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The moving Anne Frank exhibition officially opened last night in the Fremantle Woolstores Shopping Centre and I highly recommend it for all, especially school students.

The sad story of WorldWar II and the occupation of the Netherlands was made so much worse with the persecution of Jewish people by the fascist Hitler regime.

Anne Frank and her family had to hide in a secret annexe in a house in Amsterdam, but sadly they were discovered after two years in hiding and transported to concentration camps.

From the family of eight only father Otto Frank survived the war.

Anne Frank’s diary was published and became very famous.


Roel Loopers



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Anne Frank Sept 13


The moving ANNE FRANK Let Me Be Myself touring exhibition starts today in Fremantle at the Woolstores Shopping Centre and should not be missed.

Anne Frank’s story is a very sad one about a young Jewish girl who had to hide with her family in a secret annex of a house in Amsterdam during Hitler’s nazi regime and German occupation of the Netherlands during Worldwar II.

While they were hiding Anne wrote a beautiful diary, but sadly after two years she and her family were discovered and deported to concentration camps. From the eight people only father Otto Frank survived.

Intolerance to other people’s religion, culture and race should never be accepted.

The exhibition is on till October 31 and open from 10 am to 5 pm.


Roel Loopers


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storm 1

storm 2


As a teenage boy in the Netherlands I would ride my bike from The Hague to Scheveningen to watch the wildness and incredible power of the North Sea during storms, and I do the same here in Fremantle and drive onto the South Mole every day to watch the mighty Indian Ocean.

It is very wet, wild and windy out there today, so pretty gorgeous really, so here two photos I took around 11am this morning.


Roel Loopers



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Today is my personal Australia Day! Thirty-five years ago today on March 13, 1982 I landed in Australia with my then partner Brigitte to start our new life on the other side of the world, and what a journey it has been.

The decision to migrate to Australia was seen by many friends and colleagues in Germany as foolhardy and naïve, but how wrong they were.

There is no doubt that my Australian years have been the most challenging and often very difficult years of my life. I went through all the highs and all the lows, from a highly successful photography business to a financial disaster triggered by severe depressions, from beautiful houses to awful granny flats, and from great love affairs to a badly broken heart, but as the French say c’est la vie. Shit happens.

But overall it has been a wonderful adventure where I learned so much about myself and life, and at the end I came through it wiser, tougher, more considerate and more tolerant, so these are good gains and lessons.

Moving from Sydney to Perth in September 1985 was stroke of genius, and moving to Fremantle in the early 1990s was pure brilliance as I love living in our beautiful little port city.

Fremantle taught me so much about community engagement and passion and yesterday’s huge Labor election win shows that the enormous Roe 8 people power movement made a big difference and that politicians who ignore the people will be punished. There is an important message for the elected members of the City of Fremantle in that as well.

The good thing about integration in a new culture is that it does not come at the cost of losing one’s identity and culture and while I became an Australian citizen in 1985 much of me will always remain Dutch as the education I received and the values instilled in me in the Netherlands will be with me forever.

Respecting people and being compassionate was something my parents showed me daily, and that being generous and honest and standing up for people less fortunate are good things. They are beautiful values to have.

I love people and the Fremantle community is my family. They are the people I want to look after and support and while I have failed dismally on a few occasions I have always tried my best.

Fremantle has given me a deep sense of belonging and a purpose that is much more than just surviving and earning money. It has taught me that looking after the community one lives in and supporting positive change can make a real difference and that doing that is very rewarding.

I don’t have all that many years left in life but as long as I can do it I will try to help make Fremantle and even better place to live and love in.

Thank you to everyone who has been part of my Aussie life so far. It has been a mind-blowing journey!

Roel Loopers


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There is always a lot of orange when Dutch people get together and today’s Dirk Hartog Festival at B Shed on Fremantle’s Victoria Quay was not different.

There was however not a single bit of cheese to be seen but Linda and Isa-Bo of Treacle Treat were very busy making poffertjes, stroopwafels, kroketten and bitterballen, while the Indonesian stall reminded us of the close connection between that country and the Netherlands.

Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt and State Treasurer Mike Nahan opened the historic day that celebrated the arrival of Dirk Hartog at Shark Bay 400 years ago.

The Dutchies also had a huge party at Little Creatures on the weekend.

But let’s forget about all those so-called important historic Dutchies and their connection to WA. No doubt the most outstanding one of the lot is obnoxious Dutch Fremantle blogger Roel Loopers who was awarded Fremantle Citizen of the Year in 2013 by Premier Colin Barnett.

