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I am a big fan of Fremantle’s Notre Dame University but believe the significance of the university to the Fremantle economy has almost slipped unnoticed under the radar of many in our community with some complaining the uni, like every other educational institution in Australia, does not pay council rates.

What UNDA has done is building a very strong brand with high academic acclaim and student satisfaction in the historic West End of Fremantle that attracts more than 6,000 students a year to the campus who are being looked after by around 1,700 staff and lecturers. That is over 7,700 people buying coffee and meals in Freo! It is estimated that the students alone contribute $ 1 million a year to the cafe industry.

When we talk about economic revitalisation we mention a possible 1,200 Housing Department staff relocating to Kings Square, 160 staff the Mediterranean Shipping Company in Cliff Street has brought in and some 200 people now working at the new Atwell Arcade building. That is all great but it also shows how important Notre Dame is for Freo’s hospitality and retail as it alone brings five times more people into Fremantle than those three examples combined.

Most cafes in Fremantle’s West End would not survive without the university, as they and tourism create the numbers that make these small businesses viable. Together with the weekend attraction of Fremantle to suburban visitors this helps make cafes successful all week.

So when you think that Notre Dame does not contribute enough to Fremantle, think about all the people who have jobs in cafes mainly because they get supported by students and staff of the uni, and also have a look at how well they look after the beautiful heritage buildings they occupy.

The one major disappointment for me is the lack of student accommodation in Fremantle and the exodus of students late afternoons. I hope the City of Fremantle and Notre Dame University will collaborate on improving that. What about COF offering UNDA a block of land at the Knutsford Street workshops site for a 49-year peppercorn rent or so, where UNDA can build a student apartment block close to public transport and only a ten-minute bike ride to uni?

Notre Dame does tours of the campus where one can see the stunning adaptive re-use of the heritage buildings, and while there keep an eye out for some outstanding Aboriginal art work on the walls. The free tours are being held every Friday morning. Contact UNDA for information.

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Herald Ad 2016 Open Day


My friends at the Fremantle LANCE HOLT School are holding an OPEN DAY this Saturday September 17 from 10-12 am.

The independent community school offers an integrated program  for children from 3-year-old Kindi to Year Six and is highly regarded by Freo parents who love the relaxed atmosphere at the school.

The school is at 10 Henry Street in the historic West End of town and was established in 1970 by Lance Holt.

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notre dame


This very impressive full-page advertisement of Notre Dame University in the West Australian caught my eye this morning, as it looks like the promotion of an Oscar winning movie. The Lunchpack of Notre Dame maybe because the Fremantle uni students can enjoy all the quirky cafes and shops in town?

Notre Dame is no doubt a very popular university in Australia and Fremantle as is shown in the Good Universities Guide of 2017 again.

Notre Dame University received five-star ratings for:

*  Overall quality of education

*  Teaching quality

* Learning engagement

*  Student support

*  Skills development

*  Graduate employment

*  Median graduate salary

I love having Notre Dame in Fremantle as it has significantly revitalised the historic West End of Fremantle, and they are a very nice organisation to deal with, as I know from my own experience with them.

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My friends at Fremantle NOTRE DAME UNIVERSITY are holding their annual Open Day today till 3 pm, so go and have a look. There is live music in one of the courtyards and it is always a very relaxed, friendly and very Freo day.

I went just after they opened at 10 am and there were already a lot of parents and young people talking to staff, academics and students, so her some photo impressions of the day.

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Fremantle NOTRE DAME UNIVERSITY will hold its annual Open Day this Sunday August 21 from 10 am to 3 pm.

It is always a fun and vibrant day in Freo’s historic West End with entertainment and food trucks, but most importantly a chance for future students and their parents to talk to academics and current students and find out about the uni’s programs.

Notre Dame has one of the highest ratings of student satisfaction in Australia and is also highly rated academically, and it is the only university in WA in the centre of a beautiful heritage precinct.

Come along this Sunday as it is open to everyone, and check out the cute promo video:

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Fremantle Notre Dame University is doing very well in a challenging climate for universities in Australia and announced a high increase in student numbers late last year. It also received a 5-Star rating in the 2016 Good Universities Guide in the category Overall Graduate Satisfaction, Teaching Quality, Generic Skills, Getting a Full-Time Job and Graduate Starting Salary.

Now a new national survey  reveals that skills development, quality educational experience and a high graduate employment rate are some of the findings that set The University of Notre Dame Australia apart from its peers in data released by the Federal Government today.

