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Posted in fremantle, housing, planning by freoview on October 8, 2015

A new report by the Australian Council of Learned Academies-ACOLA tells us a lot what we already know but is important to remind us all about it time and time again.

The ACOLA reports says that by the middle of next century the population will be double in Perth, Sydney and Melbourne and that the cost of urban congestion will increase four-fold in the next 20 years to $ 53 billion by 2031.

We all know and understand that urban sprawl is the major factor in this, so ACOLA recommends to reduce and avoid the need to travel through creating economic hubs so people live close near where they work, and to shift to environmentally friendly transport; public, bikes, walking, and improve energy efficiency; electric cars.

The recommendation I like best, and wonder why it is not happening already, is to get all three levels of government, Federal, State and Local to actually coordinate planning.

ACOLA also suggest to establish a planning philosophy where the need for mobility is reduced and the aim of good health and sustainability advanced.

It all makes sense but how do we get the Great Australian Dream of a big house and garden out of the Australian culture?

The W.A. State Government is not exactly rushing to create so called satellite cities around the Perth metro area and move large departments to places like Fremantle, and neither are big businesses keen to move away from their highrise palaces in Perth and West Perth.

One option would be for Landcorp to release less land for single housing and insist on higher density new suburbs, and urban infill needs to increase faster than at the present rate and that is a challenge for local governments as residents are reluctant to embrace it.

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Posted in australia, fascism, fremantle, racism by freoview on August 28, 2015

Australian Border Force (ABF) officers will check people’s visas on the streets of Melbourne this weekend as part of a police operation in the city’s CBD, the Federal Government has revealed.

The agency says people will not be targeted on the basis of race or religion
Part of a broader operation including Victoria Police and other agencies

Officers will be positioned at various locations around the city and will speak with any individual they cross paths with.

No, Australia this is not a belated April’s Fool joke, this is the reality in Australia in 2015 where the Abbott Government introduces racist and fascist actions! What is next, maybe something like foreigners wearing the Star of David as the Jews were forced to do under Hitler’s regime, or another form of immediate visual indentification?

This is a disgraceful and unacceptable action by the federal government that will affect tourism to Australia!

How are we going to prove on what sort of visa were are, or that we are Australian citizens? No doubt the majority of people who will be stopped and questioned by the Australian Border Force will non-white people. OMG all those broun people who are already subjected to racism in this country often, now will have officials in uniform frighten the living daylight out of them. How many will have poor English skills. Ooooh FUCK Australia. What are you doing!!!!!!

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Posted in art, fremantle by freoview on October 22, 2014

mars 1 mars 2

‘MARS Goes West’ kicks off on Thursday 23 October until Sunday 26 October at  Fremantle Kidogo Arthouse  at Bathers Beach, as part of the Fremantle Festival, which this year celebrates 109 years.

Self-confessed art addict Melbourne-based gallerist Andy Dinan, who founded MARS 10 years ago said that MARS Goes West’ is not only about introducing some of Melbourne’s hottest artists to Perth, but it’s also a wonderful opportunity for her gallery to get to know Western Australian artists.

MARS is a regular booth holder and exhibitor at major art fairs such as – Korean International Art Fair, Sydney Contemporary Art Fair, Melbourne Art Fair and Hong Kong Art Fair.

Anyone who is passionate about art is invited to the ‘exhibition opening from 6-8pm on Thursday October 23 and the floor talk by Ms Dinan at the gallery on Saturday 25 October at 3:00pm.

Works will be exhibited from artists Jo Bertini, Jane Hall, Anne Judell, Megan Keating, Joanne Mott, Saffron Newey, Bill Sampson, Stuart Spence, Samuel Tupou, Tricky Walsh & Louiseann Zhara- King.

The show will be opened by Freo Mayor  Brad Pettitt, 6 – 8 pm Thursday 23 October

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Posted in fremantle by freoview on October 18, 2014

Mike Pauly

Mike Pauly, the amazingly dedicated 74 year old Fremantle man, who is walking around Australia, and already walked from Fremantle to Melbourne and back some years ago, is trying to raise funds for arthritis research TODAY on the JUST GIVING Facebook page. All you need to do is go to the FB page and ‘LIKE’ Mike’s short video. It’s only on today Saturday for 24 hours so do it now please!

Mike had to interrupt his walk around Australia at Fitzroy Crossing because he needed urgent hernia operations, but will continue his walk in March next year.

You are inspiring, Mike!

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Posted in fremantle by freoview on June 21, 2014

I just watched an amazing video of a talk by Ken Larson at TEDxBoston in the USA. Larson is part of the MIT Media Lab and his talk is about how to design modern cities for the future. There are some stunning ideas, from folding cars that can turn around on the spot, so no need to reverse, and will fit in small parking bays, to hyper compact homes and quick-changing apartments with movable “robotic walls”, so space and rooms can be changed to accommodate need and use, e.g. two bedrooms become the dining room, and where lights will be switched on and off by movement sensors to save energy.

Ken Larson believes cities should become like the small villages of the past, where most things we need are within a twenty-minute walk from where we live. He cites the arrondissements of Paris as a good example of it.

Larson also talks about “democratising bike lanes” so that elderly and disable people can use electric bikes, but also that skaters and push scooters are allowed to use those lanes.

It is very inspiring and I will do an internet search for more of Ken Larson’s ideas to create better cities. He mentions the Melbourne laneways as a good example, and we know Perth has been working on that as well. It’s time for Fremantle to grow up and modernise the way we think about planning and development. It would be fantastic to invite such a big creative thinker like Ken Larson to our City. I believe it will be better value than the placemaking talks I have attended.

