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Women's Health. Oct 10


A reminder for my second most favourite creatures on the planet-women- that the Fremantle Women’s Health&Wellbeing Day 2017 will be held at the Fremantle Townhall this Tuesday October 10 from 10 am to 1 pm.

It is an event for World Mental Health Day.

In case you wonder what my favourite creatures on earth are. Babies, because they make my heart melt, and I am such a softy . ; >)


Roel Loopers

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Let’s hope the rain will stay away as there are a lot of things on in Fremantle on Sunday and all of them are free!

It starts at 10 am with the Divinity Cup cricket match at Princess May Park between the Gyuto Monks of Tibet and the Clancy’s Benders (chuckers?). (I call them benders, but they call themselves All Stars).

From 1o am to 4 pm Changing Your Tune is on at the Esplanade Youth Plaza as part of Mental Health Week, with live bands, burlesque, and other entertainment.

At 1 pm at Pioneer Park there is the Eye Gazing event where you can forever look deep into the eyes of total strangers, which must be quite confronting in the beginning.

And from 2-4 pm that very handsome and likeable Mo Wilson and The Drivers will perform in the courtyard of the Fremantle Arts Centre.

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suicide prevention day

Today is WORLD SUICIDE PREVENTION DAY and something we should all be aware of because far too many people in our society take their own life, often triggered by depression. Especially youth suicide should be of great concern to all of us and we need to ask how as a community we can support desperate kids better.

In general though we should try to be more observant and that is difficult in world that wants to do everything faster and faster and where moments of contemplation have become more fleeting and rare.

The world of ego-driven selfies has little time for those who need to sit down for a good deep talk where they can express their most inner feelings and dare to ask for help, so the sense on aloneness and despair increases and too often that results in suicide attempts. So ask, and keep asking R U OK?

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The stabbing death of Fremantle mother Joan Hendry on Monday night in Stevens Street, White Gum Valley is reverberating throughout the Fremantle community because it involves highly-regarded Freo personalities. Ms Hendry was allegedly stabbed by her 19 year old son Gabe Lang after she had tried to get help for her son’s mental health problems at the Alma Street clinic and Emergency Department of Fremantle Hospital.

Joan Hendry was the partner of REPLANTS owner Bruce Abbott and the former partner of Fibonacci Centre‘s Robby Lang with whom she had her children Gabe and Rosie. Bruce and Rosie were also hurt in the attack and went to hospital with stab wounds to the hands. Gabe Lang also stabbed himself and is in hospital, according to media reports. Forensic police was still at the house this morning and some flowers had been left on the footpath.

There was a silent wake at REPLANTS on Wray Avenue last night.

My heart goes out to all involved. The incident yet again shows that mental health problems can be higly unpredictable and that there needs to be after-hour care available for those who are concerned about relatives or friends.

Roel Loopers


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It’s R U OK? Day today, so here some supportive energy for all those who suffer from depression, anxiety, panic attacks, etc.

Do remember YOU ARE NOT ALONE! I know it feels like it when one is deep down in that big black hole, when one feels so utterly alone and abandoned, and when the word future only appears to be for other people.

It is not true that there is no hope and help, so please let your friends know how you really feel and give them a chance to support you.

The world is a much better place than what we give it credit for when we are depressed.

Have a good day and smile at a stranger and say hello.

Roel Loopers


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matty 1 Matty 2 Matty 4Fremantle busker Matty the Blade, the famous sword swallower, juggler and mad pirate entertainer, who died earlier this week, will be honoured during this year’s Street Art Festival on the Easter long weekend. Plans for a mural are also on the way.

Matty held the world record when he swallowed 14 swords at the Fishing Boat Harbour some years ago, and was a regular performer in front of the Fremantle Markets on weekends.

It is disturbing to realise that even those who make us all laugh can suffer from depression and that we often hide behind a facade that does not show our despair and pain.

There is a small shrine for him at the markets and the Sail&Anchor will have a wake for Matty from 2 pm today. Dress up!

RIP Matty!


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Fremantle man Michael Pauly set out on his OZSOULWALK today from Kings Square with the aim to walk unaided around Australia for the next 15 months and to raise funds for arthritis research and men’s mental health.

Mike walked across Australia twice already in 2009 and 2011, so this is just a slightly bigger challenge for the dedicated and committed 73 year-old, who started regular walking as a way to combat osteoarthritis and mental health problems associated with it.

Donations will be split up between the Fremantle Men’s Shed and Arthritis Research, and we can follow Mike’s adventure on

Have fun Mike and come back safe and healthy!

Roel Loopers

Mike Pauly



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