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After a long delay ENKEL will be moving into the former Fremantle Naval Stores at Cantonment Hill in the next couple of months.

Enkel is still very much an unknown entity for many, so check out what they are up to on their website:

Below some of what they say about themselves:

We believe that we need new approaches and more people to address the problems of today and tomorrow.


Our vision for Western Australia is a place of ideas, where people are empowered to create better futures.

We work towards this vision by consulting to organisations, running social innovation spaces, organising courses, inspiring, connecting and supporting changemakers, and much more.


All work is aligned with and reinforces our values Courage, Community, Conscience and Creativity.


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There are a few unhappy staff within some of the City of Fremantle departments who believe that some officers at middle management level are frightened of change because it could challenge their position and therefore they stop progress and innovation.

One staff member told me that they were very impressed with the energy and willingness to embrace progress and change of the Elected Members, but that did not generate through to some of the middle managers who were just happy with the status quo and to keep their safe job. “They don’t want to rock the boat”

This made me wonder when was the last time the CoF did an external audit to see how well all departments perform? I am not aware of any such audits.

Well performing, innovative and change embracing staff must be a priority for a local council because they are the people our Councillors rely on for expert advise and to make the right decisions.

I know many officers of Fremantle City and chat with parking and safety officers, parks and garden people, community, planning, directors, and others whenever I bump into them and my experience is that at all levels most of them perform very well, but there are a few who just turn up for work and believe that is good enough.

Maybe it is time for the still relatively new CEO to organise an external audit that will help him make decisions about how some departments can improve performance and also avoid duplication where different departments do similar tasks.

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The City of Fremantle has received part of an $ 8 million Australian Government grant for the Power Ledger Platform.

The project will assess how cities can use blockchain technology and data to integrate distributed energy and water systems.

The funding is part of the Smart Cities and Suburbs Program. There will be $ 2,57 million for this cutting edge project, plus $ 5,68 million for project partners Curtin and Murdoch universities, LandCorp, CSIRO/DATA61, CISCO, Power Ledger.

The projects also involves support by AEMO, Western Power and the CRC for Low Carbon Living.

Highly-resilient low-carbon and low-cost systems will be installed and connected using blockchain technology. This involves a solar photovoltaic plant, rooftop solar panels, a precinct size battery, a charging station for electric vehicles.

Precinct water treatment and capture systems will use the same blockchain technology and data analytics, to demonstrate the interconnected infrastructure of the smart cities of the future.

The project will start in the next two month and will take two years.

Up to now I had never heard of blockchain technology but it appears to be decentralised technology that is hosted not just by some computers but by millions, thus making the data available to everyone.

It sounds like a fascinating and innovative project, so it is good to see the City of Fremantle leading the pack again.

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The TRAKKA smartphone App was launched at the Fremantle Walyalup Aboriginal Centre on Monday afternoon and a large crowd turned up for that and the opening of NAIDOC Week.

The App developed by Indigenous Consulting Group in collaboration with the City of Fremantle–will provide updates on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural events, dates, significant places and services locally and around Australia.

The City of Fremantle supported Trakka through a $20,000 funding grant. The app will be developed further over coming months to include more information, events and features as well as being made available to other regions in Australia.

The free Trakka app is available for download by searching ‘Trakka’ from Google Play (Android) and the App Store (iPhone) or by visiting

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First photo shows Sam Cutri, Kali Balint and Gail Reynolds-Adamson.


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The Happiness Project, a collaboration between ECU & The City of Fremantle at Kidogo Arthouse at Bathers Beach, aims to provide ideas for enhancing happiness through human-centred design.

Students in Graphic Design and Environmental and Spacial Design courses at ECU work to identify and solve design problems and propose innovative ways to inject happiness into the city.

This exhibition is a showcase of the student’s creative works which explore areas such as health, environmental, economic and social design and which are aimed at advancing Fremantle as a happy and sustainable place.

There are a few nice new ideas and some old and already implemented ones, but the one that stood out for me is the solar charging points for mobiles, laptops etc. They are in the form of palm trees with the leaves being solar panels, providing the power but also shade. A company in Leederville has such solar palm trees, so it would be a very nice and very Freo idea to realise.

The show is on till July 6 so go and have a look!

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The City of Fremantle’s Finance, Policy, Operations and Legislation Committee will on Wednesday evening decide to hand over the old Naval Stores at Cantonment Hill to the ENKEL group. The lease would be for five years with ENKEL getting the option to extend it 3 times for another five years each.

The lease of the 1,393 sqm hall will be calculated for community use, not commercial use, which means it will only cost $ 35.00 per square metre per annum, plus GST. This is to allow ENKEL to improve the financial sustainability of the project and cover the costs of managing the sub-tenants.

ENKEL will not have to pay any rent for the first year, only $ 20,000 the second year, $ 30,000 the third year, $ 40,000 the fourth year and the fifth year it will be 100% at $ 48,755.

Although the group will be charged community rates by the City of Fremantle it can sublet 40% of the hall at commercial rates and that will come from a Climbing Wall operator and a planned cafe/restaurant.

ENKEL will have to operate at least five days a week and will have to meet performance criteria set by the City. A committee will also meet a few times a year to see that the criteria are met.

The City very unrealistically “encourages” parking in Beach Street, which would mean that people have to cross four lanes of very busy Canning Highway to get to the venue. It is very doubtful that families going to use the climbing wall would do that.

