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The FOMO retail concept for the Fremantle Kings Square Project has been promoted as a new innovative, exciting and creative shopping experience by developers Sirona Capital. A Rhythm of Restlessness they say, so why then are the photos on their Facebook promotion so dull and uninspiring and not very quirky Freo at all.

This is the kind off try-hard pretentiousness that PR and advertising agencies often come up with. The amateur photos are boring and neither promote Fremantle nor sell the exciting new concept. I see more inspiring and creative photos of Fremantle daily on Facebook than the FOMO PR offers. Disappointing!

FOMO will be a diverse destination designed to breathe new life into the heart of Fremantle. 
Marching to the beat of its own drum and never sitting still. FOMO sits at the heart of the Kings Square redevelopment and forms a key component of the future revitalisation of Fremantle. 
A destination of discovery, from the basement emporium to the laneways that meander through the space. FOMO will create bold, daring connections for the community to sit in, walk through and engage with as they wander and explore.

Come on Sirona. You can do better than that! (and no, I am not applying for the gig)


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Kings Square


It is reassuring to finally detect some activity at Fremantle’s Kings Square yesterday, as the delay of the demolition of the Queensgate building is of concern to the Freo community, and it invites the inevitable rumours.

The Fremantle Society claims developer Sirona Capital still does not have the finances in place for the Kings Square Project, and to be fair to FS I have heard this from other sources as well, including a senior City of Fremantle staffer.

Sirona’s managing director Matthew McNeilly assured me some weeks ago though that the delay of the demolition will not impact on the building timeline and that the project will progress as planned, so maybe we should just be a little patient and chill.

I sincerely hope we’ll see a lot of high-vis workers at Kings Square in January and that the demolition and construction will start in earnest, because Fremantle can not afford a delay of our most important development in decades.

Roel Loopers

and here, so everyone is up to date here the comment I just received from Matthew McNeilly, the managing director of Sirona Capital:

Hi Roel

I’m travelling overseas at the moment (looking at some outstanding retail concepts) and have just had your blog forwarded to me. For everyone’s piece of mind, funding was secured back in August. Government takes occupation in April 2020 and we are aiming to lauch FOMO pre Christmas 2019. It’s still only December 2017 and we have a quite short 19 month construction program. So there’s plenty of time and we’ll continue to be meticulous in both our planning and curation, as well as the execution of the project’s delivery. As you have noted, preliminary works are underway with the main building works to commence in the new year. Local retailers and the City have been made aware of this timing.

We are as excited as ever and can’t wait to deliver on the renewal of Freo’s CBD… as everyone appreciates, it’s long overdue!



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Percent for Public Art Commission Kings Square Civic Building and Library Redevelopment
EOI# 910/17

This is a rare opportunity for artists to help shape the future of Fremantle’s city centre for the enjoyment of future generations.

Artist Briefing
11.00am, this Wednesday 20 December 2017
Fremantle Town Hall,
Cnr Adelaide & William Streets Fremantle
RSVP: or 9432 9571

Expression of Interest Documents can be downloaded by registering at:

Total artwork budget $415,000
Shortlisted artists will be paid a concept design fee of $1,500.

EOI closes: 2pm, Friday 16 February 2018

City of Fremantle : Welcome to City of Fremantle electronic procurement and tendering web pages, which has been designed to improve the speed and efficiency for both City of Fremantle and our suppliers.



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Fremantle Council is on the move this weekend from Kings Square to the new temporary offices at Fremantle Oval.

By the end of 2019 the removalists will be back to truck all the office furniture back to Kings Square and into the new Civic Centre that will be built from early next year.

While I was there one man wanted to visit the library already and a woman was looking for the Fremantle Dockers gift shop, that is still listed at the oval on the footy club’s website. Both were out of luck.

Roel Loopers



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council 1


Normally photography in the Fremantle Council Chambers is not allowed, but I was granted special permission to take photos yesterday of the special historic occasion.

As photos they are nothing special, but as historic documentation these photos of the last Ordinary Council meeting of the City of Fremantle in the present chambers are.

The building will be demolished to make way for the new Civic Centre at Kings Square, and for the next two years council and committee meetings will be held in the North Fremantle community hall.

The big wish of everyone ever attending a council meeting is that the new council chambers will have a much improved public sound system as it has been very challenging at times to hear what the elected members are saying.


Roel Loopers


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An archeological dig will be conducted at Fremantle’s Kings Square in January to find remains and related items of the former St John’s church, which was demolished in 1882.

A team from Archae-aus and Museum of Moving Objects will search at four locations on Kings Square from January 15-21, 2018, so keep an eye out for them.

I am still waiting for the announcement of the start of the demolition of the Queensgate building, that was due to commence in November.

Project managers Sirona Capital have assured me this won’t delay the construction of the Kings Square project and FOMO retail concept.

Roel Loopers




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Fremantle Council meetings can sometimes be a wee bit irritating or frustrating because Councillors in their attempt to get everything right sometimes overdo it and want to micro-manage everything.

It was such a meeting this Wednesday evening, where I wondered sometimes why the elected members were still debating an item that should have been passed, rejected or deferred many minutes earlier.

Take the debate about an awning at Newman Court for the Kings Square Project. It is bold, it is the innovative FOMO retail concept that wants to be different, modern, daring and cheeky, but our Councillors just wanted something horizontal, to the great frustration of Mayor Brad Pettitt (and me!).

We need to get over the idea that new bold design can be very Freo, as in old Fremantle, and we need to allow the entire Kings Square concept to have its own life and organically grow on us as a community.

