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There has been an amazing interest for this blog post on Facebook, which I published a few weeks ago.

All my Freo’s View blog articles are automatically shared on Facebook and Twitter, but this one about the Muslim Perth Homeless Run has created the most response I have had on FB with 268 LIKEs so far and 88 people sharing the post.

For those who missed it here is a re-run.

Perth Homeless Run

I finally caught up today with six handsome Muslim men from the Perth Homeless Run. I have noticed them for several months on Sundays when they come to Fremantle to offer food, cold drinks, and today even icecream to the homeless people around town. They also do it in Northbridge on Friday night they told me.

With all the negativity about Muslims supposedly not integrating it is important to show that the reality is quite different and that Australian Muslims make a very positive contribution to society. Well done gentlemen!

Roel Loopers



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homeless run 1


I finally caught up today with six handsome Muslim men from the Perth Homeless Run.

I have noticed them for several months on Sundays when they come to Fremantle to offer food, cold drinks, and today even icecream to the homeless people around town.

They also do it in Northbridge on Friday night they told me.

With all the negativity about Muslims supposedly not integrating it is important to show that the reality is quite different and that Australian Muslims make a very positive contribution to society.

Well done gentlemen!

Roel Loopers


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Fish&Chips is not only multicultural but it is also multi-faith, as these delightful students of a Perth Islamic college showed at Kailis in the Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour today.

They’re just normal kids in school uniform enjoying one of the delights all kids love to eat.

If only Pauline Hanson had realised she was selling halal food when she had her Fish&Chips shop.


Roel Loopers


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The fear that Australia is being swamped by a tsunami of Muslims has been proven unfounded by the latest CENSUS 2016 statistics, which shows that Buddhists are closing in on the only 2.6% of Australian residents who claim to be Muslims, while 2.4% are Buddhist.

In general people who claim to have no religion increased to 29.6% in 2016, compared to 0,8% in 1966.

The good news for us blokes is that there is a small majority of females with just over 50 %.

There have been 1.3 million new immigrants to Australia since 2011 and the most common countries they came from were China and India.

And the Turnbull government does not have to worry too much about the language skills of migrants with 72.7%  of CENSUS participants stating that they speak English at home.

The most important thing we should not underestimate is the enormous contribution immigrants to Australia are making. Without them we would not be the great multicultural and tolerant community we are!

Roel Loopers



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The media reports that Reclaim Australia want to hold a rally in Fremantle on Australia Day, and as someone who migrated from Europe to Australia 35 years ago I have been wondering what Reclaim Australia actually want to reclaim and whom from.

Australia has become the great nation it is because of everyone who came here, including our first nation people, who also wandered into this part of the world some 50,000 years ago.

Why is there a fear of foreigners when foreigners have helped to make Australia great? Why is there a fear of non Christians when people of other religions have lived peacefully here for hundreds of years?

Muslims from Asia traded with Aborigines long before British settlement of this continent and Muslim Afghan cameleers came to Melbourne in 1890 and were reported to be in Western Australia even earlier.

Wander through Northbridge and witness the hive of activity and the enormous success of Chinese, Vietnamese, Malaysian, Indonesian and Japanese immigrants.

Visit Fremantle and see how this city prospered because of the Italians, Greeks and Croats. Our fishing industry would not exist without them.

Look at these statistics: Nearly 50 per cent of Australians were either born overseas or have a parent who was born overseas. Two hundred languages are spoken in Australia, including 48 indigenous one, so who are the real Australians according to those who want to reclaim Australia?

Less than 3 per cent of the Australian population is Muslim and of those people 99.9 per cent are peaceful, law-abiding citizens who positively contribute to our nation. I am lucky to have made many friends with Muslim market stall holders in Fremantle, all hard-working decent family people who don’t pose a threat to anyone.

Are ‘real Australians’ only white Christian Anglo-Saxons and where does that leave our Aboriginal people and all immigrants who have been here for many generations? Are children who are born here not considered to be ‘real Australians’ when they are not white and not Christian?

What about Australia the country of freedom, tolerance and fair go for all, why does that no longer apply to those from different cultures or religions. Surely the colour of one’s skin does not affect one’s ability to be a contributing member to our society, and neither does it matter what clothes people wear.

The City of Fremantle has not cancelled Australia Day, only the fireworks. There is a citizenship ceremony on the 26th where we welcome many new Australians from all over the world and from all different cultures and religions.

It is not political correctness gone mad by some left wing loonies that many of us want to debate if a different date for Australia Day would be more appropriate for all states and territories and more respectful to our indigenous history. January 26 has only historic significance for NSW where the First Fleet arrived at Sydney Cove on that day, but it means very little to other parts of the country.

Australia only became a nation on the day of federation which is January 1, so why not have a mature debate about the issue. It does not deny anyone to celebrate Australia and it is not disrespectful to any part of our history.

Moving forward and looking to the future does not mean we should belittle the wrongs of the past, but acknowledge that we can improve and become and even better society.

Freedom is all about tolerance, acceptance and the willingness to share with everyone on earth, so instead of judging and condemning difference we should embrace the diversity and multiculturalism and be grateful for the contribution immigrants have made to Australia.