Here is the link to Larson’s talk:

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Posted in art, fremantle, music by freoview on February 10, 2014

I intended to stay at the Fremantle Arts Centre for only half an hour on Sunday, but I enjoyed the music and atmosphere so much that I stayed on for the entire performance of Melbourne based The Tiger And Me.

The music was outstanding, and the hundreds who has come to listen to it thoroughly enjoyed the amazing pop music created by stunning vocals, bass, piano, strings and drums.

While relaxing there, I was wondering why we don’t have more of these small leafy outdoor venues that are so good for the soul, and that create such a cosy community environment. The Sunday Courtyard Music at the Arts Centre has become a tradition which people from all over Perth flock to. It’s great to sit in the grass under the trees, with a glass of wine, eat good food from the cafe and the pizza bar, and be surrounded by the historic walls of the former Lunatic Asylum. There is nothing mad about having a really good Sunday afternoon.

Roel Loopers

art centre 1 art centre 2


Posted in australia by freoview on October 2, 2012

Congratulations to Melbourne based Sonya Pemberton, sister of Fremantle councillor Rachel Pemberton. Sonya and her company won an Emmy Award in the News and Documentary section for DECODING IMMORTALITY, a documentary following the work of Nobel Prize winner Liz Blackburn. It was screened on SBS in Australia in 2010 titled Immortal.

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Posted in fremantle by freoview on September 13, 2012

An article in the property section of the West Australian yesterday caught my attention and is worth analysing for Fremantle. Professor Rob Adams, who is the director of city design in Melbourne and responsible for the ‘livability changes’ in the city said that Melbourne was not a happy city in the past and that it took the team work of councillors, and governments to make the necessary changes. Melbourne is now rated the most livable city for the second year in a row. Perth came in ninth after Sydney and Adelaide.

The one thing that stood out for me is that Professor Adams said Melbourne could double its population and that that would only take 7.5 percent of the metropolitan area with building no higher than eight stories. He said that you don’t need high rise to get more density, but that we need to build in areas close to infrastructure. I hope Fremantle council takes note of this!

Adams also told the audience at the Committee for Perth event that Melbourne planted lots of trees, wherever there was a space for them, because it is the cheapest way to change the feel of the street. What they also did was making shopping more fun by opening up laneways and arcades and let people have them at very low rent for commercial use.

Although it was controversial at the time Melbourne closed off a section of Swanston Street for cars and now 65,000 people walk through there daily. A lesson Fremantle should learn for the Cappuccino Strip! While the traders there don’t want the closure of South Terrace most residents I talk to would be delighted to make it into a pedestrian and bicycle mall only, even when we compromised and only applied that on weekends. A one way, one lane future for the Cappuccino Strip would also be preferable to the status quo, where weekends become hoon paradise as young men show off their shiny thumping loud cars.

Another lesson Fremantle should learn from Melbourne is that it adopted a uniform paving of pleasant blue stone, which is easy to repair and a good walking surface. They also designed their own outdoor furniture.

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Posted in fremantle by freoview on November 1, 2011

A message to people afraid of change. Nothing remains the same, as I observed again today during Melbourne Cup festivities. While in the past Fremantle was abuzz till late afternoon, today most parties died pretty soon and by 3pm most pubs were pretty empty. I was at Clancys for the race and had a look at Rosy O’Grady and Little Creatures on my way home.

It was even less fun at Clancys than it used to be in the past, I thought. Sure, the nose to nose finish of the big race excited the smaller than usual crowd, then there was not much for a while, the horse race decided by a dice is a tradition, and so it the Fried Mice eating competition, when those with enough Dutch courage eat deep fried Jallapeno peppers stuffed with cream cheese. It’s a good excuse to drink even more after the contest, when the mouths are burning like hell on fire.

My horse is stumbling along the Nullarbor to try to get away from angry punters who backed it. But I won $ 40 in the Sweepstakes, so I did better than most.

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Posted in fremantle by freoview on October 31, 2011

It has been a tradition for many years that I supply my friends with tips for the Melbourne Cup, so this year I looked deep and hard for clues all over Fremantle and beyond. I gazed at stars, looked into crystal balls and empty wine glasses, talked to psychics, mind readers, and horse whisperers, to make sure I was well informed.

Let me make it clear that this year’s Cup race is more unpredictable than ever, and I personally blame Qantas for that. The Queen’s visit to Australia might also have upset some horses, paranoid of being bitten my Her Maj’s corgis, so it could get messy tomorrow at Flemington.

* Americain does not do it for me. We used to have steak Americain in Holland when I was a child. It was minced meat, not horse I think.

* Jukebox Jury will have many fans in retirement villages and RSL clubs, so lots of pennies will be put on her.

* Drunken Sailor will have huge following at yacht clubs around the nation. It might have had a change if it could stand on two legs, let alone gallop on four.

* Unusual Suspect is a great bet for the W.A. Police Force who will spend their well-earned CHOGM overtime money on this horse.

* Presedence will be my bet this year, as trainer Bart Cummings always pulls a bunny out of the hat on big occasions.

* Lost in the Moment is for the star gazing lovely Librans out there. It might not win, but it will still feel good to see it floating in the air.

* At First Sight is a big no-no for me, as it reminds me too much of falling in love and broken hearts.

* Tullamore needs dew, so for that horse the race starts far too late. It might have had a chance if the Cup was run at 6 a.m.

* Older Than Time. This world heritage listed horse will remain just an impressive part of Melbourne Cup history.

Jockeys and trainers will tell you it’s all about one race at the time, while for those of us who speak horse language, the message is loud and clear that it is one stride at the time.

Will you be much richer tomorrow just after noon W.A. time? Very likely in experience only, and you will tell yourself, like you did last year and the years before, to never bet on the Melbourne Cup ever again.

Good luck and have fun! I’ll be at Fremantle’s Clancys of course.

Roel Loopers


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