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Posted in city of fremantle, innovation technology, roel loopers, technology by freoview on March 28, 2016

I just watched a very fascinating Q&A on ABC TV about innovation. Since innovation is a bit of the new black and has replaced placemaking, I wonder if the City of Fremantle would be interested in inviting Emergent Solutions CEO Holly Ransom for a public talk or forum.

The City has expressed it would like an innovation organisation to take up the former FTI space at the old Boys School and ENKEL has been given a long lease for the Naval Stores at Cantonment Hill, so why not get someone with real international know-how to inform us all what can be done to support innovation groups and individuals. Holly Ransom has been dealing with the world leaders in innovation technology Israel and Silicon Valley for years.

Wyatt Roy, the Federal Assistant Minister for Innovation, told Q&A that the Federal government is very keen for local governments and state governments to play a leading role in providing innovation hubs, so come on Freo, let’s be a leader in something I know very little about but am very keen to learn more about.

By the way, Holly Ransom is a really good down to earth speaker, so she won’t baffle us all with geek speak.

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Posted in fremantle, notre dame university, photography by freoview on August 28, 2014

There is an interesting article on Photoshop manipulation in regard to eating disorders of women, by Fremantle Notre Dame University School of Law lecturer Marilyn Krawitz in In Principo, the University’s magazine.

Ms Krawitz reports on the Photoshop Law in Israel that requires female models to have a minimum BMI of 18.5, and when photographers or magazines manipulate photos to make models look thinner, they have to include a warning that covers at least seven percent of the photo.

I quite agree that excessive photo manipulation needs to be recorded  somehow, as many photos are drastically changed in PS and other software, and that alters the reality of photos that will be seen as historic documentation by future generations.  The Photoshop ‘reality’ is in fact fake reality because things that were in the original photos might have been taken out, or things could have been added.

There is another issue for me. While eating disorder in young women is serious, the manipulation of innocent children under 15 in fashion photography is equally disturbing to me. Girls are made up and dressed up to look sexy,and are photographed in seductive poses and plastered on magazine covers as some kind of sex bombs, and that is absolutely unacceptable.

Every photo we take is the recording of our history and we need to be aware of that at all times. The overuse of Photoshop and other similar software often is a tool to hide bad and mediocre photography.

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Although I personally am having a good day, I am sad to the core about the madness of our human race. The killing of nearly 300 civilians by shooting a passenger plane down chilled me to the bone, because those who have no respect for human life have little respect for themselves. Russia accuses the Ukraine and vice versa, and Israel kills four kids on a beach and claims that Hamas is to blame. Blame and violence never solve anything and it does not bring back those who were killed. Respect and compromise might create solutions, but I have no confidence any longer that humans are intelligent enough for that.

I was thinking about all this and how blessed we are in Fremantle, where people enjoyed the great weather and school holiday today, like here in the Fishing Boat Harbour. But my thoughts are  with my mate Maz, who in East Fremantle grieves for his three young nephews and niece, who were on the Malaysia Airlines plane that was shot down last night. The youngest one was only seven. I hope they were asleep and never noticed the horror.

Will we ever learn or are humans really that stupid?!

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Posted in fremantle by freoview on January 25, 2014

Research shows that Shak Shuka is a bit for food what Russell Crowe is for celebrities. Different countries claim them for themselves. At the Fremantle Bathers Beach Markets Shak Shuka is sold as ‘authentic Moroccan’, but Google also has it as a favourite Israeli breakfast dish and a dish of other Northern African countries besides Morocco.

It does not matter really who came up with the idea first, as the dish is very yummie and worth a try. It is eggs poached in a spicy thick tomatoe sauce with chilli and onion, and at Bathers Beach is served with crusty French bread.

Or try the seafood pancakes at the Japanese teppanyaki stall, or any of the other huge variety of international foods.

The markets are on from 5-9 today and the bars will be open for cool drinks.

Today and tomorrow are the last days for the Kelp Bar at Kidogo Arthouse, and from 6 pm tomorrow there is an exclusive ticketed event at Kidogo with great food, Tom Fisher and the Layabouts music, fireworks, live radio telecast, etc.

The sunrise was spectacular with all those beautiful clouds, so expect something similar for sunset and bring your cameras.

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Posted in fremantle, perth by freoview on December 19, 2011

It is finally over! Fremantle ISAF 2011 finished with a lot of big bangs last evening when fireworks lit up the sky over the Fishing Boat Harbour.

It did my old Dutch heart good to see the last event, the RS:X windsurfing, won by Dutchman Dorian van Rijsselberghe who ten days ago was only ranked 16th in the world but became World Champion yesterday ahead of favourite Piotr Myszka from Poland and Nimrod Mashich from Israel.

Participants from 79 nations participated in 630 races during the two week event, which failed to attract the promised big spectator crowds, with the Worlds Village looking like a ghost town for most of the duration. Even Sunday’s medal presentations and grand finale only attracted a few hundred people to the Fremantle Esplanade.

But according to the international speakers ISAF 2011 has been a huge success on the water and was lauded for its excellent organisation, so well done John Longley and team!

Western Australian Premier Colin Barnet handed over the ISAF flag to the Mayor of the Spanish city of Santander which will host ISAF 2014.

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