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It is a bit disappointing to see that the editor of the quarterly Freo Street Wise magazine has found it challenging to source Fremantle relevant articles for its latest edition.

‘Fremantle’s independent street magazine’  has articles about Karratha, Cossack, Jarman Island, more Cossack, sand dunes, and the Pilbara on twelve pages of the publication, plus two pages about stars, and ten pages that are not about Fremantle.

There is also an article written by new South Fremantle Councillor Marija Vujcic, who was strongly supported during the election campaign by Freo Street Wise, and an article titled Booze City, where Fremantle clinical psychologist Rachael O’Byrne speaks out against Fremantle Council approving development applications for small bars and taverns.

O’Byrne is wrong though to say “Approving tavern licenses in the hope they’ll run as small bars is irresponsible.” Bar, tavern, restaurant, etc. licenses are not issued by local councils but by the liquor licensing authorities. and they are very strict in what they approve.

Little magazines such as Freo Street Wise are a welcome addition to our local community, so I hope that the editor will find more Fremantle content for the next issue.

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Fremantle people can look forward to the new FRE-OH magazine-Celebrating the City of Fremantle, that will be distributed to residents next week and will also be out in cafes so that out of towners can also read the good Freo stories.

There will be four quarterly-seasonally publications per year and 17,5000 copies will be printed. An E-version is in the making so that people can receive the magazine via email.

It is a vibrant magazine with on the cover one of our city’s most noticeable identities Horatio T Birdbath.

The magazine is a showcase about people, places and pastimes that make Freo unique. It covers a lot of ground about cafes, hospitality, sustainable living and eating, recycling, art, culture, Noongar culture, Fremantle Prison, South Fremantle, the Toy Library, young people, volunteers, etc.

It is a great way of telling Freo’s positive stories, of which there are many!

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Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt will tomorrow take part in the BIG ISSUE magazine Mayors Sell event.

Mayors all around Australia will participate and help to sell the charity magazine, so make sure to buy one.

Brad Pettitt will join regular Big Issue seller Bill, who we see regularly at the Cappuccino Strip in Freo.

The Freo Mayor and Bill will be in front of the Fremantle Markets from 3.30 pm tomorrow. Get Brad and Bill to sign your copy and make it a collector’s item.

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The City of Fremantle responded to my concern about the plastic wrapping of the PULSE magazine residents receive in the mail, so here it is:

To clarify: we used the bio wrap to include the Kings Square Renewal update into our usual mailout of Pulse magazine to keep postage costs as low as possible and because we wanted to ensure it was done in a way that supports our approach to waste management and efficient use of resources.

Rest assured the bio wrap material is degradable and is highly recommended as an ideal method for wrapping magazines or reports in an environmentally responsible way. There is no comparison between bio wrap and ‘ordinary’ plastic bags!

The PULSE is an interesting read, especially page 4, that shows on what the City of Fremantle is spending your ratepayers’ money.


Roel Loopers


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Check out the new on-line FREMANTLE SHIPPING NEWS magazine: I think it is very good and a great addition to local Freo media.

It’s not just about the port and maritime issues but about Fremantle lifestyle, food, heritage, architecture, art, etc.

FSN aims to be an online magazine about today’s Fremantle, with content and imagery provided, as much as possible, by interested locals.

The idea for the magazine was born out of daily drives past Fremantle Port and admiring and wondering about the activity of the coming and going ships.

The magazine is run by Fremantle local Michael Barker with assistance from local designers Superminimal, a number of Freo volunteer writers and photographers.

They welcome contact from anyone who would like to contribute to the magazine.

They have a subscribe button at the bottom of the webpage. Subscibers will receive an email notifying them of new articles.

FSH also have a Facebook page which will promote new content and an instagram page which will feature shipping and ‘Seen in Freo’ images.


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The City of Fremantle PULSE magazine was delivered in my letter box, so here a few facts I picked up:

# Over 500 residential apartments are under construction in central Fremantle.

# Over 150,000 cruise ship passengers are expected to visit Fremantle this year.

# Fremantle’s population is forecast to grow to over 42,000 people by 2036. It stands at around 30,000 now.

# Fremantle’s CBD vacancy rate has reduced from 10.7% to 9.2%. Out of 641 premises 59 ground level retail and offices are vacant. This is better than many national and international trends.

# Fremantle’s annual budget has grown to over $ 100 million and the city’s capacity to invest in major projects has significantly improved.

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freo street wise


Fremantle has another small magazine with FREO STREET WISE hitting the cafes and shops around town this weekend. The magazine is published by former West Australian newspaper journalist Carmelo Amalfi who also did a stint at the Fremantle Herald.

It looks very much like an advertorial publication to me but it does not have the flair the one-off promotional George Street and Wray Avenue newspapers had earlier this year.

Go and get a copy and decide for yourselves if Freo Street Wise fills a gap that needed to be filled.

Roel Loopers


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fremantle story mag


The new and first issue of the Fremantle Story magazine is a nice addition and source of information to the tourist industry. It has some nice promo stories, an events calendar and a voucher section with specials to take advantage off, so well done to the City of Fremantle marketing department!

But since I am an obnoxious opinionated fella I allow myself one tiny criticism and that is the claim in the magazine that “No other city has taken advantage of this gastronomic explosion as much as food-obsessed Fremantle.” That is bollocks, even compared to our next door neighbour Perth that has got some of the most outstanding restaurants, bars and cafes in the country, so we should not be boasting about something that is not true.

I am looking forward to the next issue. I believe there are going to be four each year and for each season.

Roel Loopers


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I received the very first City of Fremantle PULSE magazine in the letterbox this morning and am wondering about the timing of it. Only two weeks ago we saw a huge wrap around in the Fremantle Herald spruiking all the great development Fremantle is getting.

Call me a cynic anytime, but is it really coincidental that the City is heavily promoting its achievements and virtues so short before the Local Government Elections, or is this an underhand way of supporting the sitting members by letting the community know how much they have achieved? Maybe the Electoral Commision should have a good look at it.

A recent personal experience where I was talked into not opening a public forum by an Elected Member who lied me straight in the face does not give me much confidence that there is no manipulation going on behind the scenes to keep and support the sitting members, and that would be unacceptable manipulation of the democratic process in Fremantle.

Roel Loopers

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bb 4

Very nice to read that the Virgin Airlines inflight magazine has published an article on Western Australia under the headline Western Zest and that Fremantle has got a few mentions for the Bathers Beach Sunset Food Markets, Kidogo Artshouse and Many 6160.

You can read it on:

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