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Posted in australia, fremantle, government, politics by freoview on October 15, 2014

The remark by Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott that he would “shirtfront” Russian leader Vladimir Putin in Brisbane made me think about how disappointing the Federal and Western Australian state parliaments are. The bullying and grandstanding, the pushing and shoving and daring, and politicians behaving like immature schoolboys, is embarrassing. Parliaments are like a board of directors, but the way our politicians behave would make shareholders call for their resignation and the Australian Stock Exchange would investigate them.

There must be a shortage of rocks in Australia as most rocks are in the heads of those who voted for the morons who are supposed to represent their electorates. Who on earth voted for the silly Clive Palmer and his moronic uninformed puppets? Jaqui Lambie is living proof that it does not require brains to be dangerous, with her insulting and ignorant ranting.

Political parties no longer have conviction and principles, the only principle that applies is to oppose the policies the opposing party is proposing. Just say no when it comes from the other side of parliament and the public think you are doing your job. It’s highly unproductive time wasting.

Where are the charismatic characters of the past, the great orators, the people who stood by what they believed in? Oh, the good old times.

What we have instead is boring bland bi-partisan Bill Shorten, so afraid of being seen as different from the Liberal leader that all he does is a bit of pretending by shouting in parliament. Bill is the beige suit no one notices, he blends in well with the surroundings. He is the wallflower of parliament, but comparing him to a flower is far too colourful for his persona, he is more like a wall weed really. Australia might see the world’s first ever bi-partisan election, where boring Bill will wait till the Liberal advertising slogans are out and he’ll just copy them so the voters won’t walk away from Labor. So we’ll see posters and billboards next to each other with one reading FOR A BETTER AUSTRALIA VOTE LIBERAL and next to it FOR A BETTER AUSTRALIA VOTE LABOR. We could even see Labor volunteers at polling booths with Abbott facemasks. To paraphrase a TV commercial, Bill will say I’ll do whatever they are doing.

In W.A. parliament things are not much different from Canberra. There is a lot of shouting, yelling and finger pointing but very little constructive dialogue. While Premier Colin Barnett might be a bit arrogant at times at least he has some charisma and that can’t be said about Labor leader Mark McGowan who always looks as if he just got out of bed and did not have the time for a shower and to put clean clothes on. Mark has a bad hair day every day and should accept he is balding and get the St George’s Terrace corporate look of a Number Two haircut and buy some nice good fitting suits. There is so much immaturity in insisting to oppose whatever the other parties want to do that it astounds me it keeps going on in our parliaments.

It is refreshing to see that local governments are not party-political in that sense. In Fremantle there is almost too much goodwill between the Elected Members and while there is good informed debate, it can hardly been called robust and no one ever raises their voice. While I’d hate to see local government copying the silly immaturity of state and federal parliaments I’d love to see a bit more controversy and heated debate and disagreement at local level. That said however, local government is the greatest form of democracy and I am always delighted when members of the community take advantage of the fact that they can address Councillors face to face at Council and Committee meetings. We need to safeguard that State Government will not erode that important aspect of our democracy and slowly invades local government like Vladimir Putin is doing in the Ukraine.

No wonder the Australian people are disillusioned with our politicians. I no longer feel represented by any party as I hate the gutlessness of Labor but am also not in favour of Liberal policies, while the Greens don’t do it for me either.

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