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M:Group North Coogee


Depending on City of Cockburn planning approval the North Coogee Shoreline development should see some interesting architecture inspired by the Donnybrook Quarter in London.

MATCH of the M/Group intends to build 2-3 storey terrace houses along intimate streets that end in a city square there.

It’s the kind of development I would love to see more of in Fremantle, rather than high apartment buildings.

Fremantle is the ideal place for terrace housing as urban infill, instead of boring highrise.

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Energy Museum 2

Energy Museum


My blog post yesterday that the sale of the former Fremantle Energy Museum building means the end of the M/27 residential development by the MATCH Groups was not correct, so I copy their media release below for your info:

The completed restoration works by M/Group of the original S.E.C Building and former Western Power’s Energy Museum at the Fremantle Substation site in Parry Street, is another example of how M/Group has worked effectively with the City of Fremantle and State Heritage Council to support the integration of valuable heritage fabric into contemporary urban living.

The property, which sits adjacent to a boutique Match apartment development that overlooks parkland at its rear, has been released for sale under an Expression of Interest (EOI) campaign; opening the door for a range of potential uses.

Mr Lloyd Clark, Managing Director of M/Group, said the apartments on this site are already 35% sold, and the renewed heritage building will be on a separate green title. He said the opportunity to build a business on this site comes with inherent character and is surrounded by an established and new residential community.

“The planned apartment building, M/27 by Match, will be home to 40 boutique apartments and is due to commence construction in late 2018,” he said.

“The opportunity to take ownership of the building certainly opens the door for a ‘Bread in Common’ type food and beverage venue, although could as easily be adapted for boutique office space. The purpose of our work on this site is to, perhaps ironically, create new energy. It is a great opportunity for a potential proprietor in a great location.”

Match, which is part of M/Group, is the company behind the highly celebrated Heirloom by Match heritage renewal and is currently in the construction phase of the M/28 by Match boutique apartments in South Terrace.

The company prides itself on introducing design-focused apartment product that enhances the streetscape and activates living space in strategic locations.

The heritage works on the heritage building, undertaken by M/Group’s building division M/Construction, have included the restoration of existing brickwork, refurbishment of metal window frames and the restoration of existing large timber sliding doors.

The sale of the building is being managed by Knight Frank and more information can be obtained by contacting James Baker on 0418 912 007.

For more information on the limited number of parkside M/27 by Match apartments, visit or contact 0432 660 066.

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The crane at Fremantle Atwell Arcade came down very early this morning, so the building should be opening soon and become home to office workers and new shops.

Development is happening all over Freo with the verandas being reinstalled at the Henderson Street Warders Cottages, the first tenants have moved in at the Gunners Cottages at Cantonment Hill, and the Heirloom by Match development at Queen Victoria Street has finished its first apartments, which are now open for inspection, and the MSC building in Cliff Street is also at the final stages.

The announcement if and where the Department of Housing will be moving in Fremantle is also due in a few months, so Freo is on track for its economic recovery.

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The West Australian today revealed the branding for the development of the former Energy Museum in Parry Street, Fremantle.

Block Branding created the colourful M/27 posters for the Match development that will see the site converted to residential apartments and a Bread in Common style hospitality venue.

Match is already busy developing the former Dalgety/Fort Knox woolstores just down the road at Queen Victoria Street, that will become the Heirloom apartments.

The east end of Freo’s CBD is a hive of development activity the city has not seen for decades, so change is well under way.

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There is a lot of building activity going on in the inner city of Fremantle. The Defence Housing residential site, the former Toyota car dealer site, at Queen Victoria Street is being prepared for development while over the road the Heirloom by Match residential development of the former Dalgety woolstores is well under way.

A bit further up the road east of it a scaffolding tower has gone up to indicate the height of the planned building next to the fuel station, and up at Cantonment Hill the old cottages are looking better and better, while there is also activity at the old Signal Station. Development will also happen soon next to the Australia Hotel on Beach Street.

No one can miss the imposing Atwell Arcade development, and the two developments in Pakenham Street, and it is only a matter of time until the Woolstores shopping centre development will be happening. Fremantle’s economic recovery is on track.

Hopefully we’ll see some activity at Kings Square in 2016 because it has been a very long wait.

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Developers MATCH are proposing a micro brewery for the mix-use development of the former Fremantle Energy Museum building at 12 Parry Street which has as neighbours across the road the Basilica and Clancy’s and is only a stone’s throw from the HEIRLOOM BY MATCH residential development of the former Dalgety Woolstore at Queen Victoria Street.

