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MAINROADS has issued a statement concerning the preservation of trees at the Fremantle High Street Upgrade project, which I post in part below.

There is still no word if the City of Fremantle will receive land at Clontarf Hill in exchange for the loss of CoF land for the High Street Upgrade.

Since Commonwealth and State funding was received in May 2017, we have been working in partnership with the City of Fremantle to develop a concept plan that meets the key objective of improving safety on High Street, while minimising impacts to the surrounding environment – particularly established trees. These measures include:

Overall clearing footprint: There are 245 large trees in the project area between Carrington Street and Stirling

Highway. While earlier versions of this project would have required significant clearing, our final concept design retains at least 178 (or 72%) of these trees. 67 (28%) will be cleared.

Nesting hollows: No current or potential nesting hollows for black cockatoos or other species are impacted by the project.

Future potential breeding trees: 64 (of 245) trees within the project area are considered to be future potential breeding trees (there is no current evidence of breeding).

The project will retain at least 48 (75%) of these trees. 16 (25%) will be cleared.

Tuart trees: 31 trees within the project area are tuarts. We’ve changed our design to save at least 13 of these tuarts. This includes specimens close to the Fremantle Netball Centre estimated to be between 40 and 50 years old.

Design changes: The project will provide a tree-lined median between the eastbound and westbound carriageways. While providing an attractive gateway into the city, this measure allows 28 trees to be preserved.

Landscaping and Urban Design: We have developed a Landscape and Urban Design Framework and specified a high standard of urban design for the project through consultation with local stakeholders including the City of Fremantle and the local community. The detailed development of the urban design will involve a coordinated team of urban designers, landscape architects, a public artist and public arts coordinator, and will include further consultation with local stakeholders. The detailed landscaping plan comprises soft landscaping, involving extensive planting and revegetation with species appropriate to the local area. The planting work will be done by a specialist contractor in the first winter following construction completion.

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The first progress report by the WESTPORT Taskforce is an interesting read. It came out yesterday, so check it out on-line as it is quite substantial.

I had a quick look at the WHAT HAVE WE FOUND SO FAR report and there are two points I consider very important for Fremantle. The first one is that the report states that Fremantle Port would be capable of handling double the number of containers it does now, as long as improved road and rail access to deliver and pick up container freight is part of the development.

The second one is maybe even more important as it means that residential and other development along Victoria Quay does not have to be halted until the port stops accepting containers.

The reports states: However, the Fremantle Port buffer is a guideline rather than a State statutory and use planning instrument. It does not preclude planning for additional residential development, even in the area closest to the port, and is dependent on local governments to regulate.

This is really important, because so far any attempt at wanting to build residential or hotel accommodation at Victoria Quay has been dismissed as not being possible because of the buffer zone around the port. It might just need a different, less rigid, approach by the Fremantle Ports board and management.

And a few more snippets from the report:

Changing community expectations about what is shipped from the port should be recognised as a constraint to development in the Fremantle study area. With the relocation of some trades, the port could expand its container operations or alternatively, use the space for non-port purposes.

Changing land use within the port buffer could open opportunities for a range of recreation, commercial and residential activities around Victoria Quay and in North Fremantle.

Key considerations of future work will be to: determine how long Fremantle’s Inner Harbour can efficiently and safely operate alongside the increasingly urban environment of the City of Fremantle; assess the impacts that trucks and other traffic has on suburbs west of the Kwinana Freeway as well as on access to the port; identify opportunities to facilitate and grow trade; assess if and when any trades should be moved to a different port location; and plan for the infrastructure required to keep freight moving efficiently and the economy growing for decades to come.

Any change to Fremantle Port operation will be long-term and won’t be happening for many years. It is quite clear from this progress report that there is no immediate need to move all port operation to Kwinana or Bunbury, but that a long transitional period might be required to move some operations.

The Westport Taskforce will continue to work, explore and consult with all affected communities and stakeholders, and nothing will happen overnight, or next year.

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live A

live B


Many hundreds of people walked onto the Fremantle Stirling Bridge on Sunday morning to protest against the live animal trade and called for a stop to it.

They spanned the entire long bridge to make their points about animal cruelty and the need for a much better solution.

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Awassi hero shot


The federal government has suspended the export license of Emanuel Exports, the company which owns the Awassi Express live sheep vessel, that controversially made headlines for the inhumane treatment of sheep on its journey from Fremantle to the Middle East.

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Awassi Express


I just want to put this out there and see how serious the Australian government, our politicians, and the live trade exporters are.

