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One of only two agenda items for the Strategic Planning and Transport Committee on Wednesday will be the community consultation paper put out by the WA Planning Commission-WAPC about noise in entertainment areas such as Northbridge, and the question if Fremantle Council should consider asking the WAPC to include the Fremantle CBD in the trial.

Medium and high density urban infill has seen a rise in complaints in recent years from residents who are not happy with the noise from entertainment venues and transport, but the entertainment industry believes it is not fair that the onus should only be on them and that it should be shared with developers of new residential buildings, which should be required to put better noise insulation measures, such as double glazing and thicker glass in their developments.

I remember many years ago that when the new apartments opposite Clancy’s were built that it only took one week before the first complaint was made about live music there, although the tavern had been having regular live concerts for many many years.

In Fremantle where we are going to see a glut of new residential apartments and hotel rooms, combined with new taverns and bars, it is essential to also protect the livelihood of the hospitality industry and demand new buildings that have better noise protection for their users.

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Posted in city of fremantle, concerts, local government by freoview on March 22, 2016

Fremantle inner city residents are taking legal action against what they believe is unacceptable behaviour and lack of care by events organisers. Two Cliff Street residents told me on Sunday that during the St Jerome Laneway Festival they have many people climbing onto their roof to gain free access to the event. Those people enter from the driveway next to the former Vila Roma restaurant in High Street and then proceed to walk over the roofs. They said that talking to the events managers and City of Fremantle was useless so they are taking it to court.

Residents of Little High Street are complaining about the “very loud” San Cisco concert on Saturday and vandalism afterwards that was reported to the police. I myself noticed a lot of drink bottles all around the area on Sunday morning.

Roundhouse guides have also observed groups of young people gathering up at Arthur Head to listen to concerts that are below at J Shed.

I think told you so is not out of order and not arrogant, but I and others warned the City of Fremantle this would happen, as we warned them homeless people would invade the cottages at Captain’s Lane once they evicted the residents and port pilots.

Fremantle Council is responsible for the mess it has created at Arthur Head, our State’s most significant historic area, and it is now time for them to lose their arrogance and start cleaning up the mess they created and stamp down on organisers who promise the world.

Roel Loopers


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