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Posted in fremantle by freoview on March 1, 2012

It is interesting to read this morning that the city of Weymouth in England, which will be hosting the London Olympics sailing events, is only expecting 60.000 visitors. That puts the ridiculous predictions made last year by ISAF 2011 director John Longley, that the sailing event off Fremantle would attract half a million visitors, in perspective. It’s time Western Australian government agency Eventscorp demanded some of the millions they paid ISAF back for making unsubstantiated claims

I heard Longley is walking around town claiming he is working on something even bigger than ISAF, so expect the winter Olympics to come to Fremantle in the near future. * >)

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Posted in fremantle by freoview on November 12, 2011

Good PR for Fremantle with a two page spread on the ISAF 2011 Sailing Championships in the weekend West Australian today.

I hope that all the predictions are based on reality and not hope and hype, as the City of Fremantle has spent two million dollars on projects like upgrading Bathers Beach.

Initial figures released by ISAF’s John Longley predicted half a million visitors, but in the West today it has come down to 400,000, while an ISAF newsletter recently only talked of 50,000 visitors.

There is no doubt it is a huge event and that it will be good for Fremantle, with the international media and visitors here, who will spread the word on how gorgeous our little city is. There will be 1200 athletes, 1200 volunteers, 850 boats, and all sailing events are held close to shore, so vantage points at Bathers Beach, the South Mole, inner harbour, and at South and Leighton beaches will allow for good viewing.

The Worlds Village on the Fremantle Esplanade will provide entertainment all day during ISAF 2o11, so it should be a fun few weeks for all of us.

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Posted in fremantle by freoview on October 17, 2011

Fremantle Kidogo Arthouse owner Joanna Robinson is exasperated with the City of Fremantle and all the things that have been going wrong with the upgrade work at Bathers Beach. She claims it is costing her thousands of dollars in lost income. Only this week she had to pay back $ 1,600.00 because she had to cancel a bridal party, due to the building work going on.

She wonders why the CoF left the large area in front of the gallery with gravel. It kills high heels, is unsuited for bare feet, and when an easterly wind blows the dust enters the gallery, even under closed doors, and sets on expensive paintings. When it rains it becomes mud, which people walk all over the gallery floors, that then require hours of painstaking cleaning.

There is a drastic half meter high drop at ground level to one side of the gallery that is barely visible. That makes is dangerous for pedestrians and bike riders, and is a serious public liability issue for the city.

Fences have been blown over because they are not properly secured, with one hitting Joanna in the head, and another one last week just missing a group of school children.

And last and worst, the builder has told Joanna it is unlikely they will finish the boardwalk at Bathers Beach before the start of ISAF 2011 and will just keep a fence around the unfinished part between the gallery and the beach. Now that will be a sublime welcome to what ISAF’s CEO John Longely claims is a much bigger event than the actual sailing event at the London Olympics 2012.

Welcome to Fremantle. We like our things half done!

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