I can’t see a cafe being financially viable until Cantonment Hill has been activated as ENKEL alone will not attract the hundreds of people a day needed to run a successful hospitality venue.

I quite like new creative and innovative initiatives so I hope for ENKEL’s sake and for the Cantonment Hill project that it will work out. I just don’t know enough about the group to feel confident about it yet, but wish them good luck.

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ENKEL 1 Enkel 2 Enkel 3


My apologies for posting so many articles today but that is just the way it is. Sometimes I scratch my brain to find something to write about but today there is heaps to report. The variety of blog posts is probably one of the reasons some 45,000 people read this blog each month. Every article is also published on Facebook and Twitter and goes around the world.

TOMORROW, Saturday April 2 from 10-12 is the CANTONMENT HILL OPEN DAY and the Naval Stores that ENKEL will lease will also be open. There are also guided tours.

This is an extremely important project for Fremantle and the heritage and indigenous significance of the area has to be a priority, as is community access to the entire site. Come and have your say! I’ll be there.

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I just watched a very fascinating Q&A on ABC TV about innovation. Since innovation is a bit of the new black and has replaced placemaking, I wonder if the City of Fremantle would be interested in inviting Emergent Solutions CEO Holly Ransom for a public talk or forum.

The City has expressed it would like an innovation organisation to take up the former FTI space at the old Boys School and ENKEL has been given a long lease for the Naval Stores at Cantonment Hill, so why not get someone with real international know-how to inform us all what can be done to support innovation groups and individuals. Holly Ransom has been dealing with the world leaders in innovation technology Israel and Silicon Valley for years.

Wyatt Roy, the Federal Assistant Minister for Innovation, told Q&A that the Federal government is very keen for local governments and state governments to play a leading role in providing innovation hubs, so come on Freo, let’s be a leader in something I know very little about but am very keen to learn more about.

By the way, Holly Ransom is a really good down to earth speaker, so she won’t baffle us all with geek speak.

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I love going to Fremantle Council meetings because I can witness first hand how thorough Councillors are, the questions and suggestions they raise, and the frustrations they too sometimes have with the process and slow moving bureaucracy.

Council meetings also always make me confident that all the conspiracy theories about Elected Members going to bed with developers and proponents of whatever are basically rubbish. If Councillors went to bed with that many people they’d need to take a lot of Viagra, and that includes the two female members on Council.

Anyway, back to tonight’s Finance, Policy, Operations and Legislation Committee, ably chaired by Councillor Dave Hume. The Fly by Night Club was on the agenda and in a way it is a really sad saga. Forced out of their home the old Drillhall and moving into Victoria Hall without a liquor license has been very hard. They are in the red by between $ 40,000.00- $ 60,000.00, still don’t have a license and need City of Fremantle financial support. But the City has been accused both of not supporting cultural organisations enough, and bailing out groups like Deckchair Theatre and Kulcha too often, so Councillors are between a rock and a hard place.

No doubt most people want the 30 year-old Fly to continue, but at what cost to the community and ratepayers? As Councillor Rachel Pemberton stated, they cannot rely on continuous financial support from the City and need to start transformative moves and fundraising projects to get out of the precarious financial situation they are in.

The item will go to full council next week, but committee supported that the City will pay sound proofing at a cost of $ 20,516 and allow a debt relief to the club of $ 20,000.

The lease of the former Naval Stores at Cantonment Hill to the ENKEL group has raised some eyebrows in the community as the group is relatively new and unknown. An ENKEL spokesman was very confident they would get financial support and sponsorship, but Mayor Brad Pettitt said he wanted more detailed information on that before the item goes to full council, and that he wanted to feel confident ENKEL could pull off the big projects, and what financial resources they would be able to put in themselves.

The Mayor was clearly not happy that the process is taking so long and that ENKEL cannot access the premises, and said he felt that the officers had not given the Elected Members enough information about the timeline. “I feel I am asked to make a decision while only having half of the information.” Councillor  Doug Thompson supported the Mayor’s frustration. They were promised additional detailed information before next Wednesday’s full Council meeting.

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I have no problem with the City of Fremantle wanting to sign a 5+5 year lease with the ENKEL group for the former Naval Stores at Cantonment Hill, but I do have a few points I would like to raise.

The item is on the agenda of the newly named Finance, Policy, Operations and Legislations Committee this coming Wednesday at 6 pm.

The officer’s recommendation suggests ENKEL will only have to pay  a yearly rent of $ 35.00 per square metre for the 1,393 m2 shed plus outgoings. This is a community rate and not a commercial one the agenda states, but at the same time it says that ENKEL and the COF will agree to “subletting arrangements that may exceed the total payable rent.” What I can’t find is a clause that ENKEL can also only charge community rates when it sublets parts of the premises, as that would only be fair and would support community groups.

ENKEL was unwilling to share with the WA Circus School, so I am surprised they now want to sublet.

I am also surprised ENKEL and the City will sign a lease, as the artists at Arthur Head have been refused a lease and have only been able to sign a license with COF. Why treat ENKEL differently?

I am delighted, after the Sunset Events J Shed mess, that the lease will include a “Performance Criteria” check to make sure ENKEL is not just promising the world but then deliver nothing.

If you don’t know who ENKEL is, here is their vision:


We work towards this vision by consulting to organisations, running innovation labs, organising courses, connecting and supporting changemakers and communities, as well as much more. All this work is aligned with and reinforces our values, the four C’s; Courage, Community, Conscience and Creativity.

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