How popular this choice was was shown with one person complaining to the City of Fremantle CEO that Loopy was not a fit and proper person to receive that award. There is only one very Dutch response to that. Klootzak! ; >)

Roel Loopers



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The Dirk Hartog Festival is on at Fremantle’s Victoria Quay from midday today so come along for a day of entertainment, food and history!

Hartog set foot on WA soil at Shark Bay on October 25 1616, 400 years ago, well before the English, who settled in Fremantle in 1829 and started the Swan River Colony.

Roel Loopers



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dirk-hartog-festival-oct-16 folk-festival

There is a big weekend of entertainment, fun and history coming up for Fremantle this weekend, so get ready for it!

On Saturday the first FREMANTLE FOLK FESTIVAL organised by Clancy’s Fish Pub will be held all day at Princess May Park with a great line up, so check out the Facebook page and buy your tickets soon!

On Sunday the Dirk Hartog Festival on Victoria Quay at Fremantle Port will celebrate that the Dutchman set foot on WA land 400 years ago at Shark Bay on October 25.

There will be entertainment, Dutch food, historic displays and talks, etc. so come along and say Goeden middag.

And if there is time left from 2-4 at the Fremantle Arts Centre Wildwood and Elli Schoen will be playing in the courtyard.

Roel Loopers



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The tiny replica of the historic Dutch sailing ship Duyfken left Fremantle this morning on her journey to Shark Bay where she will take part in the commemorations of Dirk Hartog, the first European man to set foot on land in Western Australia 400 years ago on October 25, 1616.

Minister Bill Marmion, the brand new Netherlands’ Ambassador Erica Schouten, Josh Wilson MP, Mayor Brad Pettitt and Councillor Dave Hume were among the crowd to wish the crew a safe trip.

The replica was built in Fremantle in 1999 for $ 3.6 million and is a gorgeous ship.. The original sailed from the Indonesian island of Banda in 1606 under Captain Willem Janszoon who became the first European to map Australia and explore the norther and eastern coast of Australia.

The Duyfken will be in Bunbury from August 22-September 4, in Mandurah from September 5-14, at Hillarys from 15-27 of September, Jurien Bay from September 29 to October 3, Dongara from 4-7 October, Geraldton from October 8-16 and in Denham from October 19-24.

Roel Loopers


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I went to the DUTCH JOURNEYS TO THE WESTERN EDGE  exhibition in the State Library in Perth and highly recommend it to anyone interested in WA’s history or our connection with the Netherlands.

Why report this on a Fremantle blog some might ask, but I believe there are a lot of connections to the Dutch history here in Freo. The wreck of the Dirk Hartog’s ship Batavia is at the Shipwreck Museum and the replicas of the Dutch sailing ships Endeavour, Duyfken and Leeuwin were all built in Fremantle.

The exhibition was curated by Dutch born Nonja Peters who migrated here as a three-year-old child in 1945.

On the train on the way back to Freo I reflected on the ‘stopping the boats’ policy by the Liberal and Labor parties here in Australia when I read at the exhibition that during the second world war 170,000 Dutch people found refuge in Australia, 13,000 of them in WA.

But the Dutch of course fitted in well with the White Australia Policy with their blue eyes and blond hair and were considered to be adaptable, unlike those brown, non-Christians we refuse entry into Australia to at present.

In that context it will be interesting to see how many Brexit ‘refugees’ we will be welcoming in WA without anyone claiming they take jobs away from local people

The Duyfken will be sailing from Fremantle in August to be at Shark Bay on October 25 to celebrate the arrival there of Dirk Hartog 400 years ago in 1616. There will be an exhibition in all the ports she visits; Bunbury, Mandurah, Hillaries, Jurien Bay, Dongara, Geraldton, Denham.

Roel Loopers



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The CALL OF THE SEA exhibition at the Fremantle Moores Building Contemporary Art Gallery is a mix of Australian, some of them Dutch born, and artists from the Netherlands.  It celebrates the arrival of Dutch explorer Dirk Hartog at Shark Bay 400 years ago.

The Aussies on show are Theo Koning, Richard Woldendorp, Gera Woltjer, Nien Schwartz, Brian Simmonds, Sandy Mckendrick, Susanne Castleden and Amok Island.

From Holland come Winnifred Bastian, Katinka Krijgersman, Leentje Linders, Ageeth van den Oever and Peter Rijtke.

It is a mixed bag with a very cute piece by Freo’s Sandy McKendry who uses traditional Dutch ‘klompen’ made into sailing ships, and some stunning aerial landscapes by renowned photographer Richard Woldendorp.

The exhibition will be on show until July the 24th. Go and see it!

Roel Loopers


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