Senator Simon Birmingham, Minister for Education, released the results from the latest university surveys to inform the government’s Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching website.

The website also shows Notre Dame University is one of the top universities in Australia for ‘Graduate Employment Rate’ with a full-time graduate employment rate of 79.2 per cent, well above the national average of 69.7 per cent. The median starting salary of Notre Dame graduates is at $59,800, above the national average of $55,000.

Notre Dame is the top university in the country for ‘Skills Development’ at 90.7 per cent, well above the national average of 81.3 per cent. It is in the top two universities nationally for ‘Overall Quality of Educational Experience’ with an 88.5 per cent rating. The QILT data also shows Notre Dame achieving high ratings in the categories of ‘Student Support’, ‘Learner Engagement’ and ‘Teaching Quality’.

Notre Dame has done outstandingly well in these categories in comparison with other WA universities (

–       Skills development – rated 1 in WA / rated 1 nationally
–       Overall quality of education experience – rated 1 in WA / rated 2 nationally
–       Teaching quality – rated 1 in WA / rated 3 nationally
–       Learner engagement – rated 1 in WA / rated 2 nationally
–       Student support – rated 1 in WA / rated 2 nationally
–       Full-time employment – rated 1 in WA / rated 6 nationally

I am a big fan of UNDA and the vibrancy it brings to the West End of Fremantle during the day. I love the activation the students from all over Australia and the world bring to our city and what it does to Freo’s economy, especially in the hospitality trade, but I am disappointed that the promised reactivation of the ground levels of UNDA owned and occupied buildings still has not been implemented. It is part of every MOU the City of Fremantle signs every two years with UNDA but nothing is forthcoming. Come on UNDA, you can do better than that!

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There is a community meeting on tonight about the planned new Fremantle College, so parents whose children will be going to secondary school in 2018, when the college opens, might want to find out what it is all about and ask questions.

The community meeting is on from 6.15 to 7.30 tonight at the South Fremantle Senior High School at Lefroy Road. It is in the preforming arts main hall and it is signed from the car park.

Here a bit from the Education Department about Fremantle College:

Fremantle’s new flagship college, opening in 2018, will provide your children with a high quality, comprehensive education from the moment they arrive to the time they graduate.

A focus on academic and vocational excellence will provide many options and pathways for your children to work towards their ambitions, whether they aspire to go on to university, further training or employment after they graduate. Whatever directions your children choose, Fremantle College will provide them with the opportunities to achieve the highest possible standards.

With children from Years 7 to 12, Fremantle College will open as an Independent Public School. The foundation principal will be appointed from 2017 and work closely with a new school board to shape the school, its staffing and its learning programs.

The school board will provide strategic direction and governance, with members drawn from diverse backgrounds including community, industry and academia. Their expertise and commitment will establish the college as a pre-eminent school for children in the Fremantle area.

Central to the college’s success will be strategic partnerships forged with the Fremantle community to strengthen children’s access to a wide range of study and career opportunities.


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Congratulations to the students and PLC of Scotch College who had a fundraising event at Fremantle’s Kidogo Arthouse at Bathers Beach last week. Owner Joanna Robinson had offered the gallery for free to Scotch to raise funds to build a school in the Tanzanian village of Matipwilli.

Many Freo inner city residents attended the event which raised over $ 13,000, so well done all!


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What a lot of fun today’s annual WEST END DASH by Fremantle Notre Dame University students was. It was the best one I have attended so far.

Primary school students from Wembley, on a historic Freo tour with Two Feet and a Heartbeat, were invited to participate and the firies from the Freo FESA station also turned up for the sprint and tug of war.

There were wheelbarrow and chocolate Easter egg races, a sausage sizzle, golf, basketball, tabletennis an footy games. It was a brilliant way of spending one’s lunch hour.

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Fremantle Notre Dame University will continue their popular Eminent Speakers Series on March 9 with the President of the National Native Title Tribunal Raelene Webb QC speaking about Making A Difference.

Raelene Webb is on the High Court of Australia and the Supreme Court of the Northern Territory.

In light of our political parties’ bipartisan support for constitutional recognition of Australia’s indigenous people and an a referendum on it in the near future, this talk is topical and should be very interesting.

It is on Wednesday March 9 from 6-7 pm at the Michael Keating room on the corner of Cliff and High street and refreshments after the lecture. RSVP

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