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There is a lot of hypocrisy gong on in the mainstream media and from politicians in the wake of the white supremacist terrorist attack on two Christchurch mosques.

Everyone is jumping on the bandwagon to play the blame game about irresponsible social media without taken responsibility for their own contributions.

Mainstream media has moved so far right that it is not funny, with the West Australian newspaper becoming the mouthpiece for the Liberal/National Federal government and right-wing  columns by  Andrew Bolt, Paul Murray, Gemma Tognini and others.

Federal politicians have been engaging in fear mongering about Muslims and refugees, while the ultimate hypocrites must be Sunrise which puts Pauline Hanson on a weekly panel to sprout her racist nonsense, but suddenly attack her for those views after the Christchurch massacre.

There is no doubt though that social media has created a terribly negative community conversation that spreads hatred, ignorance, racism, innuendo, conspiracy and name-calling and where all respect for people with a different view point has disappeared, and that also happens on a local level here in Fremantle.

I want to believe that Australia is better than that! I want to believe that we are still the fair-go and tolerant multicultural country, where every law abiding person from all over the world can make a new home and where we welcome those who need a safe haven away from war, violence and abuse.

But we all need to be more aware of what we are writing on social media and try not to engage so dismissively and angrily when we don’t agree with posts of others, and the mainstream media needs to start to be more considerate and respectful as well and understand how damaging sensationalist reporting can be to individuals. The Jesse Hogan story of the Fremantle Dockers is such a case. This young man does have a mental health issue and he does not need to be humiliated in the media for that. Leave him alone and let him heal!

We should all take a lesson from New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern. What empathy and compassion, what dignity, strength and integrity, and what outstanding leadership!

Roel Loopers



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half mast


The Australian flag is flown half mast today on the Fremantle Townhall to show our community’s respect for the victims of yesterday’s mindless violent terrorist attack in Christchurch, New Zealand, where 49 decent law-abiding citizens young and old were gunned down and died and many others injured.

I feel very shocked and have a sense of deep sorrow, but also anger that these terrorist attacks keep happening. I cried last night for the victims, as I have cried in the past for all the other victims of terrorism.

Hate and racism have no place in our society and violence never is the solution.

Roel Loopers



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The very thoughtful Fremantle Roundhouse volunteer guides raised the French flag this morning in solidarity with the people of France, after the horrendous terrorist attack in the city of Nice where at least 80 people got killed.

Let there be no doubt that these sick sadists who kill innocent people do not defend the honour of their god Allah but in fact insult the Islam religion. The millions of peaceful Muslims around the world are as much in horror about these attacks as the rest of us. Violence never brings solutions but only creates more hatred and more wars.

My heart bleeds for the people of France and the families and loved ones of those who died and got injured.

Roel Loopers



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We live in a pretty sad world when politicians jump on the racist bandwagon and stigmatise a religion like Islam simply because zealot and righteous fanatics engage in terrorism, supposedly in the name of Allah.

Palmer United Party senator Jacqui Lambie and other politicians are wrong to blame all Muslims, and to tell those who live in Australia to give up their faith or move out.

The burqa, sharia law and the Islamic religion are not to blame for terrorism, but idiotic and narrow-minded fanatics are. Bigot Australian politicians ought to be more careful about what they say. Did they ever demand that Protestants and Catholics leave Australia when these groups terrorised each other in Northern Island? Nah, of course not! The reason Lambie and her ilk demand this from Muslims is pure racism, because most Muslims are non-white foreigners and not ‘good Christian Anglo-Celtics’.

I deeply recent the generalisation of Muslim people, and other ethnic groups and I believe Labor MP Peter Tinley is right when he says that as a community we should all reach out and try to communicate better with those we know little about. Muslims know the very few misguided bad apples in their community, so let’s work with them, not against them.

I have met many delightful Muslims in Fremantle and have no doubt that they abhor violence and terrorism as much as anyone else in our community. To blame and marginalise them for the criminal deeds of terrorists is ignorant to the extreme.

It is important to stop potential terrorists who live in Australia in their tracks, but it is wrong to vilify the Australian Muslim community. They are not to blame! Australia prides itself on our tolerance and fair go and to give that up would be a big win for the narrow-minded terrorists who are nothing else but violent criminals and murderers.

Chill, Australia!, most Muslims are good and decent people.

Roel Loopers

Read the excellent speech in Federal Parliament by Fremantle MP Melissa Parke:;query=Id%3A%22chamber%2Fhansardr%2Fcf028b00-427a-488c-8c92-2792de44c147%2F0376%22


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Today we commemorate the terrorist attacks on the New York Trade Centre twin towers that happened ten years ago, and I remember it as if it happened yesterday. I watched horror I could never have anticipated in my worst nightmares.

