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It is personally rewarding for me to see that my call for support for the Fremantle Roundhouse has not been just weeing in the wind, but that Fremantle Ports responded generously and are now official sponsors of the One O’Clock Cannon Fire at the Roundhouse.

That the Fremantle Ports sponsors WA’s oldest public building is special to me since I did 14 years of photography for the Ports, so I very much feel like being part of the crew there.

When I complained in a letter to the West Australian and on this Freo’s View blog a few months ago about lack of support for the Roundhouse Fremantle Ports contacted me and asked how they could support the Roundhouse heritage guides.

The gun deck overlooks the site of the first Fremantle port, the long jetty, and also the current port, so it is very much part of our maritime history.

The cannon was fired and the time ball lowered for the early mariners to adjust their clocks, so that the calculation of longitude would be precise. The Roundhouse volunteers fire the cannon 363 days of the year, unless inclement weather prevents it.

People can book the firing of the cannon on and are given a certificate to show they were the honorary gunner of the day. I suggest we reprint the certificates with the Fremantle Ports logo on it.

As part of the Fremantle Ports sponsorship the Roundhouse volunteer guides will participate in this year’s Maritime Day on Victoria Quay. I’ll see you there!

I hope the State and Federal governments will now also financially assist with the Roundhouse maintenance and management and the much needed stabilisation of Arthur’s Head and the Whalers Tunnel.

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Posted in fremantle by freoview on March 12, 2011

All of this summer, the buildings that once housed Mac Donalds, Wagamama and the Dome cafe, on Bathers Beach in Fremantle’s Fishing Boat Harbour, have been vacant. The abandoned look is absolutely awful in that part of town, even more so with a fence surrounding the long jetty as well. It is disgraceful that this is what we offer tourists who come to that part of the city to see the Round House, Maritime and Shipwreck Museum, and who want to sit at the beach for lunch or dinner. It’s also not fair to the two remaining operators The View and Sweetlips.

If international companies like Mac Donalds and Wagamama can’t make it work, and the nationally succesful Dome chain had to leave, it must be an indication of the ridiculously high rents demanded for these locations.Will they still be empty when the 2011 International Sailing Championships will be held off Bathers Beach in November/December, or might badly needed small wine bars have made their way to this superb location? It’s a fantastic spot for an iconic development as well.

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