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The foundations for a new artwork are being put in the Fremantle High Street Mall near the corner of William Street as part of the Atwell Arcade development.

I have not heard who the artist is so stay tuned. I’ll put a photo up as soon as it is there!

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light 1 light 2


The upgrade of the Fremantle High Street mall is well underway with new street furniture and now five new light poles to put some brightness into the dark area at night.

Daniel Sharp, the officer in charge of street lighting at the City of Fremantle, told me this morning that the lights are of Italian design, so I am looking forward to seeing them at night soon. They are on so keep an eye out for them if you walk through the cbd.

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mall 1 mall 2


It is good to see new modern public seating being installed at the Fremantle High Street mall as part of the upgrade collaboration project between the City of Fremantle and local property owners. Electricians also have put power in a few locations and I assume that will be for new lighting of the mall.

The one criticism I have though is that the new furniture is in the same style as the furniture on Forrest Place in Perth. One would have thought we should make a point of difference and that Freo is uniquely Freo and not a suburb of Perth.

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busking 1 old busker busking 3

To make my point clear from the beginning I don’t consider loud noise entertainment or music, but I do support good busking around Fremantle. Amplified busking has become a bit of a nuisance and that will need to be regulated, but I do not support the banning of buskers from the High Street Mall, Cappuccino Strip or elsewhere in the CBD.

Busking is good entertainment that attracts people as we witness every weekend in front of the Fremantle Markets. Street art performers are also highly appreciated and attract thousands to come to Fremantle from all over Perth on the Easter long weekend.

Let’s also not forget that quite a few now famous musicians started their career as buskers, John Butler is one of them!

According to Councillor Andrew Sulllivan business owners in the mall can move buskers on when they are too close to their buildings, so I suggest that buskers perform near the trees and the centre of the mall where private owners and their security officers have no authority whatsoever to move anyone on.

But please leave your amplifiers at home and make sure your standard of singing or playing an instrument is good enough to share with the public!

Roel Loopers

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This is a very worrying Facebook entry I was sent about buskers being banned from the Fremantle High Street mall:

Facebook: Anina Coco Burns to ‎Mayor Brad Pettitt

” Hey Brad, was busking down at Culleys today but was approached by crowd control before setting up..apparently a new vote was passed by business holders to not have buskers outside shopfronts. My family and I have been playing music on the streets of Fremantle long before those shops were there and I dare say afterwards. I noticed you there, collecting your paper and smiling at your busy contractors with their noisy crane. i was not honoured the same friendliness by you or your crowd control…quite honestly if you want this agenda of no busking at shopfronts then you need to provide signed areas promoting busker friendly zones which is cheaper than the labour of hiring crowd control to target individual buskers. In the markets there is a sign sheet and designated spots..this approach is far more encouraging…I still made money and passerby’s were happy enjoying the ambience which was better for the guitar as opposed your construction workers. And to finalize my point I could clearly see another busker booked in a shopfronts window next to 7-11 who was not targeted by crowd control..couldn’t be my playing cause I hadn’t started yet…why the distinct prejudice? Not so flavoursome.😟 ”

13 October 2015

There are several issues here:

# I am not aware the City of Fremantle has officically passed a policy to no longer allow busking in the High Street mall or CBD.

# Were the “crowd control” officers City of Fremantle Security or a private security company contracted to local businesses?

# If they were officers of a private company they cannot force buskers out of the mall as the mall is a public open space and not private property.

# Does the city of arts now ban buskers from shopping areas while wanting to approve large open air concerts in residential areas?

# Does the City have double standards when it comes to noise control and protects retailers from noise but not residents?

This is very unpalatable to me. I do believe the use of amplified music by buskers could be reduced but I do not support a broad ban on busking in the inner city. It’s boring enough as it is.

Roel Loopers

ROEL FOR FREO! Beaconsfield Ward. Truly Independent.

Written and authorised by Roel Loopers of 5 Maxwell Street, Beaconsfield 6162


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george 1

george 2

It is a real shame how cavalier we sometimes treat our heritage. The beautiful George Hotel in East Fremantle is still vacant and neglected although we have been promised for years that it will be renovated and occupied. Graffiti tagging has started to reappear while next door the former Lauder&Howard building got its guts ripped out and only the heritage facade is still standing.

On a positive note it is good to see the renovations of the Married Quarters cottages at Cantonment Hill, the Warders cottages in the Henderson Street mall, the Boys School at Princess May Park and the facade painting of the Evan Davies building on the Cappuccino Strip, and work under way at Gino’s as well.

And the Manning building all along the High Street mall and Market and William Street looks absolutely magnificent again. Nice also to see new businesses moving into the mall in that building.

Along High Street in the West End several buildings are being renovated or get paint jobs done, so Fremantle’s recovery is well under way.

Roel Loopers

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It is really good to see so much building and maintenance projects going on in central Fremantle with the Manning building on the corner of the High Street mall and William Street being the latest to get a new coat of paint to help make the mall more attractive.

Freo can do with a bit of a facelift and clean up, so these are positive signs of renewal and rejuvenation.

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Busking Freo

Picking up quirky moments in the life of a city is what street photography is all about, so the juxtaposition of the two buskers in the Fremantle High Street Mall caught my eye this morning.

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Atwell Arcade 1

It is good to see the fast progress of the Fremantle ATWELL ARCADE development. Scaffolding went up today at the front in the High Street mall while at the back a big hole has been created for the foundations.

This is not going to be the best looking development in the Freo CBD but it is an essential one to start the economic revitalisation of our city.

Roel Loopers



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I regularly catch up with leasing and retail expert Nicholas Takacs of abeatifulcity and of course we talk about the decline of Fremantle’s retail often. For me these meetings are educational because Nicholas goes all over Perth to check out how different retailers do business, market themselves, beautify their shops, etc. and he also is contracted to put up people counters in shopping centres and streets and  he gives advise to traders and centre managers.

I am not qualified to put words into Nicholas mouth, so what I am writing about are just my thoughts inspired by the long talk I had with him yesterday at Gino’s where we talked about the importance and success of local shopping destinations like Claremont Crescent in Swanbourne, Angove Street in North Perth, Oxford Street in Leederville and that lovely Angelo Street one in South Perth, to name just a few.

That made me think about how we say that retail in Fremantle is not doing well, when we actually mean it is not doing well in the CBD. Out of that comes the question if we should make the CBD bigger by including successful shopping destinations such as the Peaches and IGA strip along Hampton Road, the Romano’s and IGA shopping precinct at Lefroy Road, Woolworth  further down Hampton Road on the corner of Douro Road, the Hilton shopping area at South Street, etc. Retail in those and many other smaller shopping ‘centres’ is doing very well and that is probably because of proximity but because they also provide a community feeling not unlike markets. Maybe retail thinking in the old ‘High Street’ way is passe and localised destinations are the future of retail instead of the centralised CBD.

This brings me to another point Nicholas and I talked about and that is that property owners in the High Street Mall are finally cleaning up and beautifying vacant shops there. It looks so much better that one has to wonder why it took so long to get this done.

Nicholas has a very good blog that might inspire retailers to spruce up their shops, change the way they present and market, so check it out:

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