The proposal for a five-floor 4o residential apartments development and street level micro brewery would greatly assist the activation of the East of the CBD, where other new development is already under way or short before commencing.

The former Boys School as Princess May Park should also find new operators soon and I noticed development activity next to the Australia Hotel at Beach Road as well on Friday, so there is a lot going on in the east end of Freo.

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Whilst we are all waiting on and whinging about the delayed Kings Square development, elsewhere in Fremantle things are happening and that is great to see.

Fantastic to read in the West Australian today that the Heirloom by Match residential development of the former Dalgety Woolstores site will start this week. The $ 130 million development of the 90-year-old building will see 183 new apartments housing approximately 250 new residents. It will be completed by 2017.

Match will also do a mixed-use development of the Energy Museum site just down the road. A few metres from there a residential and commercial ground level building at Queen Victoria/Quarry streets is getting there fast, and around the corner the former International Backpackers is being transformed into the Australia Hotel.

Talking about hotels, the Hilton Doubletree at Point Street should start in due course and the short-stay Quest Hotel at Pakenham Street had a start but appears now stagnant.

More development will happen on the Woolstores shopping centre site, the Synagogue building next to Fremantle Oval, the Atwell Arcade development is well under way, and the Pakenham/Bannister Street carpark residential building will be built soon as well.

Far out West the new Mediterranean Shipping Company building is nearing completion around September, so there is a lot going on in our city, and these are very positive signs for the revitalisation of the inner city..

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In a highly unusual move Item C 1503-4 Heirloom Development was a late withdrawal at this evening’s Fremantle full Council meeting. Mayor Brad Pettitt explained that the COF had received communication from the MATCH group today where they asked Council to no longer consider purchasing up to five apartments in the Heirloom by Match development on Queen Victoria Street as they were pursuing other avenues.

It could well be that the public community backlash that started here on Freo’s View and continued on other blogs startled the developers and they realised it was bad PR for them and the development and might affect investors’ confidence.

It’s always good to see democracy at work and I hope the Heirloom project will start soon as it will be great to help revitalise the inner city East End of Freo.

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City of Fremantle Councillors will on Wednesday evening consider if it is appropriate and in the best interest of the City to purchase up to five apartments in the Heirloom by Match residential development on Queen Victoria Street. Match want to develop the heritage-listed former Dalgety Woolstores site but the pre-sales have been slow due to an over supply of residential units in the Perth metro area. Match needs pre-sales of 125 units but have only sold 118 so far.

The City is asked to support the development, and a building start by possibly April this year, by investing $ 3 million for five discounted one and two bedroom apartments in the complex.

I believe this is an interesting dilemma as it might set expectations and precedents for other commercial development in Fremantle. The Kings Square development for example is being delayed more and more, so what if Sirona Capital asked the City to help bail them out as well in some way or form? What if the Atwell Arcade developers can’t find someone to lease their ground-level shops? Should the city lease or purchase anything at all they don’t require to run a local government? Instead of purchasing five residential apartments, would it maybe be better for the COF to offer a loan to Match, and would that be appropriate to do?

As the officers point out in the agenda, it is unlikely the City would make a profit on the sale of the units because the residential market is down, there is an over supply of new units on the market, so COF might sit on the units for years and might even have to start renting them out which would incur maintenance and management costs for a long period.

The WA State Government is making a huge loss on apartments they bought in Karratha to support residential development there, so I don’t think the City of Fremantle should risk $ 3 million of ratepayers’ money to help private developers who are set to make millions.

The pressure developers constantly put on local councils that if they don’t do this or that than development will not go ahead is something Councillors need to reject, as it has become a common approach by developers to force Councils into making decisions that are highly unpopular in the community.

We all want Fremantle to move forward, progress and develop and we all want to see more life injected into the East of the city, and I really like the Heirloom development, but private developers take financial risks based on expected large profits and local government should not get sucked into speculative investment, supposedly because otherwise a development is not viable. Let’s not forget that Match also intends to develop the former Energy Museum site into residential and commercial, so why take that on when they can’t even get enough pre-sales for the Heirloom project?

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energy museum

Property developer MATCH has purchased the former State Energy Commission substation and Energy Museum on Parry Street through an investment fund.

The heritage building will be restored and developed into 40 residential boutique apartments and a restaurant.

MATCH is of course already developing the nearby Fort Knox woolstores in the Heirloom by Match project.

The substation building was going to be developed by Bruce Moriarty but he pulled out to concentrate on a residential building on Quarry Street just around the corner.

The news that MATCH is now developing there is great news for the East End of Fremantle that is in desperate need of revitalisation. Things are looking up for Fremantle!

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