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Posted in art, fremantle by freoview on July 23, 2014

Fremantle ceramic artist Jenny Dawson will be collaborating with Nyoongar artist Sandra Hill on the $ 232,000.00 noisewall public artwork for Leach Highway, that will be erected between Weshpool and Abernethy roads.

The welcome to country artwork, that is required to be “eclectic and striking”, will be designed by Sandra Hill after consultation with Nyoongar elders, and will be made of laser cuts, words, painting, wooden panels, lights and ceramics.

J Shed at Bathers Beach will be the creative hub for the project, so a great promotion for the Bathers Beach Art Precinct.

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Posted in art, fremantle by freoview on July 16, 2014

Arthur Head


Just an observation. The City of Fremantle claims that they have a long list of artists and arts organisations who want to move into the Bathers Beach Art Precinct, but the No 1 studio at J Shed has been empty for months, and it does not look exactly  as if anyone is in a hurry to move into the cottage at Captain’s Lane, vacated by Mutima Art, either. I hear the next door neighbours from the Wild Twig Gallery might want to take over that cottage as well.

To establish a decent art precinct at Arthur Head the city needs to be more selective about the quality of art they want to have up there. Mediocrity is not going to attract the masses, I fear, so pro-actively trying to get some top and well-established artists up on the heritage hill would be a very good way forward. What it needs is artists of the calibre of sculptor Greg James, photographer Glen Cowans, and ceramic artist Jenny Dawson, who are great assets to the Fremantle arts scene and the Bathers Beach Art Precinct.

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Posted in art, fremantle by freoview on May 8, 2014

It is disappointing to hear that Mutima Arthouse on Arthur Head will be closing down because the City of Fremantle is unwilling to support them by reducing the rent for the former Pilot’s Cottage. The Bathers Beach Art Precinct(BBAP) was something Fremantle Council wanted to activate the area, but the City has done very little since to promote and support the precinct. There are only two signs at the Round House, but no signs around the city to promote the BBAP. There is no promotional brochure for it either, and  it would be interesting to find out how much or little the guides at the Visitors Centre know about Freo’s art precinct.

Established artists at Bathers Beach are doing fine, but that is because Greg James and Jenny Dawson don’t live from retail sales, but work on assignments for public art and private and corporate clients. Photographer Glen Cowans at Captains’ Lane has been there for years now and established himself, but the new artists are struggling.

The No 1 studio at J Shed has now been empty for over a month and the offer by Greg James to put art in that studio to make it look attractive has not been accepted by the City. Only they know why, because it makes little sense to have a vacant space there.

The Aboriginal Culture Centre, opened with a big fanfare, is a dud and very little is happening there, because the local Nyoongar artists show no interest running it, hence three city officers keep it open from 9 to 12 on week days, but it is closed on weekends, and apart from a few art works there is no Aboriginal experience for overseas visitors to enjoy. That is very disappointing.

The activation of the area has not happened, instead it has been deactivated, with the Captains’ Lane cottages only open from approximately  11-5 from Thursday to Sunday, but closed Monday-Wednesday and dark every night. When I lived up there as the caretaker of the Fremantle Society, the Crooks family and port pilots were also there 24/7. There was constant activity with the kids bringing friends from school, the Society holding events and meetings there and we all engaging with visitors to the area seven days a week from early till late. Hunter, the beautiful grey family cat was a great attraction for the tourists and photographed almost as much as the Round House. That has now gone and the precinct is a ghost town at night and half of the week during the day as well.

Mutima Arthouse had drumming classes, film and music nights, art exhibitions, etc. but that will now also stop, so even less activity will happen at Captain’s Lane.