What was great architecture 50 years ago is no longer the way we design and build. Fremantle has changed, is changing and will be changing even more, simply because times change and cities do not remain the same. They grow, evolve, progress and modernise.

Trying to micro-manage the Kings Square Project is more likely to become a design disaster, so we need to have some trust in the architects, the retail experts, the community surveys about shopping, and also in Sirona Capital, which is investing a shitload of money in the project.

Freo needs to learn to chill a bit and not always fear the worst possible outcome. FOMO is all new and something we know very little about, so let’s allow it to happen with confidence, not fear. It’s not forever, it can and no doubt will change over time, when shoppers tell us what they like and dislike and that is the time to be flexible and willing to adapt and change.

Other items on the agenda:

  • Finally signed off was the new clubhouse at Fremantle Park.
  • Finally rejected a proposal for an extension and new cafe at Wray Avenue next to  Butcher Frank’s
  • The Fremantle RSL not happy that  the Beach Street premises will be leased to Arts on the Move.  Councillor Doug Thompson agreed and said Council should prefer local organisations.
  • Councillor Jeff McDonald has been elected on the board of Circus WA.
  • 13 Mrs Trivett Place in the Bathers Beach Art Precinct will be leased to artists Mark Welsh and Fiona Gavino. It took forever to change the terms from 5 years to then 1+1+1+1+1, to finally 2+1+1+1. But they got there in the end.

I found it all a bit tedious this eve, so I need a drink!!

Roel Loopers


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The City of Fremantle’s administration and library will begin operating from the former Fremantle Dockers administration building at Fremantle Oval from Monday 18 December 2017.

The City’s temporary relocation paves the way for demolition of the current building and construction of a new administration centre and library in Fremantle’s Kings Square starting in early 2018.

The City will remain at Fremantle Oval until completion of the new building, which is expected to be late 2019 as part of the broader Kings Square Renewal project.

City of Fremantle Chief Executive Officer Philip St John said the temporary move had been planned to minimise impacts on the community and provide the best value for ratepayers.

“We’ve been carefully planning this move to limit disruptions to our community and ensure that City services continue as normal throughout the transition,” Mr St John said.

“While being at Fremantle Oval is only temporary, we have been able to modify the former Dockers HQ into something we think will function well for staff and to provide library and other spaces the community will be comfortable using.

“The temporary library will see some great new additions, with technology to make borrowing and returning items much simpler. it will also have community spaces including a dedicated children’s library, outdoor courtyard and a theatre-style meeting room.

“With the City taking over the lease of Fremantle Oval earlier this year, the former Dockers building became the most viable and cost-effective temporary home for us while the Kings Square renewal takes place over the next couple of years.”

No disruptions to City services are anticipated, except the Fremantle Library which will be closed from 4.00pm Sunday 10 December and will reopen at the temporary Fremantle Oval location on Monday 18 December.

Fact file

From 18 December 2017, the City of Fremantle’s customer service, library, One Stop Shop and office administration functions will temporarily relocate to the former Fremantle Dockers administration building at Fremantle Oval.
The City’s temporary accommodation at Fremantle Oval will be known formally as City of Fremantle Administration and Library. The address will be 70 Parry Street Fremantle 6160.
Existing City of Fremantle phone numbers, email and postal addresses will remain unchanged.
Public access to the City’s main administration functions and library will be via the main carpark gate on Parry Street.
Council facilities at Fremantle Oval are fully accessible to people with disabilities.
The Fremantle Dockers administration building became vacant when the Fremantle Football Club moved to new facilities in Cockburn. It represented the best value as a temporary office when the City took over the Fremantle Oval lease earlier this year.
For more information people can contact the City’s customer service team on 9432 9999 or email

More information at



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The Daily. Kings square


It is disappointing that Best&Less in Fremantle’s William Street have closed, but it creates a very good opportunity to promote the Kings Square Project and exciting FOMO retail concept there.

The location of the shop and the huge windows are ideal for an imposing large display of the virtues of the Kings Square Project.

It is highly unlikely the shop can be leased during the KS construction period, so maybe Sirona Capital and the City of Fremantle can come to an arrangement with the property owners to use the big windows to show artist’s impressions of the new buildings and FOMO retail concept.

That should not just be static images, but also large plasma screens with pictures and promotions for nearby businesses which are impacted by the project.

Another screen could live-stream the construction progress from already installed cameras, so that the public is constantly up to date on what is happening at Fremantle’s largest ever development project.


Roel Loopers

Vote Roel for City Ward!



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The Daily. Kings square


The City of Fremantle is inviting the public to have their say on what they would like to see at Kings Square as part of the significant and exciting development of our city square.

Key aspects of the draft Kings Square Public Realm Concept Design include:

more shaded areas, with a 5% increase in tree canopy

an additional 600sqm of public gardens and grassed areas (a 3.4% increase)

a new outdoor children’s play space

a designated church yard and urban garden area

new paving and street furniture extending further out to the edges of the square

the retention of service vehicle access, universally accessible parking and vehicle drop-off zones

designated outdoor spaces for events

wider footpaths to encourage alfresco dining

integrated public artworks celebrating Fremantle’s Aboriginal and European heritage.

The draft Kings Square Public Realm Concept Design was developed using principles developed and endorsed by a community ‘citizens jury’ in 2012. These principles include the prioritisation of pedestrian space by minimising vehicle movements and non-essential parking, better activating the edges of the square and respecting the historic character of Kings Square.

 View the draft Kings Square Public Realm Concept Design

 The draft design will be available for public comment shortly via the City’s My Say Freo online community engagement portal.



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