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The Arcs D’Ellipse yellow and white circles by artist Felice Varini in Fremantle’s High Street are slowly taking shape.

The work is part of the HITIDE project of the Fremantle Festival and will no doubt attract many people to Fremantle.

Best vantage point will be from the step to the Roundhouse, so make sure to also visit WA’s oldest public building while you are there.


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Fremantle photographer Glen Cowans and the Roundhouse volunteer tourist guides are concerned about the closure of the Roundhouse steps for the testing of the nightly Hitide event that will be held during the Fremantle Festival.

Cowans operates the Glen Cowans Underwater Photography Gallery next to the Roundhouse and believes closing the steps will negatively impact on his business this week, while the Roundhouse is very popular during school holidays.

Cowans told me he was only advised by email late last evening of the closure of the steps and is now very worried that they could be closed from October 28 to November 12, as that would severely reduce visitors’ numbers to Arthur Head and his gallery.

I tried to contact Tom Mueller of PS Art Space, who is the curator of Hitide, but he was not in his office.

I drove by last night and saw the projections of big black circles on the historic buildings along High Street and have no doubt the event will become an attraction, but it would not be acceptable to close off the step for a fortnight in early November, as Glen Cowans and other galleries at Captain’s Lane have every right to insist on good access to their businesses.

It is also inconsiderate to leave the arms of the cherry pickers up so high during the day as they spoil the view to the historic Roundhouse.

What’s the story, City of Fremantle?


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