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Broome to Bicton. 16Feb


The 17th annual free Broome to Bicton concert by the PIGRAM BROTHERS is on again this Saturday February 16 at Quarantine Park in Bicton, next to the Bicton Bath, from 4.30pm.

Bring a rug and picnic and enjoy great music while watching the sun go down over the Swan river.

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B&W rain


Because it is a bit of a slow news day today, and because it rained a lot over night, and because I am not looking forward to a very wet day volunteering at the Roundhouse, I republish the photo I showed yesterday, but this time in Black&White.

It was taken on the Melville foreshore just up from Point Walter, and if you look carefully you can see the Perth skyline through the rainy mist, on the right hand side.

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A beautiful friend of mine whom I like very much told me on Facebook yesterday that since she saw me last, about five months ago, I have become and ugly fat blob of a man. (Only joking! She said I looked good. ; >)

Being human I immediately reacted and blamed my poor health at the start of the year for my weight gain, because walking was not a great experience with a catheter inserted. I totally forgot to mention my liking for sweets, ice cream, pork belly, chips with mayo, pies, pizza, etc.

Anyway, my Pigmy penis was successfully amputated in a ten-second operation in May, so with the sky blue and the sun shining I no longer had an excuse this morning to stay on the couch and read books.

Off I went to Blackwall Reach, that really should be part of Freo. The Fremantle Tram used to run through there to Point Walter, so historically we have a claim.

If only the former State Government had not messed up the local government reform so badly, that beautiful part of the world would have been ours.

Talked to a lovely couple from Victoria who arrived yesterday and who are regrowing a rain forrest there near Mildura. She was picking up rubbish that people had left behind on the rocks.

Here some photos of my epic walk to show my now former friend whom I liked very much that I am trying to lose weight. ; >)


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How nice to hear local councils in the Fremantle area working together for a change, instead of viewing each other as competition.

They could not agree on local government reform, council amalgamations and the Roe 8 highway, but now the South West Group of Cockburn, Fremantle, Melville, Kwinana, East Fremantle and Rockingham are planning ahead together for light rail, according to a report in today’s Sunday Times.

A Fremantle to Murdoch lightrail corridor is a high priority according to the report, but also a loop with Rockingham and the coast.

There is no doubt in my opinion that lightrail from Fremantle to Rockingham would be used extensively by locals and tourists alike and connect the two cities.

The South West Group report also considers lightrail from Fremantle to Canning Bridge and linking Cockburn and Fremantle.

Long-term planning by local councils for lightrail and traffic corridors is essential to pin point where new residential and commercial development should be encouraged so that planing schemes can be introduced to accommodate that.

Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt told the Sunday Times that local councils had a role to play in planning transit systems as they would need to rezone areas for transport hubs.

Lightrail has been on Fremantle’s wish list for a long time but low residential figures make it difficult to build a sound business case for it. However the development boom in Fremantle and Cockburn and along to coast to Rockingham is starting to make lightrail a very good option for the not too distant future, and we need to plan for that now.

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I could not stop myself from going out again and take more photos of this morning’s fog in Fremantle.

I drove along the Swan river to Blackwall Reach and Point Walter to take these images.

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pw 1



A very early start to do some blogging this morning, but then I could not get on line, so went for a drive through Fremantle and beyond instead to feel the autumn rain.

I am not much of a nature photographer but took this moody shot just before sunrise at Point Walter.

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The WA State Government has a new My Council website where we can compare and see how our councils are doing. Nice to see the City of Fremantle page has one of my photos of Bathers Beach on it.

So I now know that the Fremantle area is 19 square kilometres small, that we have a population of 30,883 and 19,777 electors.

Fremantle’s revenue is $ 71,426,672 and its operating expenditure $ 71,070,614.

The total value of assets of the City of Fremantle is $ 486,608,885.

Rates are always a discussion point so I compared rates in the area and the recent rate increases were:

Fremantle 6%, Cockburn 11%, Mosman Park 5%, Cottesloe 5%, East Fremantle 6%, Melville 40%(is that a typo?), Mandurah 7%, Rockingham 10%.

The website is:

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WA Treasurer Mike Nahan told the media today that the start of building the outer harbour at Kwinana was not needed in another 15 years. The government’s own estimates are that it would take ten years to build the port, so that would mean it would not open before 2040. That is an awfully long time away.

Top that with Transport Minister Dean Nalder saying that a new bridge or tunnel to connect the Perth Freight Link with Fremantle Port would not be constructed for another ten years and one realises the unacceptable planning mess this state is in.

The people of Fremantle, Melville, Cockburn and Kwinana, and other affected communities, expect better and more urgent solutions!

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The FACTBase reports by the Committee for Perth are always interesting reading and the latest one on the failure of decentralisation is another one worth reading.

CfP concludes that despite many strategic activity centres being created for decades, the City of Perth still remains the number one destination for workers. More than 123,000 people commute to Perth daily.

The objective of getting people to work closer to home has not been achieved the Committee for Perth said, and there is a disparity between the number of jobs on offer and the number of workers in areas such as Cockburn, Melville and Rockingham in the southern suburbs, as well as Joondalup, Wanneroo, Armadale and Gosnells.

Committee for Perth CEO Marion Fulker said that “Interestingly, many of the people who are commuting to work are actually living in or near strategic development centres.”

