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Posted in city of fremantle, local government by freoview on October 9, 2015

I have been asked now numerous times why I did not report that Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt acknowledged on Wednesday at the Planning Committee that he had received a $ 5,000 donation from a member of the Chitty family for his last election campaign. David Chitty is a director of Sunset Events who want to develop at Arthur Head.

I did not report it because I have known about it for several years and because there is nothing untoward or illegal about it! Brad Pettitt, contrary to Perth Lord Mayor Lisa Scaffidi, declared the donation on the register as is required by law and that register can be viewed on application to the CEO of the City of Fremantle, as I did.

The question if this could constitute a conflict of interest is probably one the State Government should look at about all donations made to all candidates at local and state elections, but as I understand it there is absolutely nothing wrong legally with Brad Pettitt voting on projects that involve Sunset Events, and let it be made clear that the brother of David Chitty is not involved in Sunset Events as far as I am aware.

I personally believe we should look at this, and if I should get elected on Fremantle Council I would prefer to see donations over a certain amount to Elected Members constitute a conflict of interest.  As it stands it does not matter if anyone believes it is morally wrong, and we should have a public debate about this, but the Fremantle Mayor has acted lawfully and impeccably.

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Posted in fremantle, notre dame university by freoview on August 16, 2015

The Fremantle Notre Dame University open day is always a special day where one can see the anticipation on the faces of parents and prospective future students. It is also a fun day that is very relaxing with live music, things to do and food and drinks aplenty.

The UNDA Open Day had one of the best little brochures I have seen for years and something the City of Fremantle could do for the Street Art Festival. It is handy, small, creative and very functional, so well done to the Notre Dame designer!

Here a few impressions of the day.

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Posted in fremantle, melissa parke, notre dame university by freoview on July 27, 2015

The Eminent Speakers Series of Fremantle Notre Dame University will feature Melissa Parke, Federal Member for Fremantle, on August 4 from 6-7 pm.

Melissa will speak on her experiences as a United Nations lawyer. She worked as a senior lawyer in the UN for eight years from 2000-2007, including postings in Kosovo, Gaza, Lebanon and New York.

The talk will be held at the Michael Keating Room on the corner of Cliff and High Street.

RSVP or call 9433 0741

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Posted in cycling, fremantle, TRAFFIC, western australia by freoview on May 4, 2015

The announcement that WA Transport Minister Dean Nalder is considering changing the road rules so that cyclists of all ages can use the footpaths will no doubt be talked about for as long as we have talked about roads being unsafe for cyclists and many motorists being inconsiderate morons.

What are the pros and cons of these changes, especially the no speed limit one? While life might become safer for cyclists it will become more dangerous for pedestrians because no matter what speed bikes are going at they will be faster than pedestrians, so that must be a worry. Will cyclists be allowed to use the footpaths on both sides of the roads in both directions, which would create a bit more chaos, or should they use the left footpaths only in the direction of traffic?

It makes sense not to limit speed as it would create even more work for police to try to monitor that with speed cameras on footpaths, but it is naive to believe all cyclists will behave responsibly and not endanger pedestrians when riding too fast on the footpaths.

But it will be a relief for motorists driving along the Fremantle Cappuccino Strip and other tight spots around the city to not have to sit behind a cyclist doing only 15 kilometres per hour.

No one expects that those weekend licra-clad road ‘terrorists’ who speed in large pelotons to early morning coffee will start using footpaths, but at the same time we should not be so naive as to belief that common sense will prevail and that it will be a good self regulator. If it were we would have far less traffic accidents on our roads.

Is the future of walking now going to be pedestrians with little mirrors attached to their heads so they can detect speeding cyclists coming from behind on footpaths? Time will tell, but Minister Dean Nalder has not done many things right in his short career in Parliament, so I am not convinced he will get this one right.

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Posted in cycling, fremantle, sport, tour de perth by freoview on March 26, 2015

The South Metropolitan Police have announced that they will enforce helmet bike laws in Fremantle today but that won’t affect the speeding riders in the TOUR DE PERTH this evening. They always wear helmets.

Stage 1-Fremantle Prologue will be held from 6 pm with start and finish at the Esplanade and riders going around very tight corners at Mouat, Croke and Cliff streets at high speeds.

It is a great spectacle that deserves far more spectators than it had last year, so forget the TV for a few hours and support this event.

