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There is nothing more annoying for me than sitting in the public gallery at Fremantle Council and Council Committee meetings and not being able to hear everything the Councillors are saying.

I admit that I am an old fella whose hearing is no longer as good as it was when I tried to pretend I had not heard my parents, and later on when I grew up, my gorgeous partners, when they told me off, but I just wished the elected members would take my less than 20/20 hearing into account and actually speak INTO the microphones supplied to them.

Councillors Ingrid Waltham and  Jenny Archibald have the softest voices of all elected members, but they keep the microphone somewhere left or right of a shoulder so I find it very difficult to hear their valuable contributions to the debates.

Other Councillors do have the microphone in front of them but then turn their head away to address the Mayor and that makes the mike rather useless, and it makes my life pretty frustrating when I do my very best to get a proper and fair account of the debate, so I can report it on Freo’s View.

Thank you so much for your consideration Councillors! Should I wish for hearing aids for Christmas?

Roel Loopers


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Spare Parts


Good to see that the Fremantle Spare Parts Puppet Theatre is having special performances with Auslan sign language assistance for those with hearing difficulties.

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The musical chairs with faulty microphones at last night’s Fremantle Planning Committee was embarrassing and not acceptable.

Microphones were either not working or spluttering and stuttering so that the packed public gallery had real difficulty understanding what was said by Councillors and staff. Councillors were swapping microphones but mostly it did no good. One applicant came forward after his application had been approved with an amendment to find out what the outcome was because he could not hear anything.

This is the third time in the North Fremantle hall that the sound system did not work properly and that is pathetic. We can fly to the moon but the City of Fremantle can’t get the sound right in a small community hall? Very unprofessional!

I get better sound on Skype talking to my sister in the Netherlands, so the CEO needs to make absolutely sure that the sound system is repaired or replaced before the next council meeting.

Just put two speaker boxes in the hall and rotate roving microphones among the councillors and staff so that those who attend the public meetings can actually hear the deliberations by our elected members.

What happened last night was just not good enough and was unfair to the Minutes Secretary who tried to deal with a problem that required a sound technician.

Oooooooooooooh Freo!

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In comments to a recent post on this blog about noise in cafes and restaurants it was suggested my complaints had to do with age, but a worldwide survey of over 50,000 restaurants by Zagat has revealed that noise is the biggest complaint of restaurant goers and that restaurant owners are aware of the problem.

People will stay longer, eat and drink more, and more often return to venues where the noise levels are low, so it makes business sense for cafe and restaurant owners not to have loud background music, and installing sound reducing panels in their premises. The new Helmholtz Resonator panels naturally resonate and vibrate at low frequency and reduce noise considerably.

So please Fremantle cafe and restaurant owners take note, as earlier this week I walked out of one of my favourite caffeine hit suppliers because kitchen and waiting staff thought it was fun to bang out the music really loud at 8am. I just wanted to read the newspapers in peace and quiet. This venue has had noise complaints from neighbours as well, so it’s time to address that problem and make staff aware they are not their for their own fun, but to have a welcoming environment for the customers.

Roel Loopers

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