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There is an application for a liquor license on the former Kulcha building on Fremantle’s Cappuccino Strip, so it looks like the new lessees will soon start with their restaurant and live music venue above the Dome cafe in the gorgeous building.

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I am delighted to see this sign stating that the former synagogue building on the corner of Parry Street and South Terrace is now under contract.

The site behind the building was going to be developed into short stay tourist accommodation but heritage issues arose and the owners left the partly developed site unattended for a long time now.

It will be great to see it used again. Hopefully soon!

By the way, City of Fremantle, what is happening with the Evan Davies building in the former KULCHA spot above the Dome cafe? Restaurant development there was approved by council months ago, but nothing appears to happen. What’s going on?

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The FPOL Committee of the City of Fremantle will this coming Wednesday make a decision about signing a fifteen-year lease with Sierra Orenda for the upstairs-former KULCHA-section above the DOME cafe of the Evan Davies building at the Cappuccino Strip.

Sierra Orenda wants to open a small bar and restaurant and serve wood fired pizza.

The rent for the property would be $ 80,000 per annum, plus all outgoings and GST.

Fremantle City recently spent a lot of money on creating universal access to the building by adding a lift and new entrance at the back of the building, so everyone will now be able to get upstairs without difficulty.

My only question is why another pizza outlet in Fremantle? Another new bar and pizza outlet will open on Victoria Quay soon. There are sooooooo many of them, all taking away business from each other while other international cuisines are lacking in Fremantle. Variety is the spice of life!

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The warm colour temperature of the late afternoon sunlight makes the new entrance to the former Fremantle KULCHA building look like an artwork.

The venue above the Dome cafe on South Terrace is for lease and looking for something fresh and innovative up there.


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The former KULCHA art and music venue on the Fremantle Cappuccino Strip is up for lease.

The venue upstairs from the Dome cafe has received an all new universal access at the back with lift, so it is finally accessible to disabled people and seniors in gophers, etc.



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kulcha work

Scaffolding is up around the lovely KULCHA/DOME building on the Fremantle Cappuccino Strip, so it looks like the grande old lady is getting a facelift, or new make-up, and will get painted. Always good to see work on heritage buildings.

Also good that Fremantle Council tomorrow evening will set a management team in place for the old Boys School at Princess May Park, so it can be decided what to do with it after the renovations are done, in case the FTI does not want to move back in, and it is highly unlikely they will want to as their funding has been cut drastically.

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Evan Davies building

The City of Fremantle is seeking proposals for the commercial lease of the iconic Evan Davies Building which sits in the heart of the cappuccino strip.

The former KULCHA building above the DOME cafe includes a bar, stage, DJ box, open function space, office, male/female toilets, kitchen and a large balcony.

Proposals should include how it will add value to Fremantle and the community as well as demonstrate strong financial viability and a solid business plan. Proposals close Wednesday 8 April. Visit

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I admit that I think young Stephanie Hendricks is one of the cutest people in Freo with her quirky smile, so of course I need to promote her new venture and urge the community to support the cafe.

Nestled away in the Knutsford Precinct of Fremantle lies the Fremantle Fibonacci Centre, a creative incubator and Perth’s first urban warehouse co-operative space that is home to resident artists as well as the Blinco Street Café.

At the helm of the NEW Blinco Street Café is owner Stephanie Hendricks, former Events and Marketing Coordinator of Kulcha Multicultural Arts of WA where she managed the 200-pax venue in Fremantle as well as coordinated events on premise and around the state like the Oz Concert held at the Government House Gardens. With 7 years of events management and marketing experience under her belt, this will be her first venture in the food and beverage sector.

The Blinco Street Café will be backed by a talented team of creative individuals, each masters of their own craft. Opening Wednesday to Sunday 7am to 3pm, the breakfast and lunch menu is centred around wholesome and health-conscious eating with emphasis on fresh produce, injected with a little Asian flair. Moroccan chef Aziz Oualkati has vast experience in kitchens around the world such as London and New Zealand. He will be backing up the breakfast/ lunch kitchen with his array of baked goods and sweets, served with a contagious smile.

