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The City of Fremantle did not lose any time today to make the car park below Arthur’s Head safe by erecting temporary fences immediately, once they were being made aware of the rock fall of a large rock.

The issue now is how to accommodate the cars of the Roundhouse tourists guides as the area where they have been parking for years is now no longer available to them.

The second photo shows how run down the place really is. These are the steps to the Roundhouse, one of Fremantle’s most significant historic sites and tourism destinations. It’s a disgrace!

And the fences really have to be temporary only as we can’t go on having this area looking uncared for. It needs to be prioritised with urgency by the City with financial support from the Heritage Council!

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Fremantle’s historic Arthur’s Head is a real worry for Fremantle Council, which does not have enough money to keep doing the ongoing repairs and maintenance of the popular tourism destination, and the State could not care less about it.

Tourists to the area are being confronted by ugly fences all around the cliff face because of the danger of rockfall, but it is hard to even control that as today’s rockfall shows.

This large and heavy rock fell all the way from the top of the cliff face at Captain’s Lane down onto the permit restricted carpark that is used by Roundhouse volunteer guides and MSC staff. I put my mobile next to it to give you an idea of the size of the rock

But far more worrying is that many people walk through the carpark, including large school groups and the wall is very popular as a backdrop for wedding photos.

Urgent repairs need to be done on the entire cliff face and we can’t wait any longer for more expert consultation. How much longer is it going to be?It has been nearly a year since the fences went up! That is not good enough.

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The idiocy and irresponsible behaviour of some people is very annoying! This was the picture at 4pm this Easter Monday at the foot/bike path underneath Arthur’s Head that has been closed off by the City of Fremantle because of the danger of rockfall.

Thousands of people, including many families with small children were endangered because of an idiot deciding the path to the Fishing Boat Harbour needed to be open.

It is now time for Fremantle City to take action and put heavier fences theres as it is the second time in a week they have been pushed aside.

I hope whoever did this will choke on his Easter eggs!

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Stan Reilly


The self-importance and officialdom of some people can be very annoying, as I experienced again today.

I went to take a progress photo of the demolition of the Fremantle Stan Reilly Centre, as one can now see the Fremantle Oval grandstand and Queensgate carpark from there.

I took the photo above from exactly the same location behind the fence, as I did Monday week ago when City of Fremantle staff and a media photographer were also shooting there.

Today however I was challenged by a supervisor who told me I should know better not to come onto a construction site without the proper safety gear on. I pointed out to him I was actually behind the fence that indicates the perimeter of the demolition/construction site, but the gentleman told me I was wrong and the path outside the fence I was on also was part of the construction site.

As a commercial/industrial photographer I have worked on thousands of industrial sites over the 50 years of my career, so let me point out that there are a few issues here, Sir!

  • I would never have entered the site without permission and proper safety gear on, and heath&safety regulations would then have required I take photos while being accompanied by one of your company’s staff members.
  • I was behind the perimeter fence and not trespassing, so if your construction/demolition site extends beyond the fences it is your company’s duty to make the site secure, so that members of the public can’t accidentally enter the site. No doubt your public liability insurance won’t be too happy knowing that you have not secured the site properly.


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Bureaucracy-like car salesmen, lawyers, politicians, Dutchmen, journalists, and Roel Loopers, to name just a few-has a bad reputation.

I know one should never generalise so let me declare that I have often dealt with excellent public servants at the City of Fremantle and all levels of government.

Why am I writing this? Because I thought there must be some reason and order within City of Fremantle madness I do not understand. It’s probably not the fault of an officer but of the system and lack of rules.

Yesterday the two new fire extinguishers in the Roundhouse were tested and the contractor told me the only other devise he needed to test at Arthur Head for CoF was the one in the Gunners Cottage, which is the office of the Roundhouse volunteers.

This means that none of the artist’s studios at Captain’s and Mrs Trivett lanes have fire extinguishers installed although some of them have highly flammable goods in them. I don’t know a painter who would not have turpentine in their studio.

It seems illogical to me that the Roundhouse, that is highly unlikely to ever catch fire, needs to have two fire extinguishers, but highly flammable artist’s studios in tiny residential cottages that are also open to the public don’t have any.

If a fire broke out in one of the cottages it could very easily and rapidly spread to the others along the lane and all that heritage would be gone.

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The City of Fremantle has some serious health&safety and public liability worries at the Roundhouse that need to be urgently addressed before someone gets badly hurt. We know of three people who have fallen because parts of the path have broken off and made the surface dangerous, but there might well be more who did not report it. It’s only a matter of time till someone will break an ankle or arm.

Repairs should be a priority at the well-visited tourist destination that attracts hundreds of people every day. The Fremantle Volunteer Heritage Guides who look after the Roundhouse have reported the damage and danger to the COF several times.

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Shaking ones head is not good enough when it comes to trying to understand how bureaucracy works and how some City of Fremantle officers go about their business. The Old Port Project at Bathers Beach is another example of things going dreadfully wrong and one wonders who did the planning and who the management of the project.

On Friday the fences around the project finally came down after lengthy delays but already a major problem had appeared. The massive and heavy wooden seats on rail lines are horrendously dangerous and out of control. One was already derailed yesterday after children played with them. There are no brakes on these movable seats, so they become things for kids to play with. The rails slope, so the seats can’t be stopped by kids once on the move, herewith creating the serious danger of children being caught in between them and getting crushed.

The Old Port Project has cost over a million dollars and basic things like health and safety have not been taken into account? That is pretty inept management and whoever is responsible should be held accountable.

There is no need for the seats to be movable. It’s a cute idea and a bit of a gimmick, but the health and safety aspects of making them movable should have been considered well before the public was allowed to use them. I heard the builders considered them very dangerous, so was there no communication between them and the City of Fremantle officers in charge of the project? It’s pathetic really!

Roel Loopers

These heavy seats could easily crush children

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