The inflexibility and lack of understanding by City officers and councillors about the commercial viability to run Arthur Head as an art precinct  is disappointing, and so is the lack of serious promotion for the area. Where are the newspaper and magazine articles about the new art precinct, where are the flyers and signs, where are the events that should be held there? If the City of Fremantle believes this can all be done by artists willing to sign a $ 450 per week lease for the cottages, they are living in dream world and remote from reality. Far more needs to be done to support the artists and the Bathers Beach Art Precinct precinct, or it will fail. That there are still no signs around the City to promote the BBAP area, after the precinct was established a year ago, shows the City’s lack of interest in making it work, but why then evict the former long-term tenants who looked well after the place and kept it alive? The fact that Council signed off on allowing a pub and outdoor music venue there shows inconsistency and that all council wants it activation at all costs and that is matters little to them if the art precinct will survive.

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Posted in art, fremantle by freoview on October 18, 2013

The Fremantle Bathers Beach Art Precinct at Arthur Head is a little bit isolated in the far west of our city, so make sure to visit the galleries, tell your friends and interstate and overseas visitors about it. They need and deserve our support!

Up at Captain’s Lane the old Pilots Cottages are being transformed into artist’s studios and galleries and the City is investing money to create and Indigenous Cultural Centre there as well. At number 10 a group of artists will share the cottage, while at number 11 MUTIMA ARTHOUSE has already set up shop. They sell a variety of art and goods, so check it out. Mutima also does percussion workshop for all those who like a bit of rhythm. It’s good for the soul and to get rid of bad moods and it’s energetic, so good for your health as well. Try it!

At number 9 Captain’s Lane is the gorgeous GLEN COWANS UNDERWATER PHOTOGRAPHY GALLERY. Glen’s photo are breathtakingly stunning and they come in all sizes, so they are affordable for even the smallest wallet and purse. Also great for corporate collections and boardrooms! If still photography is not what you want, have a look at the amazing videos by Glen’s wife Lousie Stazzionelli. They are wonderful. They are also a great way to look at sharks close up without having to worry about being bitten, and the playful dolphins are divine!

Glen Cowans will have the exhibition Shadows In The Sea of photos taken at Costa Rica and the Caribbean for the Fremantle Festival, he will also open the gallery seven days a week during that time. Both Glen and Mutima will open on Friday and Saturday evenings for the festival.

At J SHED French artist MAGALI has set up her printmaking workshop and gallery and is the neighbour of sculptors GREG JAMES and JANET NIXON, who are the neighbours of ceramic artist JENNY DAWSON and photographer PETER ZUVELA. Peter does photography workshops. Have a browse, and a chat with the artists and buy some presents. Christmas is only two months away!

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Posted in fremantle by freoview on September 6, 2013

No wonder Fremantle peope are less than happy with the performance of the City of Fremantle. Haphazard decision-making and piecemeal planning are becoming the norm, and while many  believe the fault lies with council, much of it is due to an administration that under performs at many levels. The Arthur Head Art Hub is a good example of a mediocre administration, where existing and well established professional artists were treated as unwanted outlaws who had to proof their worth, so they could continue to work at J Shed.

There is finally movement at the station, with the opening last Friday of the cute Mutima Arthouse at Captain’s Lane. Next door four artists will open studios there soon, and on the corner at Mrs Trivett Lane an Indigenous Cultural Centre will be created.

That all sounds pretty good, but out of the blue, city officers have indicated they will want uniformity in signage at the art businesses on Arthur Head. This was not done before leases were signed, so Mutima for example already have invested in new signs. Will the established artists also be required to accept uniform signs? Glen Cowans for example has spent thousands of dollars on signs for his photography gallery and Jenny Dawson, Greg James and Peter Zuvela also only recently created and paid for new signs. One also has to ask why artists, who are by nature creative individuals, should be forced to have uniform signs instead of funky and creative individual ones.

I am all for the City getting an AHAH logo designed, which will be needed to promote and market the art hub, and good way-finding signs are long overdue in the area, but please CoF don’t interfere with the individual businesses and force them to all have similar signs. It would be boring!

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Posted in art, fremantle by freoview on August 27, 2013

This is the beautiful seat created for the King Edward Memorial Hospital in Subiaco by Fremantle J Shed ceramic artist Jenny Dawson in collaboration with indigenous artists Jilalga Murray and Elsie Woods. It’s meant as a kind of outdoor meeting place where new mothers and their babies can meet with family and friends.

