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Scaffolding at the Queensgate building along William Street will start coming down next week to allow for the demolition of the facade of the building.

After the Newman Court facade and large parts of the building are now demolished the facade at William Street will be pulled back next.

The Fremantle Kings Square project is well under way. It is exciting to watch the progress, with work also speeding up at the former Myer building.

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ks 4


The Newman Court facade of the Queensgate building at Fremantle’s Kings Square is almost demolished thanks to the dedicated crusher operator of the DELTA Group demolition team, who worked on the long weekend Saturday.

The crusher operator’s wife and daughters were watching dad at work because it is a special day. The teenage daughter was on the phone with daddy because it is her birthday today. Happy birthday!

There were a lot of people watching and taking photos, so it is a shame the black fences and trees obscure so much of what is going on.

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Kings Square

Kings Square 2


As I reported earlier this week Fremantle Council  on Wednesday approved concept plans to upgrade public spaces in Freo’s historic Kings Square. Here some more details.

The key components of the $8 million upgrades which form part of the broader renewal of the Kings Square precinct include:

• more shaded areas, with a 5% increase in tree canopy
• over 2,300sqm of public gardens and grassed areas
• a new outdoor interactive children’s play space with artistic light and sound elements
• a designated church yard and urban garden area
• new paving and street furniture extending further out to the edges of the square
• a greater priority on pedestrians but with the retention of service vehicle access, universally accessible parking and vehicle drop-off zones
• flexible outdoor spaces for events
• wider footpaths to encourage alfresco dining
• historical interpretation including glass floor viewing windows to interpret the former church and other material found in recent archaeological excavations
• enhanced lighting and CCTV coverage.

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The ugly fences all around Kings Square have been made a little bit less on the eye with artist’s impressions of the future buildings.

The demolition is going fast and the facade of the Queensgate building is crumbling down daily.

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Councillor Jon Strachan was unsuccessful with his motion at Fremantle Council last night to include in the Kings Square Public Realm Concept Design the planting of Balga and/or other native trees to acknowledge Whadjuk Noongar culture.

His fellow councillors believed the Kings Square plans are too far advanced to make significant changes and that grass trees would be more appropriate in other locations in the inner city.

Councillor David Hume suggested Balga trees could be planted when the new railway station forecourt will be designed, but since that project has been planned for some 15 years I believe it would be better if the City planted a circle of grass trees at Pioneer Park as an entry feature for those arriving by train, bus and boat.


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Kings Square


The Newman Court thoroughfare between Queen and William streets is now closed to allow for the demolition of the former  Queensgate building and part-facade only- demolition of the former Myer building. It was not deemed safe to keep the narrow passage way open.

For me personally it is disappointing that I have no longer access to take progress photos of the demolition work and later on of the construction of the new Kings Square Project buildings, because from Kings Square palm trees obscure the view and from William Street the plane trees.

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KS 2


Exciting to see that part of the facade of the Queensgate building has been demolished to make way for the Fremantle Kings Square Project.

Big machinery arrived and the demolition will progress fast from now on. I also heard a lot of noise from jackhammers in the former Myer/Many building.

Down the road in Henry Street demolition has also started on the former Fremantle Workers Club, to make way for a four-storey residential development in the historic West End.

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The City of Fremantle, Sirona Capital and Probuild held an information sessions for CBD traders about the Kings Square Project on the balcony of the Federal Hotel yesterday evening.

The big news was the closure of Newman Court for safety reasons because the two building sites-Civic Centre and Queensgate/Myer are expanding and getting too close together to allow safe pedestrian passage between them.

That’s commons sense, but it will no doubt affect the few traders left in the Fremantle Mall. New signage will be placed around Kings Square to try to encourage pedestrians to keep using Fremantle Mall as a thoroughfare.

There will also be new parking signs installed and the naming of carparks and that is important with the imminent closure of the Queensgate carpark and the opening of the new Stan Reilly carpark by the end of March.

Some traders were talking compensation for loss of trade, but not many came up with new ideas about what they themselves could do to attract business from the hundreds of construction and demolition workers and that is disappointing.

They really need to reach out in new, creative and different ways to potential customers and accept that for the next two years it won’t be business as usual.

This is an exciting, but challenging, time of transition for Fremantle that will soon see our city prosper again with so much development on the way and much more in the pipeline and soon to start.

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An officers’ Public Realm Concept Design Plan for Kings Square will be presented to the Strategic Planning and Transport Committee of Fremantle Council this Wednesday at the Townhall at 7pm.

The next stage will then be to produce a sequencing plan for budgeting, phasing, delivery of the project and the start of design development.

It is deemed important to manage and curate activation of the future Kings Square public spaces to ensure they are vibrant, activated and often changing.

The Windows of the Past concept would created windows in the pavement to look down into the recent archeological findings and limestone foundations of the former St John’s church.

The overall budget for improvements to the Kings Square public realm are estimated to be $ 8 million, which has already been captured in the ten year financial plan.

Below some highlights from the agenda:

  •   Re-energise Kings Square and create a destination for people.
  •   Respect the history and cultural significance of the place.
  •   Integrate the various projects that are currently underway.
  •   Create a place that is welcoming, safe and attractive to all.
  •   Deliver a high quality urban space that is civic, resilient and sustainable.
  •   Ensure the project remains strategically aligned with other plans and strategies for the  city.

    In response to feedback on the draft plan, the following changes/proposals have been made to the Kings Square Public Realm Concept Plan:

    1. URBAN FOREST: Addition of one extra shade tree in the main Civic Space to provide improved amenity and further reinforce the mini ‘urban forest’ concept. This will be achieved through the relocation of an additional mature tree from within Kings Square.
    2. NEWMAN COURT: Set-down/pick-up bays in Newman Court have been removed from draft concept to enable full pedestrianisation to occur in Newman Court for specific times of day/week (yet to be determined). A loading zone remains in the concept – this may be time restricted to occur ‘out of hours’ to minimise impact on the future pedestrianised character of the street.
    3. KERBSIDE USES: Minor adjustments have been made to the draft plan to improve the overall functionality and balance between competing needs in the square:
      • –  new coach/tourist set-down/pick-up bays in William and Queen Streets;
      • –  CAT bus stop introduced to Queen Street;
      • –  a loading zone in Queen Street moved around the corner into Adelaide Street;
      • –  3 ACROD bays (instead of 5 general bays for people with mobility needs);
      • –  4 general parking bays in Queen Street converted to set-down/pick-up bays;
      • –  Minor adjustments to locations for motorcycle parking.
    4. STREET TREES: Two additional street trees have been included in Queen Street, near the proposed CAT bus stop. The preferred tree species for planting around the perimeter of the square is the Jacaranda, subject to availability of suitable stock.
    1. ROUNDABOUTS:Replacementofthetwomini-roundaboutsinQueenStreetwith pedestrian-friendly raised road platforms – extending the urban design detailing of Kings Square. (These elements are still subject to further traffic modelling and confirmation that bicycle route integration will be legible, convenient and safe.)
    2. CHILDRENS PLAY SPACE:Development and integration of the schematic playspace design into the overall concept for the square, noting that further refinement will be guided by safety audits (especially with regard to the close proximity of Queen Street).


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This is the last call for talented artists or artist teams to put in a submission for our Percent for Art project.

The project forms part of the Kings Square Renewal project and is a rare opportunity for artists to help shape the future of Fremantle’s city centre for the enjoyment of future generations. Submissions close 2.00 pm, Friday 16 February!!!!! 2018. Visit

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