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190524 Davis Park structure plan resized


Below some information about the new structure plans for Davis Park, the Heart of Beaconsfield project. It will go before Fremantle Council this Wednesday and the agenda item can be viewed in full on the City of Fremantle website. Click on agendas and minutes.

The structure plan itself is divided into sub-precincts to facilitate a mixture of residential and commercial development at a range of densities (refer Figure 1 above). Broadly speaking, the proposal comprises of the following:

Land Use

  •   The plan shows a mostly residential precinct, and states an aim of providing for a variety of different housing types. Each precinct, aside from the Mixed Use precinct along South Street, has a low-to-medium residential density ranging between R30 and R80.
  •   A Mixed Use precinct is proposed along South Street and has been allocated a high density coding of R-AC0. The Structure Plan provides for up to 4,600sqm retail floor space within this. The Mixed Use zone is intended to act as an expansion of the existing Beaconsfield local centre on South Street, immediately to the east.
  •   The existing educational establishment (childcare) centre adjacent to Davis Park is proposed to be retained. The child care centre site is shown on the structure plan map as being reserved for ‘Education’ purposes.

    Access and Transport

  •   A new access road into the structure plan area is proposed from South Street, continuing the same alignment as Nannine Avenue to the north. A set of traffic signals is proposed at this intersection.
  •   The plan seeks to facilitate a north-south connection through the precinct via a public access way (‘green link’) to provide access between Davis Park, Doig Place and Lefroy Road.
  •   Conversion of internal cul de sac roads into through-roads is also proposed; this would also allow for improved east west and north south connectivity for both vehicles and pedestrians.

    Public Open Space

  •   The public open space at the centre of the precinct Davis Park is shown as being retained and expanded to the north. The expanded park provides the required 10 percent open space contribution, as required by state policy.
  •   The structure plan also shows integration of the existing child care centre (Fremantle Early Learning Centre) into the Davis Park open space.


Public submissions can be send in until June 21, so take part in the democratic process. Most of the land is owned by the Department of Communities, so the the state government will have considerable input on what will happen with the area.

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190524 Davis Park structure plan resized


One of the key pieces in the plan to revitalise the Fremantle Heart of Beaconsfield has been released for public comment.

The Davis Park precinct is an area of 10 hectares of land bounded by South Street, Lefroy Road, Caesar Street and Fifth Avenue consisting of mostly state-owned social housing.

City of Fremantle Director of Strategic Planning Paul Garbett said the state government is looking to redevelop the area and has submitted a structure plan to guide the process.

“The state government through the Department of Communities has a policy to decentralise large pockets of social housing and redevelop the land to create a range of more diverse and affordable housing options,” Mr Garbett said.

“The Davis Park precinct currently contains around 260 dwellings that are fairly old, low-scale residential. These homes are accessed by a number of cul-de-sac roads, so connectivity with the surrounding neighbourhood is poor.

“For this reason the Department of Communities is keen to redevelop the Davis Park precinct to create a more diverse mix of housing, with both private and public housing and better connections to surrounding areas.

“The structure plan submitted by the Department of Communities shows details such as where roads and public open space will go, as well as types and locations of housing, community facilities and other land uses.

“As the authority responsible for local planning, the City of Fremantle’s role is to assess the plan and make a recommendation to the WA Planning Commission, which will make the final decision on whether the plan is approved or not.

“To help the City prepare its recommendation to the WAPC, we’d really like to hear from the local community and get some feedback on the structure plan.

“Community feedback at this stage is important because, although it doesn’t include details such as the design of new buildings, a structure plan does guide later stages of planning such as subdivision and development applications.”

The Davis Park structure plan proposes the creation of a mixed-use precinct along South Street, with retail, commercial and residential properties.

Public open space around Davis Park will be expanded and an innovation precinct will be established to provide opportunities for alternative housing styles.

Redevelopment of the Davis Park area is a key part of the broader Heart of Beaconsfield planning project, which will guide the redevelopment of surrounding areas like the Lefroy Road Quarry and the former South Metropolitan TAFE site.

An information stall will be set up at the Growers Green Farmers Markets at Fremantle College on Sunday 16 June, with the opportunity to speak with representatives from the Department of Communities and the City’s planning staff on the structure plan proposal.

For more information and to make a submission visit the City of Fremantle’s My Say Freo website. Public comments close on 21 June.


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The City of Fremantle will undertake a feasibility study to assess options for the future use of Bruce Lee Oval and the Lefroy Road Quarry as part of a plan to guide the revitalisation of the Heart of Beaconsfield.

The Heart of Beaconsfield project is a co-operation between the City, the Department of Communities and other partners to coordinate the redevelopment of the area around the Davis Park precinct, Bruce Lee Oval, Lefroy Road Quarry and the former South Metropolitan TAFE site.

Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt said a key question to be settled in planning the Heart of Beaconsfield is the best use for Bruce Lee Oval and the Lefroy Road Quarry.

The quarry site has the potential to provide 1.5 times more green space than the oval, so there’s an opportunity to develop new and better sporting facilities on the quarry and allow for some new diversified housing on the oval,” Mayor Pettitt said.

South Street is an important public transport corridor and it makes sense to have residential development close to public transport, while the quarry site is vacant land and there’s not a lot it can be used for.”

The study will show if it’s technically and financially feasible to relocate the oval, so before the City finalises the draft masterplan they are conducting the feasibility study to find out.

If the study shows the relocation of the oval is not feasible the oval will be retained in the draft masterplan. If it is feasible this option may be put forward to Council for further consultation. Regardless of the outcome of the study, the community will have the chance to have their say and the masterplan can still be amended before it’s officially adopted.

The oval feasibility study will take up to six months. The full Heart of Beaconsfield draft masterplan is expected to be released for public comment mid next year.

For more information visit the Heart of Beaconsfield page on the City’s My Say Freo website.

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