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What an absolute delight it was this Friday morning to see the Mediterranean Shipping Company-MSC reinstalling the cupola on top of the heritage building on the corner of Cliff and Philimore streets.

The company has to be thanked and applauded for spending a lot of money on doing that important bit extra.  They should be an example and inspiration for other property owners of heritage buildings in Fremantle’s West End and elsewhere to reinstall some of the former features on buildings.

Very well done MSC and a big thank you from the Fremantle community!

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A lot of people like the modern creative new Mediterranean Shipping Company building in Fremantle’s Cliff Street, but this motorist clearly went for a too close-up look of the Slavin Architects designed building this Thursday morning.

St John’s ambulance and the fire brigade attended the scene.

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The MSC (Mediterranean Shipping Company) building in Cliff Street has been handed over by the builders and architects to the owners and 160 staff will occupy the new modern building and the refurbished heritage former Elders building in Fremantle’s West End.

I think the buildings look great and the new one designed by North Fremantle Slavin Architects makes a modern attractive statement in the historic part of the city.

Also opening soon is the Atwell Arcade where some new retailers have already moved in plus 300 office staff upstairs, so that is a significant number of new workers (and shoppers, coffee drinkers, lunch eaters) in the CBD.

Now hoping the State Government will sign a lease for office space with Sirona Capital and the Kings Square development will also start soon as that would bring another 1,500 office workers to Fremantle.

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The gorgeous old former Elders building on the corner of Cliff and Phillimore streets is being revealed again after extensive work on it as part of the new MSC-Mediterranean Shipping Company’s new office building next to it.

The new modern building adjoining it, designed by North Fremantle Murray Slavin Architects, shows that respectful modern design can be complimentary to neighbouring heritage buildings like the Elders one.

It is however a whole different and very disappointing story down the road at the new Quest Hotel building on the corner of Pakenham and Short streets. The designers show no respect whatsoever for the heritage building and the historic Pakenham streetscape. I think the building is a disgrace as it diminishes the heritage warehouse.

Sirona Capital who are the developers of the hotel have big signs stating “Investing in Fremantle’s Future” If this is the standard of buildings Sirona want to build in Freo I suggest they go and invest somewhere else because we want excellence in our historic city, not mediocrity.

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The crane at Fremantle Atwell Arcade came down very early this morning, so the building should be opening soon and become home to office workers and new shops.

Development is happening all over Freo with the verandas being reinstalled at the Henderson Street Warders Cottages, the first tenants have moved in at the Gunners Cottages at Cantonment Hill, and the Heirloom by Match development at Queen Victoria Street has finished its first apartments, which are now open for inspection, and the MSC building in Cliff Street is also at the final stages.

The announcement if and where the Department of Housing will be moving in Fremantle is also due in a few months, so Freo is on track for its economic recovery.

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I am not sure at all that the residents of North Fremantle near McCabe Street are going to like this, but the headquarters of the Mediterranean Shipping Company at 15 McCabe Street is for sale. The real estate agent says the 1690 sqm. site has “significant redevelopment appeal” so maybe the locals there are in for another battle to stop highrise buildings in the area.

The MSC staff will relocate to their new building in Cliff Street later this year, and that is a welcome development for the West End of Fremantle and no doubt good for the cafes along High Street.

Another development will be going ahead in the centre of Fremantle soon, with Council giving approval to the Match group to redevelop the former Energy Museum site at Parry Street.

The heritage-listed building will be developed into a Bread in Common-style food and beverage venue and behind it a four-storey apartment building will be built that will house forty 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments. I hope the apartment building will compliment the heritage building with good matching design and not negatively overshadow it.

I am not sure if the initial idea to also have a micro brewery on site has been dropped after protest from residents and St Patrick’s so stay tuned.

I believe a Bread in Common style venue would be great for the East of the CBD and will become a real attraction for the hundreds of people who will move into the area once the Heirloom development is finished in 2017. It would fit in well with the Hilton hotel development, the upgrade of Princess May Park and new tenants for the former FTI building.

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The entry to the new Mediterranean Shipping Company-MSC-building in Fremantle’s Cliff Street was installed this morning and looks interesting.  I am looking forward to seeing the creative glass facade being put in soon and many new office workers roaming the West End and supporting local traders.

The MSC building was designed by North Freo architects Murray Slavin.

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mussel bar

It is disappointing to hear that the Mussel Bar in the Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour has gone into liquidation with the owners  claiming they made substantial losses over the last two years.

There is no doubt it is hard to survive in Freo’s hospitality industry that essentially survives on weekend trade, so during the winter months and when Notre Dame students are not on campus it is survival of the fittest.

I noticed the XWray Cafe is no longer open for breakfast and lunch on weekdays and only opens at 3 pm, a sure sign that Freo has too many cafes and that is not sustainable.

But there is also no doubt in my mind that Fremantle is on the road to recovery and progress with a lot of development going on in the CBD and other building projects to start soon. This will be like a triple bypass for Freo, so I hope all those traders who are struggling can hang in there until more people live and work in Freo and many more tourists will be staying overnight in the new hotels. I am confident it is only a matter of time till Freo will be back in all its glory!

The MSC building on the corner of Cliff Street is nearing completion and the very classy Strange Company small bar in Nairn Street will open on the 14th.

Roel Loopers


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Cliff Street

Work is progressing well on the new office building of the Mediterranean Shipping Company-MSC in Cliff Street, Fremantle.

North Fremantle architects Murray Slavin designed the new building that will be connected to the old building on the corner and become accommodation for hundreds of MSC staff. It is due for completion later this year around September.

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Last week I was disappointed that the Fremantle Kings Square development by Sirona Capital is not going ahead faster, so I am delighted to announce that work on the Quest hotel serviced apartments development on the corner of Pakenham and Short streets has started, as Sirona’s Managing Director Matthew McNeilly promised me late last year.

There is quite a bit happening at Pakenham Street and it will be a much revitalised part of the West End in a few years.

On a sad note it is a shame to see the Vic Miller photo gallery in Market Street closing and that the small Pure Apparel fashion boutique next to Common Ground in High Street also closed its doors.

On an up note. The development of the Mediterranean Shipping Company-MSC building in Cliff Street is going well and should be finished in September this year.

Roel Loopers


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