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A letter to the editor in today’s Fremantle Herald:

Dear Brad

Why are you spending millions of dollars on Fremantle Kings Square and leaving our port in such a horrible state for our visitors who arrive. Think twice and see which is more important.

Abelle Wards. Cockburn Rd. Coogee

Dear Abelle,

Fremantle Port is a state agency and not the jurisdiction of Fremantle Council, so the City of Fremantle can do nothing, but ask, beg and plea for upgrades of the Passenger Terminal, etc.

However the City has revealed its South Quay Project plans for the development of Victoria Quay and beyond, but to realise those plans it will need collaboration from state government and Fremantle Ports.

I am making this point not to defend Fremantle Council and its Mayor but because I am getting very annoyed with the often-made ignorant and ill-informed comments about our hard-working council.

It is not very intelligent to not inform oneself and make comments that are baseless.

Yesterday someone posted that Freo Council are naysayers who have no balls, and the truck accident at Stirling Highway somehow could be blamed on them, but Mainroads is responsible for the long-overdue upgrade that was cancelled because of the Perth Freight Link plans. The upgrade at High Street is now back under the new Labor government.

Criticise Fremantle Council and Mayor Brad Pettitt as much as you like, as I regularly do, but base it on facts, not ignorance.

Roel Loopers



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To its credit the Fremantle Herald today published 15 letters to the editor that expressed outrage about the insensitive gossip tabloid ‘journalism’ written by Herald owner Andrew Smith about the murder of Reuben Stack in East Fremantle.

Last week’s front page article was a mix of rumours, innuendo and an opinion piece that had very little substance. It is laudable that the newspaper published so many letters, but to his discredit Chook owner Andrew Smith did not have the grace to respond and apologise for his highly inappropriate article.

Many Fremantle people have been bewildered about the Herald, which was our favourite paper. It was always controversial, a bit quirky, informative about upcoming events and reporting on those that happened, but that has all changed. We realise it is difficult in this age of immediacy to remain relevant as a weekly paper because of on-line papers, bloggers and social media, but the free range Chook standards have dropped to a level where I sadly hear many people say they no longer read it. I hope that can be reversed.

A unique city like Fremantle deserves and wants a unique community paper the Fremantle Herald once was. I for one hope that they will go back to becoming the talk of the town again and have that very Freo spirit and reporting they had years ago. The Fremantle community rightly expects from the Herald that they scrutinise Council, but also that they support what is happening in our city and by doing that support our local businesses.

Roel Loopers



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writing holiday letters

We are more used to people using the free Fremantle WiFi for laptops and tablets at Kings Square than writing letters, but this tourist spent quite a bit of time writing a very long letter there this Sunday Mother’s Day morning. Maybe a travel report to the family at home?

Roel Loopers


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port activity, tiff

If Professor Dora Marinova of the Curtin University of Sustainable Policy wanted to make a point against the Roe 8 highway extension through wetlands she did not do very well at it in her letter published in the West Australian today.

Her argumentation that Fremantle has to choose between “an attractive tourist port to enjoy cappuccino culture and the W.A. dining boom” or become “an industrial hub for smooth transport of goods…” is pretty flawed.

The Fremantle working port has complimented the Freo cappuccino lifestyle for decades. The port is a major attraction that many visitors and locals enjoy. It is fantastic to sit at Victoria Quay or the South Mole and watch the arriving and departure of ships, and it is a great sight to see ships float by from Cliff, Mouat, Henry, Pakenham, Market and Queens streets.

The planned development of Victoria Quay will make the port an even greater attraction and destination for young and old, locals and visitors.

I am amazed that an academic would suggest it has to be either or and that a working port can’t exist side by side with a tourist town and shopping destination. It’s that kind of one-eyed statements that CUSP gets rightly criticised for because we should expect a bit of balance from a university, no matter how much they want to sell their own philosophy.

Roel Loopers.