Giving EVERYONE a Fair Go is what Australia Day should be all about!

Roel Loopers


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b&w selfie

Is a beach photo still a so-called street photo? Henry Cartier-Bresson is no longer around to make a judgment call, so I just claim it is.

Shot at Bathers Beach, Fremantle today.

Roel Loopers



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I have been wondering for a long time what it is that makes so many people believe they are superior to others. My thoughts have been going there for years. Why are people racist, why do people believe their god, their culture, their skin tone is superior? And it does not stop there because it happens in schools and in the workplace and on our roads. People become bullies because they believe they are superior to others, they kill because they believe their religion and their god are superior and that they should punish those inferiors who dare to believe in a different god and who have a different culture

The West Australian reports today about an increase in road accidents involving cyclists, who end up badly hurt under trucks and four-wheel drives, mainly because motorists believe they are superior to other road users. It’s not often ones sees a car give way to pedestrians when rounding a corner, although that is a requirement.

Religious zealots around the world believe they have a god-given right to kill people and kids believe it is okay to defame and humiliate other children on social media, because society is becoming more righteous and selfish. The ME society is more about ego than about sharing and tolerance. Lack of respect for others makes people feel superior and hence they don’t care about the consequences of their actions. Killing an ‘infidel’ or a cyclist is no big deal for those whose arrogance is disproportionate to their intelligence. Inconsiderate speeding hoons terrorise our roads daily while religious terrorists go on rampages to prove points their prophets have never made.

What we don’t seem to understand is that we are all just ripples in the big pond of life and that our self-importance is basically silly. Life is like a market with many stalls and there would not be a market if there were only one single stall, run by someone with a big over-inflated ego. It is a very simple message really, but one that many people don’t seem to get.

Share and care, show empathy instead of judgment, show love not hate, embrace and don’t reject. Have enough confidence to respect other gods and cultures because it won’t diminish the importance of your god and your belief. Your car does not make you the owner of the roads or superior to cyclists, so slow down, give way, take care, and show that you care!

The world is a grandiose place of immense beauty and there is enough of it for all of us to share, no matter what we look like or believe in. Let’s go out there each and every day and show that we care and that we value the lives of everyone.

Je suis Charlie. R.I.P.

Roel Loopers


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christmas tree

Christmas is the time for hope and to reflect, but looking back in regret and contemplating what could have been is not very productive, so I want to concentrate on the one important aspect, that Australia this month became a much better country.

Forget the political mediocrity at state and federal level and the inconsistent performance of Fremantle council and reflect instead on the fact that Australians have shown great empathy and humanity in the last few weeks.

The saddest moments this year for me were the drowning of the autistic boy Sam in Landsdale, the terror idiocy in Sydney, and the horror of the eight murdered children in Cairns.

But what came out of it was an amazing show of care and compassion when hundreds of people from all over Perth joined the search for little Sam, and then the vigil, the carols and his funeral.

In Sydney thousands came to show their respect and lay flowers and the Muslim community made a great effort to show that the lunacy of a criminal murderer had nothing to do with religion or culture and was not done in the name of their god.

How can one not get cold shivers when one thinks of the saddest tragedy of all when the sacredness of childhood was taken away so brutally, but again the community in Cairns rallied and showed they care and that they hurt and grieve with the affected families.

Australians have shown that we reject the suggested narrow-minded madness that the solution to violence and terror is to carry guns, and that we believe that a sophisticated society like ours is better than that. We have shown that revenge and hatred are not the way we react when madness challenges our values and democracy. We have shown that we don’t want to react with racism and judgmental violence and that we are mature enough to know that the act of an intolerant zealot had nothing to do with the Australian Muslim community.

 Australia matured in December and has become a much better country for it.

 Have a very happy Christmas!

Roel Loopers


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sunset beach

It is incredibly sad what happened at the Lindt Cafe in Sydney last night, but this is the time for Australia to reflect, embrace and support, not condemn or judge. This is a time to delight about the freedom and peace in this country and the great acceptance and tolerance we have shown to all who come here. This is not a time to reject minority groups because of their culture or religion and it is essential to acknowledge that the crazy actions of a misguided individual are just that and not a reflection on any religious groups.

The Twitter action #illridewithyou is a fantastic example of how we can show intolerant fanatics that Australia will not accept their attitude and that we will not react with racism. Today is a day where we all should smile at and say hello to a Muslim person on the street. It is also a day to realise we cannot take life for granted and where we should make sure to tell the ones we care for that we love them, because even only going to work or a cafe can mean one will not return.

I feel deeply for the families of the victims and I feel for the police people who will also have to live with the trauma. There are many victims after terrorist events like the one in Sydney, so let’s show support and understanding.

Today is a day where we should all be so grateful that we live in the lucky country, a country of freedom, hope and prosperity, a country where we stick together when things get tough and where tolerance will defeat zealousness.

It will be hard to simply continue with life, even here in Fremantle, some 4000 kilometres away from Sydney, because what happened has touched us all, but life goes on and we need to move forward from here. We are all in this together.

Roel Loopers


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