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Researchers at the Fremantle University of Notre Dame School of Medicine will lead a $2 million three-year study into the early intervention and treatment of an inherited high cholesterol disease, a condition that often goes undiagnosed with devastating effects.

Notre Dame’s Professor Tom Brett and Associate Professor Diane Arnold-Reed will lead the five-State study with Professor Gerald Watts from Royal Perth Hospital and the University of Western Australia.

The $2 million in funding was announced today (Wednesday 6 December) by the Federal Government’s National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMCR) and comprises a contribution from the NHMRC of $518,588, partner cash ($484,766) and in-kind support ($1,045,980) – which includes contributions from the research partners and health networks, both financial and through the use of medical facilities.

More than 45,000 Australians – including 5000 West Australians – suffer from the condition, called familial hypercholesterolemia (FH) in medical circles. An inherited condition which causes very high cholesterol levels from birth into adult life, failure to diagnose and treat the disease can lead to an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, specifically coronary artery disease, at an early age.

The study will be undertaken in 17 general practices in WA, New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria and Tasmania and will not only investigate ways to improve the early diagnosis of FH to prevent long-term cardiovascular disease, but also develop improved, cost-effective strategies to provide better care to patients and families.

On a personal note: I was only three weeks ago diagnosed as having very high cholesterol levels, so this study clearly is of interest to me.

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I noticed this silly No More Notre Dame sign in the windows of a Fremantle High Street building and wondered why business people would put up such stupid protest against the long-established Notre Dame University.

So you buy a property, basically in the middle of the twenty-year old uni campus, but then you protest against the institution growing, expanding and developing? How childish and immature!

Notre Dame is a highly-acclaimed university that is well-loved by its students and staff, and it is an integral part of the port city, and will continue to be that for decades to come.

The  signs are pretty inconsiderate also to the businesses who lease the two street level shops from the property owner, as 90% of their trade comes from the thousands of students and staff of NDA, not the hundred or so West End residents. I hope that the cafe and pharmacy don’t get boycotted because of the childish behaviour of the building owner.

Last night the never positive president of the Fremantle Society complained at Council about Notre Dame creating a monoculture in the West End. Really?

Monoculture means a single crop, or one type of animal in one area, but Notre Dame staff and students come from all walks of life.

There are 18 year-olds  and mature students, and in the breaks between lectures one can delight in a cacophony of multiculturalism on the streets and in the cafes of Freo’s West End.  I love it!

Fremantle has a problem with whingers who will always find something to be negative about, no matter how many positive things happen in our city.

We should be proud to be a university city, and work collaboratively and positively with NDA, because that will result in better outcomes for everyone.

The Customs House complex NDA recently bought will give them the much-needed room for expansion and student accommodation. That will help revitalise and activate the historic West End.

It would also be helpful if NDA leased the Coop building on the corner of Henry Street and Marine Terrace to a business that operates also in the evening, and not just a day-time activity.


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I believe that people who think Notre Dame University is bad for Fremantle, and who claim that NDA have killed the historic West End, are not accepting reality.

Visit the Cappuccino Strip at daytime from Monday to Thursday and you’ll find it is pretty deserted, but go to High, Henry, Mouat, Cliff and Phillimore streets and you’ll see hundreds of NDA students and staff on the streets and in cafes.

The cafes on those streets would not survive without NDA patronage, and that’s why some of them close during the university’s summer break and on weekends because there are not enough people around for business without the NDA people.

It is true that after 5pm the West End loses appeal because there is not enough street level activation of night-time bars and restaurants, but NDA is working on changing that, and the acquisition of the Customs House complex will support those changes.

Let’s be realistic also about night-time ghost town accusations levelled at Notre Dame Uni. Ask the pub owners in Freo how trade is on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights and you’ll see a lot of long faces, because Fremantle is mainly a weekend destination and not a bustling entertainment centre during the week.

Development of the Customs House complex and possible student accommodation will help activate the West End, but a lot more needs to change in the Fremantle CBD to make it an attractive seven day a week day and night destination, and Notre Dame is not responsible for that.

New tourist and residential accommodation will help to achieve activation and so will more commercial and retail space. Some of that is under way and more planned, so patience is required.

The new buildings at Pakenham and Philimore streets will give NDA the opportunity to move some of its ground level offices to the new site and by doing that free up spaces for commercial use and increase street level activation along High Street.

It is estimated that NDA staff and students yearly spent $ 1 million in Fremantle, probably mainly on coffee and food, but without them the West End would be dead during weekdays.

The constant lament that the university does not pay rates is unfair because educational institutions in Australia do not have to pay council rates, and neither do churches, or Fremantle Port for that matter.

It would be better for the City of Fremantle if NDA had to pay rates, but that is not up to the uni or the city to change that. What should be done though is that when NDA lease out spaces to other businesses for commercial use it should at least pay some kind of rates for those properties, or agree to invest more in Fremantle through the Memorandum of Understanding they sign with CoF.

