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Posted in fremantle by freoview on March 2, 2012

While I do understand the frustration of struggling Fremantle retailers, they need to be careful not to become one eyed about change and the protection of their own interests. Today’s whinge in the Fremantle Herald that the Mad Hatter Market at Kings Square is taking business away from the West End is a bit of a short fuse reaction, I believe.

Those traders complaining are well advised to read the The Portas Review by Mary Portas onĀ  the future of our high streets. Although this was done in London, it has relevance to Fremantle. One thing the Portas Review highly recommends is free markets in inner cities, as they attract new people and business to town, and create vitality.

While retailers in Fremantle might only see the bad of the Mad Hatter Market, and possible loss of sales to market traders, it could also have a positive effect on the number of people coming here. The fresh food stall holders I just bought some steaks from tell me people from all over Perth come to their stall to buy meat. Hopefully they also stay in Fremantle for coffee, lunch or do other shopping here.

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