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I almost feel sad for those people who have nothing better to do with their life than to vandalise the properties of other people. What a sad bored and empty life you must live and what a waste of this short precious time on earth it is.

Hoons decided to do wheelies on the well-kept lawn at J Shed in Fremantle’s West End. The lawn is watered in the summer months by sculptors Janet Nixon and Greg James who like to keep it in good shape, but now the big burn-out circles have made a mess of it.

Down the road in Cliff Street ugly tags have been sprayed on historic buildings, and this all comes at a substantial cost to ratepayers and property owners who have to clean up the unsightly crap.

Respect for other people and their property should be a basic value for everyone in society, no matter how stupid and bored you are. Get a life vandals!

Roel Loopers


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I had a meeting in Subiaco so had a look around and found that it has similar problems to Fremantle. There are vacant shops, graffiti, posters visual vandalism, beggars on the street and the once grande Colonade shopping centre is now a gym with only shops facing Hay Street still trading.

The parking bays were full but there is a lot of free half and one hour parking in Rokeby Road, Barker Street, Churchill Avenue and Hay Street, and the street carpark in Barker Street is first hour free and then $ 3.60 per hour.

Now before retailers start yelling I told you so and we need more free Freo parking, one has to acknowledge that free parking would be a big attraction to Notre Dame Uni students and hence probably not much help to boost the retail economy. That is a very unique problem we have in central Freo and I can’t see a solution for it.

Roel Loopers


Posted in fremantle by freoview on July 29, 2014

Most people hate TAGS, those spray painted initials by immature and disrespectful fools on buildings. TAGS are the ugly part of graffiti and cost local councils many thousands of dollars each year to clean up. Creative murals of graffiti art however are fantastic and should be encouraged.

To spray TAGS, and leaving one’s mark like a dog that urinates against trees, is illegal and incurs fines, but with recent development I wonder if we should still be worried about TAGS when SAT appears to be a far worse new form of urban vandalism.

SAT is state government initiated and sanctioned ‘graffiti’ that destroys cities and suburbs. SAT overrules local councils and makes planning departments obsolete. SAT erodes democracy because the community no longer has a say about the lifestyle they want to live and about the character of their cities. SAT dramatically and irreversibly changes the face and character of suburbs, with little regard for the wishes of the residents, ratepayers and elected council members.

Local government is invaded and pushed aside by the Western Australian State Government, who demands higher density living and forces unacceptable high-rise in low-rise city centres. Subiaco and Cottesloe will never have the same appeal again, once modern ugliness has destroyed the ambience there.

The proponents of high-rise keep assuring us that we will get iconic buildings, and that is true to some extent, because a building that totally dwarfs adjoining buildings and streets will be iconic in the sense that it sticks out like a huge eyesore. Sixteen storeys in the centre of Subi? You must be kidding!

The rationale for putting high-rise in the centres is that the buildings need to be close to public transport, shopping, etc, while these high buildings really should be built on the periphery so that they don’t destroy the uniqueness of many of the older suburbs. High-rise near the Mandurah railway station for example would make sense because, for all the wrong reasons, the station was not built in the city centre.

There is nothing wrong with higher density living. I believe it is essential because we can no longer afford the urban sprawl, as it has become far too expensive to build the infrastructure needed for it. But city planning has to be done with respect for the character of place. Sterile sameness of monotone concrete boxes is not the best solution to cope with increasing population. Far more sensitivity needs to be shown by our State Government that appears to be on an ego-driven high-rise crusade.

In Fremantle we can accommodate high-rise in the Knutsford Street. It’s a five-minute walk to public transport and an easy twenty-minute walk or five-minute bike ride into the city centre. Beaconsfield and Hilton and probably even White Gum Valley could also accommodate higher rise. Be warned though that there are a few elected members in Freo who can envisage an “iconic 21-storey building” on the Woolstores site.

People make cities. People create the ambience and lifestyle they want to live in, a place where they have a sense of belonging and where the community takes on ownership. By dismissing the wishes of the local communities, state government is making local governments irrelevant, because they can no longer decide what they want their cities to look like.

SAT is vandalism far worse than TAG and it needs to be stopped before it gets out of hand.


Roel Loopers

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Posted in art, fremantle by freoview on August 29, 2013

Rain or shine the FREMANTLE FOREVER free concert against the proposed forced local government amalgamation, will be a memorable, big and historic event. It will be known as the day when the Fremantle stood up and told State Government to not take us for granted and let us decide our own future.

This is also the opportunity to get a FREE artwork from one of Freo’s most creative graffiti artists Lady Bananas. Bring a T-Shirt and she’ll print this design on it for you. Now THAT’s a cheap Fathers Day present kids!! ; >)


Anyone spotted in the centre of Fremantle during that time this Sunday will have to attend a five hour dinner sitting between Kevin Rudd and Tony Abbott.

Roel Loopers


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Posted in fremantle by freoview on March 21, 2011

I am tired of people not caring, tired of people who believe anti-social behaviour is somehow acceptable. I am tired of seeing litter everywhere around the city I love. I am tired of the council not cleaning up the mess more often. I am tired of overflowing bins in the High Street Mall and near the Round House tourist attraction. I am tired of filthy toilets in the Town Hall, toilets stall holders at the King Square markets and tourists frequent.

I am tired of drunks and loud yelling yobbos. I am tired of aggressive people who do what they like without considering the community they live in. I am tired of the urine smell, the used condoms, the filth, vandalism, violence and graffiti. I am tired to hear people say they don’t feel safe walking the streets of Freo in the evenings. I am tired to hear the police is short staffed and can’t be everywhere.

I am tired of excuses and tired of bureaucrats who don’t give a four X about what is happening in this town, because they don’t live here, so the shit that happens here does not affect them, hence it’s low on their priority list.

But I am not tired enough to put the city on notice that if they don’t clean up their act and this city, I will officially complain to the Minister for Local Government. I did it once with the City of Nedlands and hey presto, things suddenly got done!

We have heard enough excuses and we have been putting up with it all for far too long. The decent and considerate people of Fremantle demand urgent action NOW!!

Roel Loopers

P.S. I heard some at the city consider me a trouble maker. I am not the one who makes troubles, I am one who cares about this place!

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