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It does not look as if the Fremantle Market Street traders will be getting much sympathy from Council in their quest to keep the four 15-minute parking bays between High and Bannister Street.

On Wednesday the FPOL committee of Fremantle Council will acknowledge the receipt of a petition with just under 1,100 signatures against the removal of the bays.

The officers recommend to the FPOL members to “continue to monitor any impact to short term parking in adjacent areas after the removal of the bays.”

Now, I am no Albert Einstein, but I have no idea how one monitors something that is no longer there. It will have to be a very futuristic innovation by the City.

The reason the parking bays, plus the loading bay, will be removed is because of the imminent development of the Manning Building by Silverleaf Investments. The developers want to put a new verandah along the building at Market and William streets.

Market Street traders have set up a fighting fund to take legal action against the City but I doubt that will do them any good.

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Fremantle Market Street traders have established a fighting fund war chest to take legal action against the City of Fremantle about the planned closure of four 15-minute short-stay parking and loading bays in the street.

The new owners of the Manning Building, Silverleaf Investments, asked Fremantle Council to close the vehicle bays so that they could extend the awning over the footpath when they develop the property, with a tavern and micro brewery at William Street.

The owner of Terrace Men has collected over 1,000 signatures against the closure of the car bays.

It is alleged that Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt told the traders that a safety plan had been completed by the City which recommends the closure of the bays, but the traders claim there is no evidence that this has been done.

From my own experience, walking that street daily, the parking bays are not so much a danger to pedestrians but at times a mere inconvenience when cars drive up onto the footpath and out of town pedestrians are not aware of it.

I observed Silverleaf owner Gerard O’Brien leaving the Manning building with five architects at noon on Friday, so the start of the development should not be too far away.

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There was an information session at the City of Fremantle on the proposed development of the Atwell Arcade site at 120 High Street. It runs from the mall to Cantonment Street and the developers want to erect a five-storey 21.4 metre high building there that would have a huge impact on the ambiance of the CBD.

The site is not one of  the 12 sites designated in Planning Scheme Amendment 49 that allows for higher buildings, but is within Planning Scheme 4, where only building of up to 14 metres-high are allowed under special conditions.

There were an unusual high number of members of the public at the info session and most were aghast about the bulk, mass and height of the proposed development and about the lack of quality of it. The design shows no consideration or respect for the surrounding streetscapes and heritage buildings along Market Street and in High Street mall. From Kakulas Sisters it would look like a bunker-like structure, sticking out above the adjoining buildings like a boring eyesore. The design is certainly not of the high standards required to even dream about getting additional height approval from the Design Advisory Committee, and Fremantle council should dismiss the application out of hand.

You will find more info and some images on the City’s website, so check it out and voice your concern about this monstrosity that has no place in central Fremantle.

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I am unable to show artist’s impressions of the proposal as my request for them was not met.


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I know nothing about public works or road work, so I stand to be corrected. But can anyone at the City of Fremantle explain why the pavers at the intersection of South Terrace and Market Street were ripped out, then had to be replaced with 50 metres of bitumen for only three days and that bitumen was removed again today to make way for new pavers.

Would not good planning mean to know one will not get the new paving done before the long weekend and leave the old pavers there till they can be replaced after the weekend? Why dig it up and then hastily replace it very temporarily with bitumen for just three days? How much more does this cost the City?

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Better late than never. Due to internet problems I was unable to post these photos of last month’s Cappuccino Strip Street Club event in Fremantle’s Market Street behind Gino’s. The “urban guerrillas” were out and about and having fun. Mayor Brad Pettitt and several councilors participated with big smiles on their faces, while eating large slabs of pizza. The hoola hoops were popular with young and old, and a game of chess, a wee bit of knitting and banner painting, did not go amiss either.

This will become a regular event on each first Thursday of the month, with the next one being in Collie Street, so come and join in the fun!

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