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Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt last night opened the new office of business incubator Business Station at 21A Pakenham Street.

The office will have hot desks, co-working space and a meeting room and is ideal for small businesses and visiting business people who require short-term office space.

Business Station is an independent not-for-profit organisation that already has offices in Subiaco, Joondalup, Welshpool and Gosnells.

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With the Fremantle Kings Square project now going full steam ahead I wonder what will happen with the incubator MANY 6160 that has been operating in the former Myer building for a few years now.

I hear they do want to continue somewhere in the CBD and have located 2-3 possible sites to move to, but it might mean that the retailers will have to separate from the craft and design people who are upstairs.

MANY is a fantastic concept that deserves support so I hope they’ll find a new home.

The stunning mural artwork will also be lost when Sirona Capital starts the building work and it’s a real shame the work can’t be saved somehow.

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An article about young architects and city development in today’s Sunday Times magazine has me wondering about certain facts in the article.

Journalist Jade Jurewicz mentions successful architect Nic Brunsdon, who among many innovative things such as Spacemarket and MOANA also started the Many 6160 retail and design incubator in the former Myer building at Fremantle’s Kings Square.

The article claims that Many pumped $ 1.7 million into the Fremantle economy since it opened in 2013 and because of Many there has been a 25 per cent reduction in vandalism in the area.

Where do these figures come from? Many is only open for four days a week, so I doubt it has a severe impact on the reduction of vandalism at Kings Square and I doubt it is highly successful as a retail environment as one rarely sees shoppers in the building.

I like fresh new innovative ideas, but the fact is that many mini retailers tried Many and left because it was not financially successful for them. Many is more or less a slightly more upmarket weekend market where presumably many traders have more secure income on weekdays to support their Many shop income, so how it has pumped $ 1.7 million into Fremantle, as the reporter claims, I’d like to know.

Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt is also quoted in the article and rightly says that cities develop in layers. Archeologists will no doubt also agree with our Mayor, but while the layers of innovation, development and progress are good, the physical layer of boring and mediocre new buildings in our city will have a long-lasting negative affect on the character of Fremantle. At present it looks more as if we are trying to put layers of manure on top of fields of beautiful roses. That is not acceptable!

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Photo: friends of Cantonment Hill

Photo: friends of Cantonment Hill

As was expected Fremantle Council last night approved a long-term lease of the Naval Stores building at Cantonment Hill to the ENKEL Collective, yet another incubator-style and relatively new business. The attempt to get ENKEL share the huge space with CIRCUSWA was not successful and that is disappointing.

Councillor Rachel Pemberton told Council that recent talks with the Chair of ARTSOURCE had been very positive and that the State arts agency were looking to accommodate CIRCUSWA in another part of the building at Phillimore Street when they moved in downstairs with a gallery and cafe. That would probably be the best outcome for CIRCUSWA.

It will now have to be seen if ENKEL will be able to activate Cantonment Hill and also embrace and organise outdoor activities. The collective has not much of a record and only recently set up a website, so they have to prove that they can produce what they promise and attract a large number of people to the historic east end hill. Time will tell.

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Retail expert and former shopping centre manager Colin Nichol has written an article in support of pop-up retail shops on the Fremantle Tribe blog- Colin writes that pop-ups are there to stay as the new face of retail and that they are Freo’s future. He rightly argues that they are a low-risk way to try the viability of a new small business.

While trendy placemakers will want us to believe that pop-ups are a new modern and creative way to do business, pop-ups have been around for centuries in the form of markets. Markets are very much pop-up businesses where people do not have the money to sign expensive leases in shopping areas, or where they only want to open shop on certain days of the week. Markets all over the world have been incubators for small businesses forever and it has given many people the confidence to move on and open more permanent shops.

In third world countries pop-up shops happen daily with someone selling ten pieces of firewood on the street while someone else has nicely arranged nine tomatoes or potatoes for sale at a roundabout.

In the western world markets have become more and more popular, as we see in Fremantle where we now have a Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday market, plus the almost daily Kings Square market and the weekend Fremantle and E Shed markets.

Our Freo markets mainly have a community focus, a place for people to relax while browsing for food and other things. They offer opportunities for local musicians to be heard and seen, and they attract people to often under-utilised areas of the city and create new vitality in those places, as we witness at the Growers Green and Princess May Markets and Bathers Beach.

There are people who argue that markets and pop-ups are unfair competition to those retailers who pay high rents to have a shop, but I believe it is a choice people want to have. Many people dislike shopping in sterile shopping centres and supermarkets. They want the relaxed open-air community experience where they can catch up with friends while buying their healthy-often organic-groceries and other things.

People love markets because it is their lifestyle and they feel at home there. There is a true sense of belonging in community markets around Fremantle, and what a great way to support local small businesses from the area.

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Many 6160

I wandered through MANY 6160, the retail incubator in the former MYER building at Fremantle Kings Square on Friday and it was the busiest I have seen it since it opened just over a year ago. That came as no surprise because the enormous eclectic and fun variety of creative ware is a real delight to browse through. There is art and fashion, and homeware and stuff, things, hundreds of quirky presents one could buy for Christmas, a birthday, or just for oneself.

It is really worth the trip because there is something for everyone’s taste at Many 6160 and the ambience is great and relaxing.

Have a wander and support the local new young businesses!

Roel Loopers

No, I don’t get paid for this promo. Just love the idea of the Many 6160 concept. ; >)



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There is a bit going on at Fremantle Kings Square today with new retailer MADEN opening at the MANY 6160 incubator. Maden sells exquisitely designed wears and is a collaboration of five female artists who have studios on the first floor. Go and see Dark Nouveau by Helen Creagh, Hanna Farleigh’s design, Haptic by Vaelei Walkden-Brown, Rocuco by Angela Ferolla and Stiff Clothing by Stephanie Viol. Maden is next to the cafe at the back of Many 6160.

While there join the opening of the Hollow Project, created by Sarah Blangiardo and Ariane Palassis of Feast Your Eyes. There will be mocktails and live music from 5-7 this eve.

And check out the digger artwork on the wall of the building and a stunning wood work art piece of a man pulling a heavy object in one of the windows.

it’s all very Freo, so support it!

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MANY 6160, the incubator retail project in the former Fremantle  MYER building at Kings Square will be with us many more months, so they have made an entry statement in front of the place.

Go and support these new young creatives!

Roel Loopers

MANY 6160

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