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It is a very busy day at Fremantle Port this Friday with ten vessels at berth.

At Victoria Quay there are three cruise liners, the delayed Regatta that was supposed to sail out last evening, the Astor, and the Silver Shadow, which arrived just after 1 pm.

There is also a RoRo vessel and two supply ships at Victoria Quay.

At North Quay there are three container ships and one scrap metal vessel.

Lots of pleasure boats also passing through the port plus the Rottnest Island ferries.

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Freo’s View has been publishing a lot of comments about the Perth Freight Link and sadly it has all gone negative again with people trying to get political mileage out of it.

I have no idea why the opposition against the Perth Freight Link is considered to be political. That might apply to media stuff from the Labor, Liberal and Greens parties, but certainly not from the community groups and councils who are against it. This is not Barnett bashing but trying to find proper solutions for what is a real difficult problem to solve.

Even the Premier admitted at a North Fremantle community forum that there are no elegant solutions to get from Stirling Highway into the port, and that is his realistic assessment, which Curtin University Professor Peter Newman agreed with. Mainroads told a meeting at Fremantle Ports that there are no final plans, no timeline and no budget to build stage 2 and 3, so let’s stop the nonsense of attacking all and sundry and try instead to help solve the problem and find solutions.

An outer harbour has not been budgeted for and there is no money in the State coffers, and even if there was, it will take up to ten years to build the outer harbour and it will have severe environmental impact on Cockburn Sound and traffic issues in the area.

More freight on rail would be great but the present line will never accommodate the desired but unrealistic 30%, so a lot of money is needed to build a new line that can accommodate double-stacking. It is not fair to believe the present line through the west of Fremantle should handle more trains as it already negatively impacts on people living along it.

Let’s have a rational, mature and constructive debate about the issue and stop bashing people who have different views on how to solve the problem. I am sick and tired of the relentless negative comments on this blog!


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