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I often noticed the puzzled or annoyed expression of people who try to buy parking tickets in Fremantle. I have heard many times that the credit card facility does not work or is hard to navigate, so how many people does it take to pay for parking in good old Freo?

The text on the machines is also small and hard to read, and of course it’s only in English. Any ideas how we can improve this and make it easier?

I would love to see the City of Fremantle recognise more that we are a destination for international visitors and install multi-lingual wayfinding signs, or interactive ones that on touch will display the language the foreign visitors speak. I would also like the hospitality industry to supply multi-lingual menus, or even better a tablet with the flag ikons of countries so that patrons can read the main menu in Japanese, Chinese, etc.

At the Roundhouse one of the most appreciated services is the translations we have in many languages. It is a basic service to international tourists, so if a volunteer organisation can do it surely professionals and governments can do something similar

Roel Loopers


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As you are aware the Heritage Council recently resolved that West End, Fremantle is of cultural heritage significance in terms of the Heritage of Western Australia Act 1990, and that stakeholders should be consulted on the proposal to recommend the Minister for Heritage enter the place in the State Register of Heritage Places.

We are seeking your comments on the proposed entry of West End, Fremantle in the Register. The register entry will be based on the three documents which are available on our website using the links below, so please read these carefully:

· Draft assessment documentation
· Curtilage Map – showing the area of land that is proposed to be registered
· Zones of significance – showing the level of significance of the various areas within the West End

Submissions can be made using the form on our website, or by returning the West End Submission Form by post or fax, or by emailing it to Additional comments or information can be submitted in a separate attachment. Please provide your submission to us by Monday 2 May 2016.

Please note that all owners within the West End, the City of Fremantle, and other key stakeholders, including tenants, have also been asked to comment on the proposed registration.

Following the closure of the comment period all documentation will be presented to the Heritage Council and a recommendation on whether to recommend the Minister enter West End, Fremantle in the State Register will be considered.

The ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ on our website provide answers to commonly asked questions about the State Register and the registration process. More information can be found at including a brochure on the State Register, our publication on making heritage your business advantage, and some words from owners within the precinct

Dr Kelly Fleming
Senior Heritage Officer
State Heritage Office


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hend 2

courthouse sale


The Fremantle former Police Station and Courthouse complex has been sold but officially the new owners have not been disclosed. I hear on the grapevine though that it might be Fremantle-based developers Silverleaf, who are developing Atwell Arcade at the moment and are in the planning process stage for a 12 storey mixed commercial development on the Woolstores Shopping Centre site.

Real estate agent Savills had the property for sale for the WA State Government at an asking price of $ 5,95 million, but it is unknown what it sold for. Recent reports in the media have indicated the fire sale by the State has seen many properties sold well under value.

The Police precinct is 7,000 square metres and has seven buildings on it ageing from 37 to 115 years old.

With the renovations of the Warders Cottages along Henderson Street well under way, and soon up for sale, it will be exciting to see life brought back into that historic part of the inner city, so I am looking forward to finding out what the plans for the precinct are.

Roel Loopers



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ENKEL 1 Enkel 2 Enkel 3


My apologies for posting so many articles today but that is just the way it is. Sometimes I scratch my brain to find something to write about but today there is heaps to report. The variety of blog posts is probably one of the reasons some 45,000 people read this blog each month. Every article is also published on Facebook and Twitter and goes around the world.

TOMORROW, Saturday April 2 from 10-12 is the CANTONMENT HILL OPEN DAY and the Naval Stores that ENKEL will lease will also be open. There are also guided tours.

This is an extremely important project for Fremantle and the heritage and indigenous significance of the area has to be a priority, as is community access to the entire site. Come and have your say! I’ll be there.

Roel Loopers


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HERE WE GO AGAIN! Historic Fremantle Arthur Head was vandalised yet again by brain dead idiots who kicked out the picket fences at Mrs Trivett Lane that leads up to the Roundhouse. They also put disgusting graffiti on the steps to the Roundhouse and on artist Ann Land’s studio, where a homeless person is also residing. At J Shed they pushed a heavy stone seat of its base and there are bottles littered all around.

I TOLD YOU SO! City of Fremantle that you would create a ghost town at Arthur Head when evicting the long-terms residents, Port pilots and the Fremantle Society but you would not listen. You have created this mess at our State’s most significant historic area and it is now time for you to admit you were wrong and reverse the decisions you made!

It is not a sign of great intelligence to be stubborn and unwilling to address the problem you have created, Fremantle Council. It is outrageous when local residents witness patrons of the recent J Shed concert throwing a witches hat through a window, that our Mayor’s reaction is to question if they can prove the kids came from the Sunset Events  concert. Yes, they actually heard the kids excitingly talk about the music and the great drumming before they engaged in vandalism!