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It is interesting to hear that Local Government Minister Tony Simpson has dismissed Canning Council for the second time in 13 years for failing to provide good government.

A group of Canning locals, spearheaded by Canning Accountability blogger Diana Ryan, has been pushing for better representation and good governance for a long time, so no doubt they will be celebrating today.

Three new commissioners will look after Canning until the next local government elections mid next year.

It was interesting in that context to read the letters to the editor of the West Australian yesterday, and the outrage about the State Government’s Design Advisory Panel taking away the decision-making of local councils when it comes to planning approval of new buildings. We have been worried here in Fremantle about DAP decisions, but people from Alfred Cove, Subiaco, Leederville, Winthrop, Cottesloe, etc. are also not impressed.

While it is good the Minister sacks incompetent councils, he should let all others just let get on with the job of good governance and looking after local communities.

Roel Loopers



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Let me share the last part of a letter published today:

“…when kids would have chosen to work on the ports or constructed railways, rather than ride skateboards high on various nefarious substances before moving onto a Rohypnyl and metamphetamine-fuelled night of probable daterape and gang-violence at some so-called boutique brewery”

I consider this letter in the Fremantle Herald, written by Owen Fry of York Street, Hamilton Hill, highly defamatory to a very large group of young people. To make a huge generalisation and accuse skaters of taking drugs, date-rape and gang-violence is absolutely outrageous and I can’t believe the Herald published this fascist rant.

I am 65 and have never used a skateboard, but I know many very decent young people who do. Many of the baristas and people waiting in cafes come and go to work on their skateboards, many university and high school students also love them. These young people do not deserve to be accused of unlawful activities just because one of their hobbies is riding skateboards. Shame on you Herald for publishing this rubbish. An appololy to skaters is due!

Roel Loopers


Posted in fremantle by freoview on August 10, 2011

Dear writers of letters to the editor of the West Australian,

Before you point this out yourselves, I know that you are very tolerant and not racist and do have foreign friends, some even with darker skin than your own. All you were doing with your letters of course was only pointing out the obvious. Obvious to you was that there was clearly a racist, Muslim, migrant, and coloured element that started the London riots, and that shows that multiculturalism just does not work and is dangerous. This of course should then be a warning for Australia and we should stop all those foreigners from coming here. Our policies are too humane and those boat people only cost us a lot of money.

Like you, dear letter writers, I too watched the news, read newspapers and listened to radio reports, but unlike you I noticed that the majority of people rioting were Anglo-Saxon, and God forbid might even have been Christians. I also noticed many were just schoolkids, obviously bored with school holidays, so a riot seemed a brilliant idea to have some fun. Police picked up kids who were just around ten years of age.

On ABC radio this morning they played an interview with two young women with very broad London accents, who told the reporter it was all just quite fun and they wanted to show the police that they could do whatever they wanted. It was also great to have free drinks, after they had looted a bottle shop.

So dear non racist letter writers, before you point the finger at minority groups, you might like to check your facts first next time and take your coloured glasses off, so you can see the TV pictures more clearly.

Roel Loopers

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Posted in fremantle by freoview on April 27, 2011

The constant attacks on the dress habits of Muslim women in letters to the editors and on talkback radio are the voice of intolerance. The “When in Rome, do as the Romans do” argument is a shallow one. If this applied why do thousands of Australians visiting Bali each year totally ignore the culture and habits of the people there, and have those who complain about the Muslims given one thought to the fact that when the English invaded Australia they absolutely ignored and dismissed the culture and tradition of the Aboriginal people who had been living here for many thousands of years?

Those who believe people coming here should change should walk the talk themselves. Freedom also means freedom of fashion, and thankfully the elegantly and colourfully dressed Muslim women often stand out in a crowd of overweight women in mini skirts, as I witnessed again on the Fremantle Esplanade on Sunday.

Rome is a long way away and also where the Vatican is, which is not actually an icon of tolerance. When in Rome…

Roel Loopers

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