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One of only two agenda items for the Strategic Planning and Transport Committee on Wednesday will be the community consultation paper put out by the WA Planning Commission-WAPC about noise in entertainment areas such as Northbridge, and the question if Fremantle Council should consider asking the WAPC to include the Fremantle CBD in the trial.

Medium and high density urban infill has seen a rise in complaints in recent years from residents who are not happy with the noise from entertainment venues and transport, but the entertainment industry believes it is not fair that the onus should only be on them and that it should be shared with developers of new residential buildings, which should be required to put better noise insulation measures, such as double glazing and thicker glass in their developments.

I remember many years ago that when the new apartments opposite Clancy’s were built that it only took one week before the first complaint was made about live music there, although the tavern had been having regular live concerts for many many years.

In Fremantle where we are going to see a glut of new residential apartments and hotel rooms, combined with new taverns and bars, it is essential to also protect the livelihood of the hospitality industry and demand new buildings that have better noise protection for their users.

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homeless run 1


I finally caught up today with six handsome Muslim men from the Perth Homeless Run.

I have noticed them for several months on Sundays when they come to Fremantle to offer food, cold drinks, and today even icecream to the homeless people around town.

They also do it in Northbridge on Friday night they told me.

With all the negativity about Muslims supposedly not integrating it is important to show that the reality is quite different and that Australian Muslims make a very positive contribution to society.

Well done gentlemen!

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Recent development applications for the City of Fremantle CBD all include alcohol outlets, so Fremantle Council should be very aware of that and not permit too many watering holes in the inner city, as it is contrary to the alcohol policy they implemented three years ago.

There is a tavern proposed in the plans for the Woolstores shopping centre site, a micro-brewery and tavern for the Mannings Building development, a tavern planned for the former Henderson Street Courthouse and a pub for the former Energy Museum development.

The CBD already has the Australia Hotel, Clancy’s, the National, Orient, Newport, Sail&Anchor, Norfolk, the Federal, Little Creatures, Bathers Beach House, the Monk, plus the bars of the Esplanade Hotel.

Top that off with nightclubs and the small bars that have popped up and Freo has more than enough to offer as far as the service of alcohol is concerned. And don’t forget that Sunset Events will be opening a tavern at J Shed and the Drillhall as well.

Pubs in Fremantle survive because of good weekend trade, but are not doing all that well during weekdays, so a significant increase in competition and new taverns opening might jeopardise their future.

No need to be a wowser about this, but we need to be very careful that Fremantle will not become a copy of Northbridge, that struggled for a very long time to get rid of its reputation for drunkenness, violence and anti-social behaviour. We have quite a bit of that already in our port city.

New laws coming before State Parliament will also allow the service of alcohol, without having to order a meal, in restaurants which serve fewer than 120 customers, so that will include many Freo hospitality outlets

Fremantle Council needs to put a ceiling on how many pubs it will allow in the inner city, to make sure there is a diversity on offer and not just a glut of large licensed premises.

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An article in the West Australian newspaper about a customer’s complaint about slow service at a Northbridge restaurant and the resulting  internet fight made me think about service in the hospitality and retail industries and why some people don’t take more pride and turn up for work with the right attitude; to serve customers.

Coming to Australia from Germany, I have always been amazed that few people here complain when meals are not up to standard. In Germany one would complain, receive an apology, another meal and often a free drink, or the meal was not charged for, while here the customer almost needs to apologise for bad food and service. I have seen friends leave full plates on the table explaining to wait personnel “they were not hungry” when in fact the food was inedible but they did not dare to say so.

A waitress once told me she could not take my complaint to the chef because he would be angry with her, another one came back with the well-done steak I  had rejected, because I ordered it rare, and told me the chef said it was rare, on another occasion the steak was replaced but they had left the by now cold potatoes and vegetables on the same old plate instead of renewing it all.

Last year I bought shoes in a  Fremantle department store but had problems paying for them. The shop assistant who had brought me the shoes to try them on left and was not seen again, and when I went to another counter to pay for them I was told by a bored woman that it was not her department. My reply that all she needed to do was to scan the barcode and take my money was met with hostility and she only reluctantly agreed to make the sale.

We have all waited for coffees and meals for far too long because of the no care attitude of staff and badly organised kitchens, we have all had the occasionally bad and wrong meal, but that is not really the problem. I accept that no one is perfect and that we all make mistakes. I know how hard working in a restaurant kitchen is (been there, done that), but all it needs is for someone to say sorry and make up when things go wrong. It’s not a big deal, but don’t blame the customer or get into an argument over it.

Taking customers for granted or treat them as whingers is not the right way of dealing with those who keep one in a job. Without customers there is no business. Walking past tables full of dirty plates or cups should be the biggest no-no in the hospitality industry, but I witness it every day that waiters walk by empty handed and leave the mess on tables for long periods.

There is nothing wrong with making mistakes as long as one strives for perfection. No one is infallible, but please give us a smile, show us you enjoy your work and that you like pampering your customers. Don’t make us feel as if we are a nuisance who interrupts something really important. Welcome us. We are keeping you in a job.

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This morning I went on a location search for a photo shoot I have to do in Perth, and while walking around for three hours in the heat, I decided to take some photos of the new CENTRAL TAFE buildings in Northbridge.

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