The strategic metropolitan centres are Fremantle, Rockingham, Mandurah, Joondalup, Armadale, Midland, Morley, Cannington, Stirling.

We in Fremantle have been waiting for years for the State Government to move departments here to help restart the economy and help Freo to become an activity hub with many more office workers coming to work here and hopefully relocating and becoming residents of Fremantle.

Traffic congestion during peak hours is becoming worse and worse and people reject public transport because of over-crowded trains and busses, so decentralised activity hubs that offer real job opportunities are very important for the future of the Perth metropolitan area that is rapidly growing, but not coping with the population boom.

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map PFL

PERTH FREIGHT LINK latest News from the WA MAINROADS website:
On 2 July 2015 the journey towards safer roads and communities in Perth’s southern suburbs achieved a major milestone following conditional environmental approval of the Roe Highway Extension (Roe 8) by the Minister for Environment.
Find out more now at the Roe Highway Extension (Roe 8) project page.

Three proponents have been invited to participate in the Request for Proposals (RFP) phase of the Perth Freight Link project.
Proposals will be sought for two sections as follows:
Section 1 – a 5.2km extension of Roe Highway (Stage 8) from Kwinana Freeway to just west of Coolbellup Avenue; and
Section 2 – upgrades to Stock Road, Leach Highway, High Street and Stirling Highway, spanning 8.2km.
The three consortia comprise the following experienced teams:
BGC Contracting, Laing O’Rourke, Arup and Jacobs
Clough, Brierty, WSP/Parsons Brinckerhoff and Hyder
Leighton Contractors, Georgiou, GHD, AECOM, BG&E and WA Limestone .
The consortia were chosen following the evaluation of Expressions of Interest (EOI) applications which were submitted in March 2015. The consortia will now participate in the RFP stage of the procurement process and prepare detailed proposals for design and construction.
Proponents for Section 2 are being asked to conduct a feasibility study for an alternative route, which includes a tunnel option, during the RFP stage. The feasibility of an alternative route for PFL Section 2 will be considered against environmental, economic and social impacts measures.
Alliance contracts are expected to be awarded in October 2015 for Section 1 and in December 2015 for Section 2.
Further information is available from our current Information Sheet and the WA Transport Minister Dean Nalder ‘s media ‘milestone’ statement.
Alternative Route – Section 2
Main Roads has committed to exploring all route options for Perth Freight Link to deliver the best solution for road users, taxpayers and the local community.
In early May 2015, shortlisted proponents were asked to prepare a feasibility study for an alternative route that includes a section of tunnel and avoids immediate upgrades to Stock Road and Leach Highway.
The alternative route extends Roe Highway west of Stock Road along the Roe Highway road reserve in Hamilton Hill. It then heads north as a tunnel, starting just before Clontarf Hill and running underground to join Stirling Highway near High Street.
The feasibility of this alternative route will be considered against environmental, economic and social impact measures.
A recommendation on the preferred route will be made to the State Government by the end of 2015 at which time any potential impacts on properties will become clearer.
Project Overview
The $1.6 billion Perth Freight Link, officially launched on 19 May 2014 as part of the Federal Budget (media statement), is the largest road infrastructure project ever to be undertaken in Western Australia.
It will provide the ‘missing link’ in the Perth Urban Transport Corridor, through a dedicated, high productivity, east-west freight connection between Perth’s heartland industrial areas, such as Kewdale and Welshpool, and Fremantle Port. Current stop-start traffic will be replaced with free-flowing vehicle movement.
The project will link with the $1 billion Gateway WA project and the $1.12 billion NorthLink WA (Perth to Darwin Highway) project to provide a free flowing 85km route from Muchea to Fremantle Port and Perth’s southern industrial and trade centres – delivering significant benefits to the economy, industry, motorists and local communities.
The project will result in improved safety for all road users, reduced traffic congestion, fewer trucks on urban roads, lower emissions, reduced noise and significant freight industry productivity improvements.
Project Timing
Two major contracts (for Section 1 and Section 2) are scheduled to be awarded later in 2015 with infrastructure works expected to commence in early 2016 and be completed in 2019. Commencement of construction of the Perth Freight Link is subject to environmental approval.
The first section of Roe Highway Stage 8 will provide improved access into the Murdoch Activity Centre, including Fiona Stanley Hospital in the first half of 2017.
A third section will see widening of a 1km pinch-point section of Roe Highway between Tonkin Highway and Orrong Road. Tenders for Section 3 will be called in mid-2015 under a separate construct-only contract, with award in late 2015. Construction of Section 3 is expected to be completed by end of 2016.
Project Scope
The Perth Freight Link infrastructure works will see:
Section 1:
A 5.2 km extension of Roe Highway, west of the Kwinana Freeway to Stock Road in Coolbellup.
Section 2:
Upgrading of Stock Road through O’Connor and Willagee, with grade separated interchanges at Winterfold Road, South Street and Leach Highway;
Upgrading Leach Highway and High Street with grade separated interchanges at Carrington Street, High Street and Marmion Street;
Improvements to High Street in Fremantle.
Section 3:
Duplication of Roe Hwy (to three lanes in each direction) between Tonkin Hwy and Orrong Rd, including a new bridge over the freight railway.


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