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St Pats Clancys


It is going to be a rather cool 23C degrees today so enjoy your St Patrick’s Day, Fremantle.

The pubs got specials on and Clancy’s have a big music program from midday till late.

Guinness is a great drink as long as it is consumed in moderation, so keep that in mind and don’t drink and drive please.

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Today March 13 is my personal Australia Day. It is the day I migrated to Australia and arrived in Sydney 36 years ago in 1982.

The promised start at a Sydney newspaper did not eventuate because we happened to arrive when Australia was in a recession, so slogging as kitchenhand, cook and waiter was the start of my Aussie life.

Trying to deal with the culture shock and learning to understand cricket, Aussie Rules and rugby was harder than learning to accept cask wine, blue skies and sunshine.

Looking back it is amazing how much I have achieved in a country where I knew nobody. Coming to Perth in September 1985 and starting my own corporate/industrial photography business without having the support of friends or family, or having the right private school tie, was probably more youthful naivety than sound planning.

But from the very start I felt a real love for this country, even more so in Western Australia and especially Fremantle. When I first drove through the Pilbarra and Kimberley I had a real sense of home coming and that I belonged, and Freo has always been like that for me.

Even in my darkest hours I have never regretted I migrated to Australia and I have always felt a commitment that I need to make a positive contribution to my community and leave Freo an even better place than it is for future generations, when my time is up sooner than later.

I have met so many great people and have made really good friends. I love the Freo passion and that we are all so bloody opinionated, and I love it that most of us don’t take themselves too serious.

Thanks for having me, Freo!

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The BLESSING OF THE FLEET is one of the great Fremantle traditions for me and I never miss being there. It is on TODAY, so make sure to come and watch it!

It is very special to see the procession slowly walking through the inner city and ending up at the Fishing Boat Harbour where they all board fishing boats that then snake through the harbour.

There are fireworks at 3 pm and 8 pm, so come along for this very special Freo afternoon!

It starts at 2 pm at the Basilica in Adelaide Street.

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KAYA! The Wardarnji Aboriginal Festival is on tonight from 6.30 pm at the Fremantle Arts Centre. It is a free and alcohol free family event, so let’s hope the weather will be kind.

There will be music and dance, food stalls, etc. It’s moorditj, so come along!

It is good that Wardarnji has become the traditional opening of the Fremantle Festival and that the community can connect with our indigenous people.

There are many events on over the weekend, so make sure to check out the program.

The Blessing of the Fleet is on this Sunday from 1 pm, and the Little Italy by the Sea festival is on at Bathers Beach all weekend.

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New Local Government Minister David Templeman is considering making changes to the local government act, and change the payment to councillors and mayors, depending on the accredited training courses they attend.

Templeman wants to bring greater diversity to our councils, and more women, younger people, and a diversity of people from different cultural backgrounds and professions.

Under the proposed plans councillors should take a minimum of accredited training courses to prepare them for the job.

David Templeman also wants the reporting of gifts to be changed and made more transparent.

Fremantle has three female councillors in Deputy Mayor Ingrid Waltham, Hannah Fitzhardinge and Rachel Pemberton, but little ethnic variety, but for some Poms.

There is one real ethnic and diverse councillor in Jeff McDonald, who is not white, Anglo Indian and gay.

The creative community is also not well represented at Fremantle Council, and neither are younger people.

I am all for candidates being better informed and understand local government process, as most of them don’t even bother to attend council meetings, which I believe is essential when one does the ‘job interview’ at election time.

While I am an older white male, I’d tick the boxes of  coming from a different ethnic background and bringing diversity to council, having been a small business owner in a creative industry. ; >)

The youngest candidate  at this election is 21-year-old Liam Carter who nominated for South Fremantle.

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freo 1


Even after over twenty years of wandering the streets of Fremantle, someone once called it loitering with intent, I always find new images to shoot, as I did this cold Friday morning.

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The controversial and often mediocre development proposals we get in Fremantle made me contemplate what good and acceptable architecture for our city is.

Some people say it is just personal taste, and the Fremantle Chamber of Commerce is quite happy to accept higher and architecturally average buildings in the historic West End than the planning scheme allows, because for them it is all about activation and revitalising the retail and hospitality economy. Will ugliness really achieve that?

Developing a city is much more than just adding new modern buildings and trying to push-start the economy with mediocrity for short-term gain.

