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FBH christmas sunday

Dec 9 J Shed open day


If you are coming into Fremantle on Sunday don’t forget that the Fishing Boat Harbour traders are putting up a special Christmas event for the next three weeks from midday on.

Performances, live music, a market, kids activities, etc.

Also on Sunday is the J Shed Open Day, just a three-minute walk from the Fishing Boat Harbour, so pop into the studios there, and while there walk up the steps to view the amazing underwater photos at the Glen Cowans photo gallery next to the Roundhouse.

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It looks as if it is going to be a nice mild Sunday so enjoy what is on offer around Fremantle.

The Growers Green big Christmas farmers markets is on from 8-12, so not only perfect for buying yummy fresh produce and breakfast but also for XMass presents.

The Bazaar at the Fremantle Arts Centre is open from 9.30 and sells local art and craft, so head out there as well.

Last but not least is the George Street East Fremantle Fair from 1-7 pm today. Great community atmosphere, live entertainment, food, Chrissie presents, just relaxing fun.

And after that take the kids to watch the sunset behind the Rainbow sculpture.

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I don’t engage in conspiracy accusations about Fremantle Council, but since the declaration of gifts to Elected Members and COF staff is on the F-POL committee meeting this Wednesday I decided to check out the Register on the COF website.

The gift declarations I could view were for the period of July 1, 2015 to March 31, 2016 and in that period not a single Councillor has declared they received tickets to concerts. That is even more remarkable since two Councillors; Pemberton and McDonald declared a conflict of interest on the recent Sunset Events/J Shed item because they had received free tickets.

The Mayor and former CEO declared they had received tickets to AFL matches. The Mayor also declared travel and accommodation gifts to seminars.

So who at COF actually monitors the Gift and Travel Register? Is the CEO responsible for it and why are Councillors not reminded about their duty to declare gifts?

This is just another lack of transparency and accountability the community gets so irate about and hence the perception remains that something is not right. Surely this can be improved with an email from the CEO to all Elected Members and staff and someone being made responsible to check that the declarations are made and entered on the Register immediately.

My question to the CEO: How many complimentary free tickets to events were given to Fremantle Councillors in the last 12 months? Who were the Elected Members concerned and why are these gifts not on the Register?

Let’s put a stop to gifts. If Elected Members and staff are required to attend events to monitor and report on them the City of Fremantle should pay for it. That way no one can ever accuse anyone at COF of repaying favours to event organisers.

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The Finance, Policy, Operations and Legislation Committee-FPOL will on Wednesday debate a new Attendance and Events policy for Elected Members and staff of the City of Fremantle.

Reading the agenda item I am not sure why there is a need for it as Regulation # 12 of the Local Government Regulations of 2007 clearly state what a gift is and what Elected Members are required to do.

The Act states that a Notifiable Gift is one between $ 50 and $ 300 over a six months period and that a Prohibited Gift is one of $ 300 or more by the same person/organisation to an Elected Member over a period of six months. Reading this I wonder why not more Fremantle Councillors have declared a conflict of interest dealing with Sunset Events related items, as two tickets each for two concerts within a six months period clearly would have exceeded $ 300.00 and also is classified as a prohibited gift.

I also believe there is a loophole that needs to be addressed, as legally it could be argued that if events promoter sign a deal with the City of Fremantle that includes free tickets and tickets are distributed by officers to community organisations, Councillors and staff members, those tickets are not directly gifts to Elected Members or staff and hence do not require disclosure and registration on the Gift Register.

That would only create more conspiracy innuendo and  not help transparency and accountability.

Stopping free tickets for Councillors would be the best to stop community suspicion, so why not rotate two elected members per event to monitor what goes on and report back to council or committees. The City pays for these tickets and the community can no longer argue that members get influenced by event operators by getting gifts in the form of tickets.

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It is interesting to read in the article by Kate Emery in the West Australian that the City of Vincent council is pushing for changes to the Local Government Act and in a motion have asked the W.A. Local Government Association-WALGA-to suggest the State Government change the act “To enhance governance, transparency, accountability and consistency.”

I am all for that as many of the gripes the Fremantle community has with Council are basically all of the above, but it also should apply to State and Federal government where inconsistent governance has become a rule rather than an exception. The community gets very annoyed about piecemeal planning and ad-hoc decision-making.

Transparency buried in spin is also highly annoying, as is hiding behind commercial confidentiality, as the Kings Square project business plan debate has shown.

The City of Vincent also wants changes to the declaration of gifts and restrict gifts to Councillors. At present the maximum gift allowed is $ 300.00 but the City of Perth would like that to be pushed up as far a $ 1,000.00 because otherwise Elected Members would not be allowed to accept free tickets to events that cost more than $ 300.00.