J Shed sculptor Janet Nixon left in tears last Saturday because the concert noise was so loud that she had a huge headache and could no longer concentrate and work, so the concerts are severely affecting the ability to work and the livelihood of the long-term artists. that is not acceptable!

It is not good enough City of Fremantle and you need to urgently address the problems you are responsible for!

Roel Loopers




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kidogo 1


OnePerth reports that the State Heritage Office is investigating the unauthorised erection of a large timber deck on the northern side of Kidogo Arthouse at Fremantle’s Bathers Beach. The building is also known as the  heritage listed Kerosene Store.

The gallery received permission in July 2015 to build a small toilet block and deck of a total area of 13.6mx3.8m but instead only built a large deck of 13.6mx5.12m but not the toilet block.

The State Heritage Office says the deck is inappropriate in material, height and size and built over a significant archaeological area, and that is detrimentally affects the cultural heritage significance of the building.

A state committee will decide on March 22 if retrospective approval will be given or the owner forced to demolish the $ 75,000.00 deck that already has been used for the pop-up Kelp bar, weddings and functions and the recent World Match Racing Tour.

This is not good news for owner Joanna Robinson who fought with Fremantle Council for years to get approval to build toilets, why she changed her mind after approval for that was finally given is anyone’s guess and might cost her dearly.

Roel Loopers


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The heritage listed restored Fremantle Gunners Cottages Married Quarters at Cantonment Hill were officially unveiled yesterday by Defence Housing Australia, and it is a delight to see the old cottages looking all great again and ready to be occupied by Defence personnel after they were vacant for many years and left to deteriorate badly.

The cottages have all been given names of s0ldiers who served and died in wars, with signs behind the buildings explaining who these soldiers were. The one big disappointment for me is the use of colourbond fences at the pathway steps that show blatant disrespect for the historic significance of the site.

It took a lot of pressure and lobbying from the City of Fremantle, Melissa Parke MP and the Femantle Society to finally get some action from the Defence Department, who have added a few more houses to the ten old cottages which have great views over the harbour and are an easy fifteen-minute-walk to the Freo CBD.

Once the Cantonment Hill masterplan gets implemented the cottages will be at a prime location next to Fremantle’s most stunning park that has sensational ocean and river views and promises to become THE spot to be to watch the sunset.

It is fantastic and long overdue to see significant heritage restoration in Fremantle with the Warders Cottages in Henderson Street also under way and the City of Fremantle ready to spend around $ 2 million on fully restoring the dilapidated Townhall.

Roel Loopers


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J Shed 3 J Shed 2 J Shed 1


So this is what the City of Fremantle understands as activation of Arthur Head, our State’s most significant heritage area, and this is what Sunset Events director David Chitty believes is respectful to the area.

It is an absolute disgrace that we now have a junk yard at J Shed with stinking portaloos and sea-containers that make the area look like an industrial site and discourage tourists from visiting the J Shed art studios.

This has become a serious joke where nothing Sunset Events promised has been implemented. Where is the art theme of the venue? Where are the international food trucks for the Sunday BBQ? Instead they stick a small bbq closest to Greg James’ sculpture studio so the sea breeze blows his work space and gallery full with smoke and food fumes.

Who at the City of Fremantle actually takes responsibility to see that tenants comply with what they promise to do when they sign a lease or license? Who gave Sunset Events the permission to occupy public space 24/7 with ugly seafood containers and a junk yard?

This is a shambles Mayor Brad Petttitt, and it is now time to actually be true to your promises of heritage protection and clean this mess up as it is unacceptable!

Roel Loopers

P.S. Nice to hear that my suggestion to put the word heritage in the Bathers Beach Art Precinct is now being debated and might be implemented.


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The City of Fremantle has just spent hundreds of thousands of dollars renovating the heritage-listed former Boys School/FTI building at Princess May Park, but already the anti-social behaviour has started. The little back yard is full with booze bottles and rubbish and the metal fences have been damaged and pulled off their hinges.

I wonder why the CCTV camera in the park was removed as it was a great help to identify anti-social behaviour in the area fast, to the delight of Clancy’s. The mast is still standing high but the camera is no longer there.

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What an absolutely brilliant, positive and interesting day we had at the Fremantle Roundhouse today! It is such a delight to talk with people from all over the world who all love Freo and have got nothing negative to say. Only a few might mention that it is expensive in WA.

Volunteering as tourguide at the state’s oldest public building really makes you appreciate people and how nice, funny and delightful most of them are.

We had school kids from the Manjimup area, groups from Malaysia and Brasil, many German, Dutch, French and Swiss people, and Chinese, Korean, Italian, Belgian, USA, Canadian, Japanese, Ukrainian, Kiwis, English, Scottish, Irish, Aussies from all over the country, and more from elsewhere.

If you are thinking of doing volunteer work, contact the Fremantle Volunteer Heritage Guides and bring international positivity into your life!

Roel Loopers


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