I came across the first pictures of the burning tower when I flicked through the TV channels that evening in my little town house in Swanbourne Street in Fremantle. I think it was the ABC who showed it first, but there was no sound and I initially thought it was a movie I was watching. It went on, more and different angles were shown, other channels started to report about it as well, and I knew then that I was watching something that would change the world forever.

In disbelief I watched the second plane slam into the second tower, I saw the frantic people at windows, those who jumped and fell, fell, fell, down deep to their horrendous deaths, knowing inside the buildings people were burning and crushed. I was numb, endless tears streaming down my face, as I asked how people could do this to one another.

For hours I watched, saw both towers crumble into burning rubble, and realised that thousands of people were dying.

We have heard since of the enormous bravery of the New York emergency services, of the many fire and police personal who went into the buildings risking, and many losing, their own lives to help others, and we know none of those who died that day will ever be forgotten, because when you have witnessed hell it will stay with you forever.

Today my thoughts are with all those who lost their partners, children, friends, parents, and loved ones. Today is a day where I hope the world will have learned from this horrendous massacre, and understands that violence never can be the solution to the problems we have on this planet. I also hope the world realises that not all Muslims are to blame for 9/11, but only a minority of mad, fanatic, extremist, fundamentalist terrorists.

May the world become a better place because of the horror we witnessed, and may we care more for our fellow human beings all over the planet, and show compassion and generosity.

Roel Loopers


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Dear writers of letters to the editor of the West Australian,

Before you point this out yourselves, I know that you are very tolerant and not racist and do have foreign friends, some even with darker skin than your own. All you were doing with your letters of course was only pointing out the obvious. Obvious to you was that there was clearly a racist, Muslim, migrant, and coloured element that started the London riots, and that shows that multiculturalism just does not work and is dangerous. This of course should then be a warning for Australia and we should stop all those foreigners from coming here. Our policies are too humane and those boat people only cost us a lot of money.

Like you, dear letter writers, I too watched the news, read newspapers and listened to radio reports, but unlike you I noticed that the majority of people rioting were Anglo-Saxon, and God forbid might even have been Christians. I also noticed many were just schoolkids, obviously bored with school holidays, so a riot seemed a brilliant idea to have some fun. Police picked up kids who were just around ten years of age.

On ABC radio this morning they played an interview with two young women with very broad London accents, who told the reporter it was all just quite fun and they wanted to show the police that they could do whatever they wanted. It was also great to have free drinks, after they had looted a bottle shop.

So dear non racist letter writers, before you point the finger at minority groups, you might like to check your facts first next time and take your coloured glasses off, so you can see the TV pictures more clearly.

Roel Loopers

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The article by Rosemary Neill “Not A Good Look” in the Review section of the Weekend Australian points out how absurd the restrictions are which are imposed on professional photographers by authorities all over Australia. It is well worth reading, so here the link:

Neill  writes:

“It is ironic that photographers feel under siege when voyeurism has been turned into a national pastime. Witness the enduring popularity of reality television, the celebrities who tweet compulsively about the most mundane details of their lives and ordinary individuals who post dozens of photographs of themselves on Facebook. Our multimedia society is arguably the most narcissistic and (superficially) self-revealing in history.

Yet, paradoxically, the rise of online and mobile media has also bred mistrust of professional photography and has entrenched ideas about the need to control images — and who makes money from them — whether the subject be a private citizen or a well-known landmark.”

It is my view that the paranoia about pedophiles and terrorists in society, and the over the top restrictions on professional photography by local, state and federal governments, border on the ridiculous.

The strange thing is that pedophiles have all the access in the world on the internet to photos of children taken by their own families. The naive post them on Facebook, Twitter, etc. for everyone to see! And terrorists have Google Earth to browse for detailed photos of almost every inch of the planet.

Professional photographers openly walk around with large cameras, because we have nothing to hide, but because we do so we become targets of zealot officials and parents.

While professional photographers are constantly harassed and restricted in carrying out our legal work, everyone else can go ahead and shoot covert photos with their mobile phones and tiny digital cameras. What a joke!

In over 40 years working as a professional photographer I have always been very aware that with each image I take I am recording the history of that very moment. These valuable photos will be lost if authorities keep taking our liberties away. Instead of acknowledging the importance of these professional historic photos, we are being treated as criminals.

The restrictions on professional photography are discriminatory. We have become the new muslims, or blacks, or boat people, or whatever minority groups our society has discriminated against before they started targeting us.

Roel Loopers

Should I be stopped from taking these kind of photos?

Photos copyright Roel Loopers. Profile Photography


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The annual street art festival always brings a buzz to Fremantle during the Easter weekend and yesterday was no exception. There were no huge crowds but they are expected today.

By chance I happened to be up at Kulcha where a very good band played Oriental music and a fantastic belly dancer performed. This was part of Kulcha’s Music on the Balcony series. Check it out next Saturday afternoon. The bar is open.


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