I believe the whole free tickets for Councillors should be scrapped and only two Councillors per event should be delegated as observers and report back to Council. I have seen Facebook posts where Councillors ask who wants to come with them and that is not the way free tickets for Elected Members should be used.

There is no doubt for me that most Councillors work very hard and that it is almost a full time job to be on Council for a remuneration of under $ 30,000 a year, but I would like to see the standards lifted, especially more consistency and much higher transparency. It would keep all the cynicism and negativity away from social media, letters to editors and blogs and that would be a good thing.

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The controversy surrounding Perth Lord Mayor Lisa Scaffidi’s junket to the Beijing Olympics and not declaring the $ 17,000 gift from BHP, together with the City of Vincent demanding that their Elected Members report all meetings with developers, made me think about accountability and transparency.

I believe it is a very good idea for Councillors to declare the meetings they have with future developers as it will take away the perception that something untoward is happening and that deals are done behind closed doors. Of course one could also question the necessity of Elected Members having to meet in person with developers as that should be the role of planning and development officers, who subsequently brief Councillors on the pros and cons of such development.

There are always unsubstantiated rumours in Fremantle and other Local Governments about improper conduct and the easiest way of getting rid of it is minimising the contact between cash-rich developers and Elected Members, and a good back up is to declare all meetings on a public register.

For transparency reasons it should also be made public which companies tender for jobs, as recent announcements of CUSP doing a study on the Perth Freight Link and Josh Byrne and Co an environmental study for the City of Fremantle have already received negative feedback in the community, because some people believe mate deals were done. These sort of rumours are not fair to the companies who won the tender and the City officers involved, so let’s bring it all out into the open.

As for not declaring very expensive free flights, accommodation, meals and tickets to world events, one can only wonder if someone like the Lord Mayor of Perth should retain her position. The Minister for Local Government should make an urgent ruling on it.

The City of Fremantle should follow the lead of the City of Vincent and make it compulsory for Councillors to report contact with developers, be that face to face, by email, snail mail or phone. It is basically good and transparent practise.

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Many 6160

I wandered through MANY 6160, the retail incubator in the former MYER building at Fremantle Kings Square on Friday and it was the busiest I have seen it since it opened just over a year ago. That came as no surprise because the enormous eclectic and fun variety of creative ware is a real delight to browse through. There is art and fashion, and homeware and stuff, things, hundreds of quirky presents one could buy for Christmas, a birthday, or just for oneself.

It is really worth the trip because there is something for everyone’s taste at Many 6160 and the ambience is great and relaxing.

Have a wander and support the local new young businesses!

Roel Loopers

No, I don’t get paid for this promo. Just love the idea of the Many 6160 concept. ; >)



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Buy small for Christmas

Christmas decorations are already popping up so have a thought about where you are buying your presents this year. Don’t do it the easy-and lazy-way by going to a sterile shopping centre, but instead take some time and explore all those hidden treasure retailers that Fremantle has.

Have a wander down High Street and side streets, check out the malls, Wray Ave and the shops in South Freo, and also make a trip to George Street in East Fremantle.

Why not get family portraits done with a Freo theme by Freo’s one and only Roel Loopers ( or buy gift vouchers for Roel’s Fremantle Photo Tours for all your office staff. You could even book a group tour for an afternoon of creative fun that ends at sunset at Bathers Beach, just in time for a cold drink at the Bathers Beach House tavern.

Send me an email at or call 0419 850981



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tram 1 tram 2


I met the two young Freo designers Tamsin Richardson and Amy Moffatt this morning who started TRAM, creating prints, note and sketch books, etc.

They operate out of a lovely studio above Kakulas Sisters in Fremantle Market Street. You can see and buy their art at the Fremantle Arts Centre and Kings Park shops, and other outlets, so check them out on line: if you want to buy a Freo inspired gift.

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Channel Nine will be filming the Fremantle Bathers Beach Sunset Food Markets this Saturday at 5.30pm so be there and get your face on TV!

The markets will run from 5-9pm and will have a huge variety of international food plus art and craft stalls. The artists studios at J Shed will be open, and Glen Cowans and Mutima Arthouse, the artists from Captain’s Lane, will come down to the J Shed market location with a stall.

There is a lot of FREE parking opposite J Shed on Fleet Street at TAFE, just before the South Mole, so come along Phillimore Street and chuck a left just past Cliff Street.

The markets is twice the size of last year’s one and runs from Kidogo Arthouse south to J Shed north. There will live music at two locations and camel rides on the beach, so come and have some real relaxing family fun, eat great food, and browse for Christmas presents!

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