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Photo by Peter Zuvela

Photo by Peter Zuvela


Posted in art, fremantle by freoview on July 29, 2013

The creative production line at  J Shed on Bathers Beach is very impressive. Just after having installed her huge sundial public art work in Port Hedland, Fremantle J Shed artist Jenny Dawson is creating another stunning piece. Here a quick preview glimpse at another wonderful ceramic work that will installed as a large bench seat with back, plus four individual small round seats, at the King Edward Memorial Hospital in Subiaco, for new mothers, their babies and their families to enjoy.

The work was done in collaboration with Nyoongar artists Jilalga Murray and Elsie Woods, with some twigs and leaves of native flora embedded into the ceramic tiles.

Installation of the artwork at the hospital will be next week if the weather permits, so I’ll show it here on the blog then.

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Posted in fremantle by freoview on June 10, 2013

There appears to be a new twist to the Fremantle J Shed saga and the Arthur Head Art Hub (AHAH), if one can believe the talk around Freo. The wood workers at the number 1 gallery have received notice their lease is ending, while they believed they had a 12 year lease and still many years to go. I vaguely remember the director of Community Development Marissa Spaziani confirming that during a council meeting, so that should be on record. The wood workers tell people they signed a special lease with former property manager John Amor that if they paid double the normal rent they would receive and extended lease, so they did. However that addition to the lease was written on a piece of paper attached to the lease and that document seems to have been lost at the City of Fremantle. Interesting, to say the least!

I would appreciate if someone at the City of Fremantle could clarify this as this is obviously pretty stressful for the occupants.

There will be what I think can be called a crisis meeting at J Shed on June 18 when former minister for local government Simon O’Brien, politicians Lynn MacLaren and Simone McGurk, Freo Mayor Dr Brad Pettitt and Chamber of Commerce CEO Tim Milsom meet with artists Greg James, Jenny Dawson and Peter Zuvela.

It’s high time to sort out the mess AHAH has become and give these long term J Shed artists guarantees about their future on Arthur Head.

Interesting to hear the City of Fremantle is conducting a survey with visitors to Arthur Head on what they would like to see and change up there. It would have made more sense to do so before council made decisions on the future use of the area, but then again maybe visitors would have just liked the heritage aspect of it and not mention they would want artists studios up there. I know, I can be so cynical sometimes. ; >)

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Posted in fremantle by freoview on May 27, 2013

Is this going to be a picture of the past or will the J Shed artists at Bathers Beach continue to create great art from there? The City of Fremantle has offered controversial License Agreements instead of commercial leases to Greg James and Jenny Dawson while the lease of Arthur Kalamaris has not been renewed and he is moving out. This is all part of making Arthur Head into an arts hub and the long term artists are not happy about it at all.

I hear there could be interference from higher up to solve this issue and hope to report on that tomorrow.

On another note. As feared there are already homeless people sleeping at the Pilot’s Cottages on Captain’s Lane. I predicted that the ghost town the area now is at night would attract unauthorised occupation and vandalism because the police never comes up to Arthur Head.

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Sculptures by Greg James at J Shed

Sculptures by Greg James at J Shed



Posted in fremantle by freoview on May 22, 2013

While the future of their tenancy at Fremantle Arthur Head still had not been resolved for the J Shed artists the industrious creatives haven’t given up and remain active and keep creating new artworks at the Bathers Beach premises.

Ceramic artist Jenny Dawson is creating a new sculpture for the Maddington Train Station, that is being upgraded to meet disability access standards. Jenny worked together with students from Sevenoaks Senior College to create the Indigenous artwork to which Nyoongar artist Sandra Hill was the consultant.

Today Devyani Shah the project manager for the Public Transport Authority and Kate Johnson from the PR department of the PTA visited J Shed to have a look at the progress of the public artwork.

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