I am a big fan of NDA and love seeing the students in our inner city, as they create a real vibrancy and activation. The more of them we can keep in town after 5pm the better it will be for Freo.

More students living in Fremantle will increase demand for more small bars, shops, and night-time entertainment and that will help activate the West End after 5 pm.

So let’s encourage Notre Dame and property developers to create more affordable student accommodation in Fremantle. That would be a win win for all!

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The 50th anniversary of the South Fremantle Senior High School was a nice community event, but even more impressive is the entry of the new Fremantle College building. It’s stunning!


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50 years South Freo High

SFSHS Open Day 2017


The South Fremantle Senior High School on Lefroy Road in Beaconsfield will be celebrating its 50th anniversary this Saturday, September 9 from 10 am to 3 pm.

There will be an historic display, live music, kids activities, reunion by decades area, food stalls, and more, so make sure to pop in and help them celebrate.

We all have important memories of our schools, the good and not so good teachers, and the importance of good education for our careers and life.

Teachers are critically important to the future of our children and very under-valued in my opinion.

Without my teachers in the Netherlands I would never have valued history and heritage so much, and would never have felt the urge to travel and experience new cultures. My history and English teacher Mr Hartog made a profound impact on my life.


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The very interesting ABRAHAM DAY, which was held at Fremantle Notre Dame University for the first time last year, will be held on September 14 at 2.30 pm.

It will celebrate the religious traditions of Christianity, Judaism and Islam, that share a common origin in Abraham.

Although I am a non-believer I really liked last year’s event and the fascinating discussions, so am looking forward to this one.

Welcoming and Standing Up for the Other is the theme of the afternoon that will be debated by Archbishop Timothy Costello, Sheik Muhammad Agherdien and Rabbi Dovid Freilich. There will also be a Q&A.

It is at the Drillhall in Mouat Street and a free event, but needs RSVP:

I would like to know why religions are talking about equality, but are really very patriarchal. There are no female Imams,  and a female will never be the Pope as long as the circle of Cardinals is made up of males only.

The other question I have is why religious scripts are so ambiguous that they can be misinterpreted by fanatics, who claim God/Allah wants them to kill in his name.


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We are lucky to have such a highly-regarded and loved university in Fremantle. Notre Dame University consistently rates as one of the best in Australia.

Maybe it’s time to change our signs at entries to Freo and promote it as University City, like they do in the old country, where there is a real pride in Oxford, Cambridge and elsewhere.


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Great news for my friends at Fremantle Notre Dame University

Announced today (Monday 28 August), Notre Dame University achieved five-star ratings in eight of the Good Universities Guide’s 13 categories:

·  Overall Experience

·  Teaching Quality

·  Learner Engagement

·  Student Support

·  Skills Development

·  Graduate Employment

·  Median Graduate Salary

·  Student Retention

The University, which has Campuses in Fremantle, Broome and Sydney, has received the top five-star ratings in The Good Universities Guide for the 11th consecutive year.

The Good Universities Guide (GUG) bases its ratings on the performance of all Australian universities using a broad range of indicators from Federal Government-led surveys which track data collected from both students and graduates on their educational experience and outcomes, including results from the Quality Indicators for Learning & Teaching website (

To achieve a five-star rating in any category, a university has to score in the top 20 per cent all higher education institutions Australia-wide.



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Fremantle NOTRE DAME UNIVERSITY has appointed Dr Gervase Chaney as the new Dean of Medicine.

Dr Chaney graduated with a Bachelor of Medicine from the University of Western Australia in 1990 and became a Fellow of the Royal Australian College of Physicians in 1998. Dr Chaney has been a practicing consultant paediatrician since 1999, working predominantly at Perth’s sole tertiary paediatric hospital, Princess Margaret Hospital for Children (PMH). Working initially in the Emergency Department, he moved into a General Paediatric position in 2004.

Dr Chaney has served in numerous leadership and management roles throughout his career at PMH. From 1999 – 2006, he was the Director of Postgraduate Medical Education. From 2006 – 2011 he was Director, Clinical Planning and Reform and from 2009 – 2015, the Clinical (Medical lead), New Perth Children’s Hospital Project. In 2015, Dr Chaney was appointed the Executive Director of PMH and in 2016 was appointed Executive Director Commissioning Perth Children’s Hospital.

In addition to his clinical and leadership roles at PMH, Dr Chaney has undertaken significant National and State leadership roles in health, most significantly as President of the Paediatrics and Child Health Division of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians, and has been an active member of numerous volunteer and charitable committees and boards.

Dr Chaney has been involved with the Notre Dame Medical School since its planning days, serving on the original curriculum committee and has been involved with the clinical teaching of medical students since the School opened in 2006.



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Here some impressions of today’s OPEN DAY at Notre Dame University in Fremantle.

It is on till late afternoon, and a perfect day for it, as it is absolutely gorgeous out there. The sun is shining, the sky is blue and it’s just a brilliant good old Freo day.

You can go rock climbing or abseiling, once you have gathered enough information about our fantastic Fremantle uni. There is also live music and food. It feels good!


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