The wood fired oven will be cranked up over Friday and Saturday evenings from 5pm to 10pm, producing gourmet pizzas from a menu created by self-proclaimed foodie/ café owner Stephanie, and made by a traditional Italian chef with 20 years of experience. Menu favourites include ‘The Quack Up’ – a deconstructed version of the Asian delicacy Peking Duck on a pizza, ‘The Fun Guy’ which has a medley of mushrooms on a garlic base topped with rocket and truffle oil, and ‘Miss Saigon’ which features an explosion of Vietnamese flavours on a plate, along with many other interesting marriages of ingredients.

With a passion for the arts, development of local musicians and the community, Stephanie will be working closely with The Fibonacci Centre owner Robby Lang in capturing these elements in this urban community space through various events and activities. Given the void in Perth venues following numerous closures over the last year, the combination of worldly offerings of tasty morsels from the café and the multi-purpose use of a creative community space, The Fib has a promising horizon of opportunities up ahead in 2015. The Fib will continually support artists and musicians, and welcome public and community use of the venue.

The Blinco Street Café opened on the 9th January 2015, with the Grand Opening date set for the 30th January. The café opens from 7am to 3pm, Wednesday to Sunday, and 5pm to 10pm on Friday and Saturday for pizzas on the deck.



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Perceptions are dangerous because they kill reputations, and perceptions become reality in the minds of people, so the City of Fremantle needs to start a media blitz on the many negative perceptions about Fremantle. Let me be the Devil’s advocate and name just the ones that spring to mind. I am sure I will have forgotten some:

* There are parking problems in Fremantle and parking is expensive.

* Fremantle is a dump, dirty and not properly cared for.

* There is a lot of violence and crime in Fremantle.

* Art support is just tokenism and the Bathers Beach Art Precinct should get more publicity generated by COF.

* Kulcha, Deckchair, Harbour Theatre, Fly by Night, FTI, should have received more COF support to stay alive and in town.

* There is too much emphasis and money spent on bicycle infrastructure and not enough on making Freo more pedestrian friendly.

* Freo Council is naïve and ignores reality and sets the wrong priorities.

* Council allows mediocre new buildings in their desperation for progress.

* COF is not active enough to retain retailers, hence too many vacant shops.

* BID does what the Economic and Marketing Department should be doing.

* Too much support for Sunset Events is one-sided favouritism for mates.

* Way finding in Fremantle is a real pain and signage is inadequate.

* Planning in Freo is ad hoc and not long-term strategic.

* Dreaming about lightrail stops finding real traffic solutions.

* Fremantle does not embrace tourism enough and offers little to keep visitors in town longer.

* Fremantle is re-active rather than pro-active.

* COF can’t get the basics right, e.g. emptying rubbish bins, looking after parks, heritage buildings, etc.

I am sure this list is not complete, but I surely hope it will trigger some real action, not just  comments to this blog.

And when will we see the report on the Visioning 2029 project that finished last year? Mayor Brad Pettitt said he had seen it, so why is it not been made public, or is there some creative editing going on to make COF look better?


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The success of the Fremantle Hidden Treasures winter music festival and MosArts in Mosman Park shows that people are craving for more live music in our area. That makes me wonder why two great Freo venues are so underutilised. Victoria Hall and the Town Hall are beautiful venues that are unused most of the year during the evenings, so why not crank it up and encourage local musicians to take advantage of the spaces. I could see a nice weekly or monthly event happening where both halls are open and the organisers collaborate with the hospitality businesses just east of Kings Square to create package deals. What about, let’s say, a $ 30.00 ticket giving access to both venues and e.g. a pizza from Box Pizza, or a curry from Zab Salad, or a specialty from RAW Kitchen.

Hidden Treasures supported local musos and the struggling local clubs while MosArts attracted a lot of people and musicians from Fremantle. Of course Kulcha is now also available and could be reinstated as a live music venue, or community hall.

If we used our existing halls more for live music there would be no need to build another one at J Shed on Bathers Beach. It makes little sense to have empty halls while building a new one.

Put your thinking cap on, Freo and come up with some good ideas!

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