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The Fremantle HEIRLOOM by MATCH residential development at Queen Victoria Street has won two categories in last night’s annual WA Heritage Council awards for adaptive reuse of a heritage building.

It won the Gerry Gauntlett award for excellence in conservation and also the adaptive reuse award

MATCH converted the former Dalgety Woolstores building, that was built in 1923. into 183 residential units.

The judges said that the building was a testament to the dedication and financial commitment of MATCH and they had used innovative solutions.

The Heirloom development was financially supported by Sirona Capital, which will start the Kings Square Project in the next few weeks, helping to rebuild the Fremantle economy.

Hillcrest in North Fremantle received a commendation for the conservation work done on it.

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It is very lively and productive at the LIV residential development at Fremantle’s Queen Victoria and Quarry streets.

It is a very large development by Defence Housing straight opposite the beautiful Heirloom by Match development.

The east end of Fremantle is going through a well-overdue facelift that will improve the run down area dramatically.

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Delighted to see the Heirloom by Match residential development of the historic former Dalgety Woolstores at Fremantle’s Queen Victoria Street. It was the first time in years this morning that there was no scaffolding around it.

What a beautiful iconic entry statement to our city it is!

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The residential development of the LIV apartments at Queen Victoria Street, opposite the just completed Heirloom by Match development, has started and what a delight it is to see the well-overdue modernisation of Fremantle’s East End.

Down the road at Princess May park the Hilton Doubletree hotel development should also start early next year and there are quite a few approved development projects that will commence in the area in the near future.

Together with the Kings Square development this gives me great hope for a brilliant Fremantle future and the revival of the retail, hospitality and tourism industry in our city.

I agree with the critics that a lot of the new development is boring and mediocre and that is a rotten shame, because Fremantle deserves to get creative and outstanding architecture that would become the heritage of the future, but sadly excellence in design is lacking often.

On another note, whenever I post something positive about Fremantle I get accused of having gone soft on Council so let me just make a few points. I am not a one-eyed Liberal, Labor, Greens, Socialist, Communist, Capitalist, Dockers, Eagles supporter and I do not have a political agenda. I consider myself to be a moderate with an open mind.

I don’t believe in God(s), chakras and healers but I do have great respect for the universe and nature and find my solace and inspiration there.

I also don’t have issues with vegetarians and vegans, as long as they don’t tell me what to eat, and I (barely) tolerate soy latte, non caffeine and skim milk coffee drinkers. ; >)

My aim is to try to be fair and balanced on this blog, but I have no doubt that I have failed a few times at that, because like Fremantle, the world, all humans and politicians I am not perfect.

I truly believe that renaissance is happening in Fremantle and that most of it is positive and good for our city. Many more people living and working in and visiting Freo will create an exciting vibrancy that has been lacking, and I am looking forward to it.

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heirloom-1 heirloom-2


The adaptive re-use of the historic Fremantle Dalgety Woolstores into the Heirloom residential apartments by Match and Sirona Capital is almost finished, with scaffolding coming down at Beach Street showing the old building in its new glory.

There is something truly majestic about this building, and the renovations look fine but for the one design feature of large boxed windows on the top level. To me that looks inconsistent to the rest of the facade, but that is just my individual opinion and I am sure everyone will have they own say on it.

Estimated occupation of the building is December this year and it will be a great addition to the Freo inner city.

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The sun is out in Fremantle and I needed fresh air, sunshine and a nice walk, so I went and had a look at the progress of development around the CBD.

I started at the huge Defence Housing site at Queen Victoria and Quarry Street where building will start early next year. It is opposite the impressive Heirloom development of the old woolstores there, so two significant residential developments in the east of the CBD.

Over in the west end a lot is happening with the gorgeous Elders building in Cliff Street, the Quest Hotel on the corner of Pakenham and Short streets and the residential development on the corner of Pakenham and Bannister streets all opening very soon.

The Quest Hotel looks more acceptable now that the cladding has been put up, but for my liking it is still one storey too high for Pakenham Street.

The Atwell Arcade building is also close to opening, so we’ll see more office workers in the city soon.

City planning is a huge challenge for every local council, but without development there can’t be progress, so it is good to see Fremantle is moving forward to becoming a modern city with a beautiful heritage heart.

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Part of the scaffolding on the Heirloom by Match development of the former Dalgety Woolstore has been removed at Beach Street and I think it looks very impressive so far.

The development will see over 150 new residential apartments in the east CBD of Fremantle and together with other planned new buildings will see a substantial increase of inner city residents in the next few years, which will be a much-needed boost for the retail and hospitality economy.

Apartments at heirloom sell from $ 495,000 and there are still some for sale, so if you want inner city living in a heritage environment with sweeping views over Fremantle Port, go and check it out.

The development is a joined venture by the Match group and Sirona Capital.

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The crane at Fremantle Atwell Arcade came down very early this morning, so the building should be opening soon and become home to office workers and new shops.

Development is happening all over Freo with the verandas being reinstalled at the Henderson Street Warders Cottages, the first tenants have moved in at the Gunners Cottages at Cantonment Hill, and the Heirloom by Match development at Queen Victoria Street has finished its first apartments, which are now open for inspection, and the MSC building in Cliff Street is also at the final stages.

The announcement if and where the Department of Housing will be moving in Fremantle is also due in a few months, so Freo is on track for its economic recovery.

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I am very surprised to hear that the Woolworths supermarket in the Adelaide Plaza, opposite the Princess May Park will be closing its doors at the end of May. There is no doubt that the supermarket has been struggling for the last few years but hanging in there for the long run would have seem a better decision.

The east of Fremantle’s CBD is thriving with a building boom and thousands more residents moving soon into the Heirloom by Match apartment building, the Defence Housing projects and other development at Beach and Queen Victoria Street. The Woolstores Shopping Centre will also be developed soon and that will mean the closure of the Coles supermarket there, so Woolworths would have been the only supermarket in that part of the city. I am stunned they are not holding on so close to the end of the shoppers draught.

Sirona Capital, who own the Adelaide Plaza building, say they will reposition it as a retail and commercial facility and rework the retail space for various uses that may include a smaller grocery and fresh food offering or convert the plaza for commercial and medical services.

It would be a perfect location for a good IGA supermarket, and there will be need for it in the very near future!

In Market Street the Home Provedore kitchen shop is for sale as an ongoing business, so more changes in Freo.

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The M/27 residential apartment and commercial heritage development of the former Energy Museum at Parry Street is now open to start selling apartments, so if you want to live the Freo lifestyle close to Clancy’s, the tennis and bowling clubs and the St Patrick’s Basilica, check out the website:

Forty boutique apartments will be built starting from $ 450.000.

The development will be done by the MATCH group who are at present developing Heirloom, the former Dalgety Woolstores site just around the corner at Queen Victoria Street.

It is exciting to see so much development in the east of the CBD that has been floundering for far too many years.

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and for the cynics among my readers, this is not an advertorial and I don’t get a cent paid to publish this and I also have not been promised a free apartment, or one at a reduced price. I simply like to support what goes on in Freo.

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