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Posted in city of fremantle, parking by freoview on December 5, 2014

logic 1 logic 2

Some people’s logic escapes me, but that makes life a lot funnier sometimes. This car was parked in a no standing area near the Fremantle Town Hall this Friday morning with a note on the dashboard saying the driver was getting his/her parking permit. The facts is that even with a residents parking permit the car would not have been exempt where it was parked and would have received an infringement notice and fine.

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Posted in fremantle by freoview on December 2, 2014


The Fremantle Society Annual General Meeting will be held on Monday, 8 December 2014 – 6 PM for 6:30 PM at Victoria Hall, 179 High Street, with renowned planning law authority and Local Government Act expert, lawyer Denis McLeod as special guest speaker on the topics including planning and local government reform.

 This year’s Annual General Meeting is an opportunity for the Fremantle community to gain an understanding of how town-planning law affects the community.

Guest speaker, Denis McLeod, founder of the firm McLeods Lawyers, will address the AGM.

Denis’ experience includes:

  • over 40 years of representing local governments and other local government work – including advising on major developments and drafting zoning schemes;
  • numerous planning appeals and trials in the Supreme , Federal and High Courts;
  • defending actions against development schemes

Denis has spoken and written on current issues such as the amalgamation of local councils and Development Assessment Panels (DAPs). He has been honoured as a Life Member of the Local Government Planners Association in 1991, Honorary Fellow of the Planning Institute of Australia in 1993, and Adjunct Professor at UWA in 2008. He teaches planning law to students at UWA and Curtin.

All are welcome!

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Posted in city of fremantle, local government by freoview on November 25, 2014

THE W.A. State Government is one step closer to implementing local council reform with Chief Justice Wayne Martin today dismissing the case against the government by some local councils.

It is now to be seen if the Nationals will support the act in parliament and if councils like East Fremantle, Melville and Cockburn will have enough no votes to make the Dadour act work and stop the City of Fremantle from doubling in size. Time will tell.

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Posted in aboriginal, fremantle by freoview on September 18, 2014

Almost 300 people attended the Fremantle Notre Dame University talk on indigenous recognition in the Australian constitution by Fred Chaney. Chaney is a very inspirational, measured and likable man, who made it clear that “the devil is in the detail” when it gets to the stage of adding the recognition of Australia’s Aboriginal people to the constitution, and the referendum it requires to do so.

He quoted Aboriginal and Wadjela leaders and that it is the question of how the country deals with its history. Recognise how and recognise when, is the question, Chaney said, and that Edward Burton was right when he said there is no racial quality,there is inner quality.

Chaney was optimistic about the future and the changes he had already observed in Australia, especially with the mining/commercial industry no longer working against Aboriginal people but with them. It was also good that there is political unanimity with all parties supporting the recognition.

He asked if we will ever close the gap between non-indigenous and indigenous people, who die on average 15 years earlier than white people and he warned that closing the gap for many meant assimilation instead of equality.

Australians should admire, respect and glorify the magnificent survival of the Aboriginal people in this harsh continent and embrace their culture.

I have long argued that Australia will only have its real identity when it truly acknowledges and embraces our indigenous culture. Tokenism and empty words are not enough and the move toward recognition in the constitution is long overdue.

On that note, go and visit Fremantle’s Aboriginal Cultural Centre on Arthur Head, just five doors down from the Round House. Say Kaya(G’Day), sign up for a course and look at the beautiful art. 

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Posted in aboriginal, cultural, fremantle by freoview on September 17, 2014

aboriginal girl, tiff

There is a very important forum at Fremantle Notre Dame University this evening at 7pm. The honourable Fred Chaney will discuss the planned recognition of Australia’s indigenous people in our constitution.

It is something I believe is long overdue and it has bipartisan support in Federal Parliament from the major parties.

The referendum on it, and the implementation off it, are still a long way away with Prime Minister Tony Abbott hinting it might happen in four years.

There are critics of the recognition in the Aboriginal and Wadjela communities, with some saying it would only be tokenism and would distract from doing the really hard yards and making the difficult decisions and changes required to finally get indigenous people an equal lifestyle and life expectancy as the non indigenous ones.

Come along this eve at 7 o’clock to Tannock Hall on the corner of Cliff Street and Croke Lane, opposite the Fremantle Herald building. It is a free event!

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