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The voluntary assisted dying legislation proposed for Western Australia is very important and something I strongly support.

The legislation would allow for people with a terminal illness to be in control and die with dignity and the respect we all deserve.

My oldest sister Marja was euthanised in the Netherlands only a few months ago after an unwinnable battle with cancer of the vagina. It was a very thorough process where she was assessed by different professionals. It took quite some time until her request was approved and she died peacefully at home. I talked to her on Skype till the last moment when the doctor arrived. She felt empowered that she was able to make the decision herself and that the option was available to her.

My father who had suffered from bowel cancer for years was also euthanised some twenty years ago.

Palliative care is important but people need to realise and respect that not everyone wants to prolong their life and the some of us, me included, prefer to leave when we are still in control and not totally dependent on others, who are often strangers.

Doctor assisted dying is so more dignified than having to kill oneself with pills, hanging, jumping in front of a train or truck, slashing one’s wrists, etc. and that regularly happens in our society. Committing suicide is a very stressful, awful and lonely moment where one feels totally abandoned by the world, so assisted dying is a very important choice for us to have

Those who believe in God are not threatened by the new proposed legislation as no one will be forced to euthanise and no medical professional has to assist if they do not wish to do so, but for those of us who have had enough and want the struggle and pain to end doctor assisted dying is a humane option and we should be allowed to have that.

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Many people in Fremantle will be interested in this so hence the announcement that a RALLY FOR REFUGEES will be held tomorrow Saturday July 21 at Forrest Place in Perth from 1-3pm.

I found the way Australia treats refugees disgraceful and am very disappointed that the major parties support overseas detention centres, so there is little hope the Labor party would change the policy should they win the next federal election.

If the refugees where white Christians they would not be banned from Australia, but skin colour still makes a huge difference in Australia.

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sunset 1

sunset 2


The ocean has always been the big leveller in my life. It is the place where everything comes in perspective and where one’s own relevance diminishes in the realisation of the enormity of the universe.

When the body gets invigorated by the cold storm that sprays water in one’s face and when one sees the mighty dramatic sky above the roaring waves, one realises that we are all so different, but so very much the same.

The oceans makes me more aware of our vulnerability and that we all want to be liked, loved and respected and that basically we want to wake up tomorrow and live in peaceful harmony with our fellow human beings and with nature.

Late yesterday afternoon when I took these photos on the South Mole I though how incredibly lucky I am to be living in beautiful Fremantle, a city with a strong, caring and compassionate community and that I live in this amazingly beautiful island country of Australia.

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Belle Taylor always writes thought-provoking, and often funny, articles in the Sunday Times, and today’s is again one we should talk about.

The perception of a silent majority and vocal minority in politics, or anything the community debates, is a strange one.

As Taylor points out, we tend to hang out with people we like and hence most of them will think similarly to our ways of thinking, and those who think differently will also hang out with people who mainly share their views, hence we can get a distorted sense of what is right and wrong, and how many people agree with the causes we support.

One rarely will see a One Nation supported agreeing with a Greens supporter, and vice versa. Those who say they hate our Freo Mayor Brad Pettitt will never agree with those who like him and who believe Council is doing a pretty good job.

It is rubbish when politicians say they speak on behalf of all Australians, or when people claim everyone is against changing the Australia Day date, or against gay marriage, or against halal food, or vegetarians, or the West Coast Eagles.

Election candidates who claim they will be all inclusive for everyone live in utopia. It is unrealistic and not based on facts.

Is it more inclusive to fly the Rainbow flag in support of marriage equality at the Freo Townhall, or do we exclude too many people by doing it, as someone commented here on Freo’s View?  The answer is we can never ever be inclusive of everybody, and some people, sometimes many, will take offence, no matter what we or our elected members decide to do.

People who have been door knocking for the election over the last few weeks, tell me the sentiment in the Fremantle community is not as Black&White and negative as Council opponents want us to believe, but I have no doubt that other candidates who oppose sitting members will have talked to heaps of people who do not like what the Council has been doing the last four years.

Life is like that, some of us prefer the egg yolk, and others the egg white, and I am quite happy with that reality.