We all know shit happens in the world, especially on sheep ships, and we also suspect that we only get to see the tip of the iceberg as far as animal cruelty during transport to the Middle East  is concerned.

My suggestion is to put cameras on every deck of every live trade transport ship and live stream the images 24/7 on the internet, so that everyone in the world can monitor what goes on and alert authorities when the animals are not treated well and are in distress.

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Awassi Express


The Awassi Express is back at berth at North Quay in Fremantle Port and ready to be loaded with thousands of sheep again, after she made national headlines for the animal cruelty on board the ship, that was leaked by a whistleblower.

I believe that the photos and videos we are confronted with now and then are just the tip of the iceberg and that this happens far more often than the public is aware.

We also need to acknowledge that different cultures have different standards of animal care and if Australians don’t like the conditions the sheep and cattle face when being transported to the Middle East and elsewhere we need to stop the live trade from our country.

We have heard too often that conditions will improve and that animal cruelty will never happen again, until it happened again.

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Stop Press: Latest news on Friday morning is that the ship will sail out empty from Fremantle but might take cattle on board in Broome, according to media reports.





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WA Treasurer Mike Nahan has indicated the State wants to move the live animal trade away from Fremantle Port and to the outer harbour as it is an unsightly and smelly part of the inner harbour operations.

More than 2 million sheep and close to 140,000 cattle are transported on trucks to Fremantle port which creates a constant outcry by animal rights protestors.

An outer harbour solution could be the James Point location near Rockingham where the Buckeridge group wanted to built a private port. And while the State is relocating the live trade they might as well get started on planning and building the outer harbour and overflow container facilities so that fewer trucks will have to come to Fremantle Port once the new harbour has been built.

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The following motion by Councillor Jon Strachan will be considered on Wednesday evening by the City of Fremantle Special Projects Committee and I wonder if it is worth the effort and $ 100,000.00


1. This Council does not support a road based response to significantly increased container trade at Fremantle Ports, and as such does not support construction of the proposed Perth Freight Link.

2. This Council believes the significant State Budget allocation to the PFL should be directed towards a rail based solution for container distribution related to Fremantle Ports.

3. This position is conveyed to the State Government, South West Group and other key stakeholders. 4. Council considers a budget amount of $100,000 to assist Officers develop alternative options for Port Related Freight as per point 3 of Council Item SPC 1502-2.

Like most people in Fremantle I am absolutely against the Perth Freight Link truck toll road and the invasion of the wetlands at North and Bibra lakes, and I am all for shifting more container freight from road to rail and for better solutions than creating a huge bottleneck and traffic congestion in North Fremantle.

The sad reality though is that the Perth Freight Link has been supported by the Abbott federal government, which last week announced an increase in funding for the project, to offset the unbalanced GST distribution among the states. The W.A. State Government has also announced the three companies short listed to build the freight road to Fremantle Port, so what purpose would an expensive review by Fremantle City have when the Freight Link is very much a done deal and completely funded by the State and Federal governments?

I believe the $ 100,000 could be better spend elsewhere where it can make a difference rather than peeing it up a wall and grasping at straws, and denying the very disappointing reality that Fremantle Council will not be able to stop the Freight Link and that State and Federal governments will not consider alternative proposals.

No matter how much most of us in the Fremantle community hate it, the Freight Link project is a done deal that won’t be stopped. It is a huge waste of money that should have been spent on rail and an overflow container terminal in Cockburn Sound, but the Barnett and Abbott governments won’t consider it.

Fremantle Council can’t win this battle, so spending $ 100,000 on looking for better solutions would be wasting money and resources.

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The fire on the Ocean Drover live sheep vessel in Fremantle Port lasted till well in the afternoon, but there were no sheep on board during the emergency. That is great because it is anyone’s guess how 75,000 of them would have been evacuated had they been on board.

The fire in the crew accommodation injured four crew members and one of them is in critical condition while others were treated for smoke inhalation.

TV and police helicopters kept the sky over Fremantle busy till lunchtime and many people went for a look from Victoria Quay, the South Mole and the gun deck at the Round House.

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Just by chance I happened to be on the south mole when fire broke out on the live sheep vessel Wellard Ocean Drover in Fremantle Port around 8 am this morning.

It appeared to be on the bridge and crew quarters, so hopefully no sheep were harmed, but the smoke was quite intense and the fire brigade, ship’s crew and port boats all worked together to get the fire under control at around 8.30.

At least six crew members were injured and are being treated.

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