people were mindlessly drunk as early as 5 pm so maybe it is time for the City to say no to events that only attract large crowds because it is about drinking alcohol.

Having fun does not mean getting pissed!

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I had not seen this artist impression of the planned Fremantle Ports Victoria Quay development that Oneperth published on-line, so wanted to share it with you. The publication reports State Planning Commission has recommended the approval of the plans.

What is missing in the picture is the railway line crossing at Pakenham Street that was going to connect with the extended Peter Hughes Drive, that was proposed, but we do see a substantial building taking up most of Pioneer Park.

The independent Oneperth also suggests there would be a four-storey bus exchange, probably to the east of the railway station. From memory it was suggested a pedestrian bridge would connect with the to be developed Woolstores shopping centre.

It will be interesting to see if State Government will release final plans for the project ahead of the planned sale of the port as that might well increase the price and put more money in the empty mismanaged coffers of our state.

According to Oneperth there had been no submissions received during a 21 day period, which seems extremely strange, but then again, I am not aware a submission period had been advertised, so most people in Fremantle probably would not have known about it.

I believe the ten-storey tower just to the east behind the railway station needs to be lowered to no more than six storeys as it overpowers the heritage station, and the huge building at Pioneer Park is unacceptable. Mayor Brad Pettitt has just written about increasing public open spaces and Fremantle can’t afford to lose Pioneer Park as a lingering and recreation point to offset the proposed commercial ugliness at Victoria Quay.

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I copy the comments by WAToday reporter Brendan Foster on the PR debacle the Perth International Arts Festival-PIAF made out of the river journey of the Giant Puppets:

Bugger me; there WERE supersized puppets on the Swan River near Fremantle late on Sunday.

In the end it was almost impossible to hide the monstrous marionettes as they weaved their way on a barge down the waterway to the port city.

Yet, for some inexplicable reason the crew at the Perth International Arts Festival last Thursday didn’t want to tell the wee giant – The Little Girl – and The Diver would make their farewell trip via Fremantle. Even after we spied a newspaper ad confirming the puppets would be at the East Street Jetty around 5pm, PIAF still denied it.

But why? Why would PIAF try to pull the wool over the eyes of potential marionette moochers, when thousands lined the riverbanks on Sunday afternoon to get a glimpse of the puppets from French company Royale de Luxe.

And dozens of people took to Facebook to post pictures of the puppets heading to the port city.

If I was managing public relations for an arts organisation, I would’ve thought this level of exposure was gold.

Maybe the good folk at PIAF thought portsiders would pinch the puppets, given their local footy team the Dockers lack a decent tall?

Or was PIAF worried if portsiders knew the puppets were heading their way, they wouldn’t make the rare trip across Fremantle Bridge to see them?

According to Main Roads, The Giants had more than 1.4 million visits over the three days they sauntered through the streets of Perth.

Kudos to PIAF for recognising the event would resonate with Perth audiences but they missed a trick by not letting us know the puppets would be barging their way to Fremantle.


It was strange indeed as this Freo’s View blog was the first to publish this after hearing it late on Wednesday afternoon on the ABC Radio Drive program with John McGlue. I received an email from Brendan Foster of WAToday, who had read my blog post, to ask if my story was correct because PIAF had denied it was happening. I got calls from the City of Fremantle if I could delete the blog post because PIAF was worried about getting a large crowd at the jetty and they had not allowed for that with security. I also received emails and comments on Facebook telling me I had spread untrue rumours, but I hadn’t!

Luckily people believed my blog post and the WAToday story and came to the Swan river and the Freo East Street jetty, where the barge with the larger than life marionettes arrived at 2.45 pm.

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More positive about Freo! Liz Sheenan wrote a lovely article about that new cafe YOCAL in Collie Street in WA TODAY on-line. I’ll put a few of her words below so you can all read that there are people who love Fremantle.

My list of places to visit and review is so huge that I can’t keep up anymore and it screams at me Fremantle Fremantle Fremantle!!!   It has been a long time since I have visited our port city and I was surprised to see how it has changed.

My Gran used to work  for the Freo council in the tourist information office and we’d go and see her after school some Thursdays and have fish and chips at a pub in the west end. Those side streets weren’t really somewhere you’d venture but now they are filled with new exciting shops and what I am especially interested in… cafes. Those tired old cafes on the strip finally have competition to contend with!

I would place a bet on Yocal having the nicest staff in Perth.  This isn’t even an exaggeration – they are SO friendly and thankful and eager to please… even in the middle of the mid-morning breakfast rush.

Yocal is what Fremantle has always been about – it’s down to earth, friendly and relaxed. So step away from the cappuccino strip and venture down the quieter end of town for a brekky that won’t disappoint.
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Fremantle has had good national media coverage with a front page article in the West Australian about plastic bag laws today, and another article on the controversial Planning Scheme Amendment 49 on page 18. Yesterday there was also a photo of a huge red ball, stuck at the Town Hall entry in that paper.

Those of us who live here know what a special place Freo is. It’s far from perfect, sometimes tired and dirty, and sometimes idiots become violent and create havoc and vandalism. But this is a good place to live. One of the best!

Let me quote then in full the comments on the PSA 49 debate in the West Australian on line, by a person, a man I think because of his ‘creative’ pseudo name:

“Perhaps they could build a scale model to show all those deros who live in that ghastly city what the end result would look like. I can’t see much wrong with it but they would have to get rid of 90% of the current residents before decent people would move there. Currently a horrible place to visit.”

I was going to defend the great, community minded residents of Fremantle and give this idiot a blast, but I think the name he hides behind tells it all. Well done Con Dom. You are a fool!!

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