We are not all the same and we don’t all have the same taste for food, fashion, politics, religion, cars or holiday destinations, and thank the universe, we don’t all fall in love with the same person.

The challenge for all of us is trying to be respectful, even when we disagree with others, and that is not always easy when one is passionate.

The social media negativity and name-calling is disappointing throughout the year, but it gets worse during election times.

I do respect opposing opinions based on facts, but don’t have a lot of tolerance for people who can’t be bothered to check the facts before making accusations and untrue statements. We are better than that!

If you want the Freo vocal minority to become a majority, VOTE!!!!!!!

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Good to hear that the new WA Health Minister Roger Cook is saying that we need to have a community discussion about voluntary euthanasia in Western Australia.

Euthanasia has got nothing to do with religion or any of the gods people believe in but it is about humanity and dying with dignity.

We don’t allow animals to suffer and euthanise them when they no longer have a good quality of life, but we do keep people alive who should be able to decide if they want to go because the suffering is unbearable and there is no hope of recovery.

A Sunday Times survey last year found that nearly 90 per cent of Western Australians support voluntary euthanasia, and I do too!

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Christmas is a time of reflection and hope and with so much madness going on in the world we need to remain hopeful that we will be able to turn the destruction of the earth and oceans around and that there will be a good future for the next generations.

Humans do have the ability to stand up in adversity and make necessary changes. We have survived natural disasters and wars all over the planet many times and we can do it again if sanity prevails and if our political leaders become true leaders instead of being power hungry egos only interested in winning the next election.

It is shocking to see the destruction of Aleppo and other places of war and the plight of all these innocent people. It violates my heart to see the idiocy of terrorism and attacks on families because some fanatical criminals believe the god they believe in is better than the gods of other people.

But I remain confident about the future because my own experience with people of all different cultures and religions all over the world has shown that the vast majority of people are good and caring people who are willing to embrace and support fellow humans in need.

We cannot give up hope during the tsunami of madness that is happening and that has made 2016 such a challenging year. We cannot blame all Muslims for the actions of a small group of sadistic criminals, as we do not blame all Catholics for those priests who have abused children. Hatred will not solve anything and neither does blaming all for the crimes of some.

We need to learn the lessons of the past and become more responsible in looking after our planet because the environmental destruction is relentless above and below ground. We are suffocating our oceans while destroying our forests, because we want more and more and more, and that is not sustainable.

Innovation technology will help us to become smarter but our relentless consumerism needs to be curtailed because the environment is suffering because of it.

We need more tolerance and less judgment in our world and more acceptance of diversity. Culture, religion and the colour of someone’s skin are not reasons to reject people and we need to assess every individual on its own merits. There are bad apples in every family, in every country, in every race, religion and culture, but we must keep in mind that most people are good and caring.

I love life because I love people. I love the irreverence, the intelligence, the quirkiness and the true warmth of people and I love it that we are all so different but also so much the same. A big black fella in Fitzroy Crossing summed it all up perfectly for me one night when he looked at me and said “Isn’t it amazing brother that we both have red blood and brown shit.”

Have a very Happy Christmas. Smile at and say G’day to a stranger. Believe in yourself and all of us that we can and will create a better future for all where the poor are less poor and the rich a bit less rich. True equality will only happen if we look after each other better.

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You’re invited to attend Professionals Australia’s Young Professional Committee’s exclusive screening of Sheena Ong’s The Humanitarian Engineer – a film which celebrates the human impact of engineering.

This is a fundraising event with all proceeds to be donated to Engineers Without Borders and APHEDA. This event is hosted by Professionals Australia’s WA YP Committee in support of Sheena Ong; writer, director and producer of The Humanitarian Engineer.

The Humanitarian Engineer is a documentary investigating the role engineers play in Humanitarian efforts, such as designing Cochlear Implants and wheelchairs to providing safe water systems in developing countries.

