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The walking trail at Cantonment Hill has received some TLC while the former Naval Stores renovations have been completed and are ready for the ENKEL group to move in at the start of the new financial year.

A universal access toilet has been added to the building and that will be available for those using the playground and for patrons of the planned cafe.

The Naval Stores building was built in the mid 1930s and is an example of Inter-War Functionalist architecture. It will be good to see it used again by the Fremantle community.

Cantonment Hill is one of the highest points in Fremantle and known by our Whadjuk Noongar people as Dweerdanup – Place of Dingo Spirit.

Great views from the lookout and from just below the former signal station to Fremantle Port and the Swan river. The signal station is now occupied by the Fremantle Volunteer Sea Rescue people.

Go and have a look!

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I went and had a look at the recent work the City of Fremantle did at the Gilbert Fraser Oval grandstand in North Fremantle and all I can say is that there is a lot of metal fencing.

Not at all sure that I like it.

Also completed and ready to finally hand over to the ENKEL group is the former Naval Stores building at Cantonment Hill.

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Naval Stores


Work on the former Naval Stores at Cantonment Hill is continuing, to create a new home for the ENKEL group.

The windows have been gutted but the inside still looked much the same when I had a peak through the wide open door on Monday afternoon. A large steel beam has been put along the entire north side, as you can see though the open windows

I have no idea what the timeline is for Enkel to finally move in after delays and reduction of Fremantle Council budget for renovating the old shed.

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After a long delay ENKEL will be moving into the former Fremantle Naval Stores at Cantonment Hill in the next couple of months.

Enkel is still very much an unknown entity for many, so check out what they are up to on their website:

Below some of what they say about themselves:

We believe that we need new approaches and more people to address the problems of today and tomorrow.


Our vision for Western Australia is a place of ideas, where people are empowered to create better futures.

We work towards this vision by consulting to organisations, running social innovation spaces, organising courses, inspiring, connecting and supporting changemakers, and much more.


All work is aligned with and reinforces our values Courage, Community, Conscience and Creativity.


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Well overdue work has finally started on the former Naval Stores at Cantonment Hill.

The City of Fremantle reduced its budget for the renovations by almost half, so there won’t be any work on a mezzanine and external works are also not part of the current work.

ENKEL signed a contract for the space years ago and have been waiting with frustration, but workers are now on-site and the work is estimated to be completed by the end of April.

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Fremantle Councillor Andrew Sullivan had a grumpy old evening at the FPOL Committee last night, and he had valid reasons for it.

Sullivan said he was not happy at all that the planned Esplanade hub was pushed back by up to three years and that the Naval Stores at Cantonment Hill renovations would only be done in half.

“It frustrates me that almost always we postpone big projects halfway” he lamented. In three years time we will agains spend hundreds of officers’ hours and community consultation to start all over again.

It is fair to wonder why this happens when the 2018/19 budget also allows for a new $ 25,000 concept plan for a city square at the railway station. When Alannah MacTiernan was a WA government minister more than ten years ago I walked with her from the port building to the railway station looking at plans for the upgrade of Phillimore Street, a new square at the station and a new roundabout at Cliff Street.

Three years ago CODA architects created plans on behalf of Fremantle Ports for the Victoria Quay development that also included detailed plans for the relocation of the busport and a town square, so why do we need more experts and spend more money on what already has been done?

The masterplan for Princess May Park was approved two years ago, but nothing has eventuated, so why the community consultation and all the hours of creating it?

Even more years ago then Councillor John Dowson complained that the City wanted to do a masterplan for the reactivation of the West End. Go to the library he said and look at the glossy document the City did on this only 2-3 years ago. Why reinvent the wheel again?

For an outsider it all looks self serving so that that someone who might be called a special projects officer, who is hidden somewhere among the hundreds of city staff, will have a reason for his/her job, so they are given useless tasks and repeat projects that have already been well investigated. It’s a waste of time and money.

Councillor Sullivan was rightly frustrated and Fremantle Council needs to learn to prioritise better and stick with the projects they have approved, not pushing them down the line of priorities when something else that also looks worth doing comes up.

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It appears that the former Naval Stores building at Cantonment Hill will remain an eyesore for an indefinite time, since the City of Fremantle can’t tell me when the innovative ENKEL incubator will move in.

ENKEL was supposed to move in mid this year, after ground and rock stabilisation needed to be done behind the building, but that has now been completed and the Tuckfield Oval playground was opened a month ago.

ENKEL said on Facebook they hoped they can move in mid next year, but that they did not know, so what is the delay all about Freo City?

The incubator would also have a climbing wall and a cafe, and that takes time for planning and implementation, for which a timeline needs to be announced by CoF.

The Naval Stores is the entrance to Fremantle and looks  awful, so please get a move on City of Fremantle.


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Stage 1 of the Fremantle Cantonment Hill project is now underway and a start has been made on the new children’s playground, retaining walls, earth stabilisation and steps from Canning Highway to the top of the hill.

The steps are just to the east of the former Naval Stores where ENKEL will move into in a few months and disabled access will be built to the left of the steps.

One has stunning views over the port, river and Fremantle from the top of the hill and Fremantle Sea rescue has taken over the former Signal Station.

There is access from Burt Street (opposite Officeworks) to walk or drive up Cantonment Hill during the day, or walk up and do a bit of exercise.

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The City of Fremantle will need approximately $ 187,000 to make the limestone cliff face behind the former Naval Stores at Cantonment Hill safe, which means the ENKEL group occupation of the stores will be delayed.

Geotechnical consultants have found that the natural area behind the stores is unstable with a high risk of failure, so immediate action needs to be taken to secure the rock face and prevent rockfall on or near the Naval Stores.

The preferred method is the batter protection one, using an anchor system, mesh and fibrous shortcrete to stabilise the area and allow for regrowth.

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The City of Fremantle’s Finance, Policy, Operations and Legislation Committee will on Wednesday evening decide to hand over the old Naval Stores at Cantonment Hill to the ENKEL group. The lease would be for five years with ENKEL getting the option to extend it 3 times for another five years each.

The lease of the 1,393 sqm hall will be calculated for community use, not commercial use, which means it will only cost $ 35.00 per square metre per annum, plus GST. This is to allow ENKEL to improve the financial sustainability of the project and cover the costs of managing the sub-tenants.

ENKEL will not have to pay any rent for the first year, only $ 20,000 the second year, $ 30,000 the third year, $ 40,000 the fourth year and the fifth year it will be 100% at $ 48,755.

Although the group will be charged community rates by the City of Fremantle it can sublet 40% of the hall at commercial rates and that will come from a Climbing Wall operator and a planned cafe/restaurant.

ENKEL will have to operate at least five days a week and will have to meet performance criteria set by the City. A committee will also meet a few times a year to see that the criteria are met.

The City very unrealistically “encourages” parking in Beach Street, which would mean that people have to cross four lanes of very busy Canning Highway to get to the venue. It is very doubtful that families going to use the climbing wall would do that.

I can’t see a cafe being financially viable until Cantonment Hill has been activated as ENKEL alone will not attract the hundreds of people a day needed to run a successful hospitality venue.

I quite like new creative and innovative initiatives so I hope for ENKEL’s sake and for the Cantonment Hill project that it will work out. I just don’t know enough about the group to feel confident about it yet, but wish them good luck.

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