Good architecture is like successful immigration and the integration into a multicultural society. It is about respecting and enhancing the diversity, blending in while retaining one’s culture, and making a positive difference to the community one joins. It’s about being considerate and accepting one comes into and adds to an established society, a streetscape, a history.

Architecture should be about respecting and enhancing the streetscape and blending in with what is already there. It is about accepting and respecting the history of place and the unique character a city like Fremantle has.

That does not mean we can’t have iconic buildings that make a statement about how good modern architecture can be, but it should not be about architects showing off their ego and ignoring the heritage significance of place.

It is telling and refreshing that Notre Dame University took the concerns of the community and Fremantle Council serious and will now redesign the new School of Nursing they want to build on the corner of Cliff and High streets. It shows real consideration and maturity, and the willingness to compromise to achieve a better outcome for Fremantle. That is what respect for one’s community should be all about!

Development should not be about trying to ram unacceptable ugly and too high buildings through at the W.A. Development Assessment Panel or State Administrative Tribunal, but it should be about making Fremantle even more beautiful and special, and outstanding modern architecture will do that.

Developers who want to come to Fremantle need to engage architects who acknowledge and respect that our city is different and unique and that there is greatness in detail, diversity of heights and splitting up facades, so that modern buildings do not look too massive in our low-rise environment.

Boring concrete boxes are just not on. They are proof of lazy, disrespectful architects and lack of creativity. We don’t want or need them in Freo!

When we cook we don’t just throw things in a pot and hope that somehow it will become a great meal. We carefully blend ingredients and spices to create the wow factor around the table and impress our guests. That is what architects need to do in Fremantle, because a lamb korma pizza with with mayo, tofu and pineapple, topped with Chinese dumplings won’t impress too many people.

To ignore Freo’s history when one designs new buildings for our city is ignoring that trees can’t survive without their roots. Our past is part of us and shapes our future.

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Just three days before ANZAC Day racist fools have plastered offensive posters around the Fremantle Bathers Beach area proclaiming  we should be proud to be white Australians.

It would do these ignorant idiots a whole lot of good if they read a bit about the history of Australia and the immense contribution people from all races, cultures and skin colours made to this country and help make it the great multicultural society we now are.

I am grateful to those people who scratched and removed some of the posters, so if you are around the area, bring something sharp to scratch this rubbish off. They are on the Esplanade and at Bathers.

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It’s Easter and the wattle is starting to blossom in Fremantle. It’s a brilliant morning that does not deserve or require negativity and it is a special and important day for Christians, so let us celebrate life instead of finding an excuse for attacking our Muslim brothers and sisters, as a columnist in the Sunday Times today does.

Religions are important and valuable for those who believe in their gods and who gain strength from it and it is not up to anyone to judge people because of their religion.

It is so irrelevant if some Muslim women don’t shake hands with men as culture, tradition and religions are all different. I have been to countries where I was told not to touch children on their head because of culture or religion. No big deal.

When I arrived in Australia 35 years ago it was the norm for men to shake hands with men but not with women. I never embraced that practice because I was brought up in the Dutch culture of shaking hands with men and women, but it never was a big deal, just different and for me slightly awkward to observe.

Many religious traditions have over hundreds of years become more cultural traditions with people often not knowing what it is we celebrate. How many of us will reflect today on the biblical Christian belief that Easter is about the resurrection of Jesus Christ who was nailed to a cross? This is very meaningful to all Christians but pretty meaningless to other religions and non-believers. No big deal.

Easter eggs and Easter bunnies have probably very little to do with Jesus Christ, but that is not a big deal either, as long as we all try to live peacefully and with mutual respect for each other.

This weekend is perfect to celebrate our great Australian multiculturalism and the acceptance of all different religions, cultures and traditions. When you walk around the Fremantle International Street Arts Festival the next two days that is what you will be witnessing; people living together in near perfect harmony.

Have a great Easter!

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The picollo Fremantle art gallery Galleria D’Arte West End at 38A Marine Terrace is celebrating its first anniversary tomorrow April 6 from 6pm with an exhibition by Italian-born Fremantle artist Roberto Balsamo.

The Drawings will be showing Balsamo’s wood sculptures and many small drawings. It is Roberto’s first solo exhibition since he arrived in Freo some 25 years ago.

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