DATE: 19th October 2016
TIME: 6pm opening with a 6.30pm start
VENUE: The University of Notre Dame, Fremantle Campus
ND4 Tannock Hall of Education. Corner of Croke Street and Cliff Street.
(click here for campus map)
COST: $5 for Professional Australia Members and $15 for non-members

There will also be a guest speaker from APHEDA discussing its role in the Social Justice movement and current international campaigns. APHEDA is the Australian Union Movement’s Global Justice Organisation. APHEDA helps build powerful movements of organised people, from the anti-apartheid movement in South Africa to the movement in support of independence for East Timor.


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Booyeembara tree planting


It is nice and crisp in winter and it is very inviting weather to walk around town or do some community work, so why not join the tree planting at Booyeembara Park in White Gum Valley tomorrow, Saturday June 25.

Do some physical work, beautify the area and connect with your community and have a bit of fun. The kids and dogs can run around while you are help planting the future green lungs of Fremantle.

It is on from 9 am till noon.

Also on Saturday from 12 to 2.30 is FREO SAFE HAVEN, help the refugees rally and walk, so join in after the tree planting. It is at Pioneer Park opposite the railway station!

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I know my opinion will upset some of my close friends and people I respect in the community, but I believe it would be a mere gimmick for the City of Fremantle to cut ties with Wilson Security and other companies because they are involved with offshore detention centres.

Everyone who knows me and connects with me through this blog and social media knows that I am absolutely and totally against offshore and onshore detention centres. I do not believe that women, men and children deserve to be held behind razor wire for indefinite and very long periods. It is wrong, no matter what spin the Labor and Liberal parties put up about it.

Wilson Security does not make the policies of Australia, they are made by our politicians and government and to ban the company from getting contracts from Fremantle City will not make one iota of a difference to the asylum seekers on Nauru and Manus Island. Their conditions and lifestyle will not improve one bit because of it and the razor wires won’t come down just because the City of Fremantle makes a feel-good empty gesture that is meaningless.

We need to lobby our political parties and the federal government! To start blaming contractors is a pretty narrow view of what goes on and the bipartisan attitude of the Labor and Liberal leaders. That needs to change, not who runs the facilities!

There are federal and state elections coming up. Tell your politicians what you think about detention centres and how Australia mishandels the refugees crisis. That is where we might be able to make a difference and finally find political leaders who have the guts and backbone to change the inhumane asylum policies!

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Is it time for an independent political party in Australia, a truly balanced party that has values and morals and where elected members always have a conscious vote instead of having to vote along party lines?

Many Australians are very disappointed with the major parties. Cynicism about politicians and their egos, arrogance and power lust is increasing daily.

The lack of balance and only wanting to rubbish whatever the opposition parties are proposing is a mind-blowing show of narrow-mindedness and lack of intelligence.

Politicians are not interested what is best for our country, or state, they only want to get into or remain in power at all cost. Any values they or their party might have had in the past have all but disappeared in the greedy grab for power.

The gap between the rich and the poor is getting bigger and those who need society’s support most are being ignored more and more because our politicians look for the lowest denominator when it comes to increasing their popularity. It is much easier to dismiss those irrelevant minority groups, the narcissistic disabled, the always complaining aged and those nasty lazy dole bludgers, than to actually get millionaires pay tax.

Racism is yet again increasing in Australia because of a severe lack of leadership by those who take more and more freedom away from us under the guise of wanting to protect us from all those foreign nasties. Our Christian politicians are happy to implement inhumane laws and policies because they don’t care about people and compassion.

Our leaders are building monuments to show their greatness instead of shelters for the homeless and the poor. There is always money in the budget for impressive projects but less and less for education, health, social services and science.

There are millions of dollars available for a pedestrian bridge to a new and expensive football stadium but not to replace the dodgy Fremantle railway bridge.

I have long given up believing in what the leaders of the Labor or Liberal party promise because all they do is try to win votes at the next election so their hunger for power gets satisfied. I no longer believe that Bill Shorten would be a better leader than the disgraceful Tony Abbott is or that Mark McGowan would to a better job than the arrogant Colin Barnett, and it pisses me off that there are no alternatives and that my vote will be wasted again at one of the next elections, because there are no true leaders with true values who actually care. That is so frustrating and disappointing!

Roel Loopers

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