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In October 2009, so nine years ago, I decided to start this Freo’s View blog, and what a labour of love it has become.

I daily wander and drive the streets of our lovely city to look for things to photograph and write about, and I attend most Fremantle Council and council committee meetings, precinct and community consultation meetings, etc.

In the nine years of Freo’s View I have published 9,200 blog posts and close to 30,000 comments by the public, so the blog has become an important community forum.

I started the blog as a community service and don’t make any money from it, because the integrity of the blog is more important than trying to make money through advertising.

There is no political agenda, no agenda whatsoever! I am only interested in getting the best for Freo, the city I love and am very passionate about.

If I know something happens in Fremantle I will blog about it, so keep me informed about new ventures, events, concerts, art exhibitions, etc.etc. Just email

Thank you all for your support, and keep those comments coming!

Roel Loopers


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In case you wonder seeing this advertisement on the bottom of my blog posts, it is unpaid promotion for my good mate Henty, who has supported me a lot over the last few years.

I have resisted paid ads on this blog to make sure no one can question the integrity. I can’t be bought. ; >)

Roel Loopers


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My apologies to regular Freo’s View readers who missed out on new posts yesterday. My WordPress account was compromised and it took 24 hours for WP to repair the problem.

Back on line again and a few more posts to come today, but first coffee!

See you later!

Roel Loopers



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Fremantle Society president John Dowson has sent yet another rant to the poor members of FS, accusing me of only wanting to be popular, because the narrow-minded no change advocate does not agree with what I publish on Freo’s View.

Mr President writes: The Heritage Council is a developer’s club, the National Trust is useless as an advocate, the Fremantle Herald cannot lead campaigns on its own, and the very few public commentators like the blogger Roel Loopers are only concerned with being popular.

I started this blog eight and a half years ago as a community forum, that does not create income for me. I spend many hours a week going to council, community and precinct meetings, talk to residents, do research, etc. and I do it because I love Fremantle and I love living here. I want to help make Freo an even better place than it already is for future generations.

Unlike Mr President I don’t try to be in the Fremantle Herald every week with negativity about Fremantle Council, developers, etc.

Unlike Mr President I don’t give negative lectures about Fremantle on cruise ships where I blast Fremantle development and Council.

Unlike Mr President I have written 33 positive reviews about Fremantle businesses and attractions for TripAdvisor, that were read by nearly 16,000 people last month. All because I believe that we all can make a small difference and support our local traders.

Unlike Mr President I don’t drive around in latest model Porsches while wanting the rest of Fremantle to still go by horse&cart, and unlike Mr President I’ll do everything I can to support good change, good development and good progress, because I don’t believe that living in the past and retaining the status quo is fair for future generations.

As for my perceived popularity; some people appreciate what I do for our community and others don’t, and so be it. I gain nothing personally or financially from my community involvement.

I am a volunteer tourist guide at the Roundhouse, unlike Mr President doing paid  lectures on cruise ships where he tries to sell his books.

It’s not about popularity John Dowson. It’s about integrity! You should try it.

Roel Loopers



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yellow reflection


I have received a few emails in the last few days from people who want to follow this Freo’s View blog and receive email notification whenever I publish a new post.

It is pretty simple. On the right bottom side is a little CUSTOMIZE window. Open it and click on FOLLOW and c’est ca, as the French say.

All blog posts also automatically go to Twitter and Facebook, so if you prefer that just follow me on Twitter or befriend me on Facebook.

Freo’s View is very popular and has many followers but I can only write about things I know about, so if something interesting is happening, if you are organising an event, exhibition, open a new shop, etc. please do inform me by sending an email to My blog is a free not for profit community service!

I photographed the yellow art reflection around lunchtime today.

Roel Loopers



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A comment to this blog accused me of receiving kick-backs from the MATCH Group because I published a post yesterday about their new development in South Fremantle.

I have previously also reported on Match’s Heirloom and Energy Museum developments, as I have reported the development plans of Silverleaf Investments, Sirona Capital and others.

Fact is that I try to report on anything that happens in Fremantle, be that development, the opening of new shops, bars, cafes, art exhibitions, events and concerts, etc. that are happening. If I know about it I will report it. It’s as simple as that.

I do the same on Facebook and Trip Advisor and try to support local traders, but I have never asked for, expected, or received payment from businesses I have reported about.

I do not get free coffees or meals in cafes, free tickets to events, or brown paper bags filled with cash from developers.

My own integrity and the integrity of this blog is extremely important to me, that’s why you don’t see advertising on Freo’s View, although God knows how much I could do with some additional income above the meagre $ 730 a fortnight old age pension I receive.

Roel Loopers


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It’s FREO’S VIEW seventh birthday today and I am pretty proud that my blog has become so popular in Fremantle.

The first two and a half years were hard and I published for only a handful of readers but now there are hundreds of followers and many regular readers, up to 10,000 a week!

In the last seven years I published 6,891 posts and thousands of photos promoting businesses, events, festivals, etc. and reporting on Council business.

It takes a lot of commitment to publish articles every day of the week and it requires me to be out and about in Freo daily and talk to a lot of people, and I rely on receiving information from the community about what goes on, what is planned and what they like and don’t like about our city.

I have published hundreds of comments, good and bad, as I tried to make Freo’s View a community forum. Some regular commenters decided to pull out when I asked for balance, fairness and no personal attacks, but I believe one can harshly criticise the City of Fremantle without name-calling.

I will continue to critically scrutinise Fremantle Council and the administration, but also give credit when credit is due. I will also keep fighting for good, beautiful and appropriate development and oppose ugly boring boxes.

Keep me in the loop on what goes on in Freo so that I can keep the community in the loop.

Thank you all for supporting Freo’s View. It’s a labour of love for which I do not charge a single cent.

Roel Loopers


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It was interesting to hear, while I was being interviewed on RTRFM radio yesterday morning about unacceptable mediocre development in the Fremantle inner city, that the 5-storey development proposal for 18-22 Adelaide Street has now become a significant development and that the period for submissions will therefore be extended.

It is beyond me that the City of Fremantle Planning Department believed that a five-storey development in the heart of the heritage city, opposite Freo’s oldest church St John’s and the historic Townhall could be of low significance to the community.

I was the first on Freo’s View on September 27 to report about this under the headline “Outrageous ugliness proposed for Kings Square.” I followed that up with an article two days later about the unacceptable mediocrity of most buildings proposed for the Fremantle CBD.

Interesting to note in that regard that the Fremantle Society claims the front page of the Fremantle Herald and two letters from FS to the CoF changed the mind of the City of Fremantle planners, when they should have given credit that it was Freo’s View who disclosed the plans first.

Because it is now a significant development we can now also show an artist drawing of the proposal that shows three storeys of set-back square boxes with balconies, above the heritage facade, that make no reference to the vertical lines of the neighbouring buildings and the general vertical character of heritage buildings in Fremantle. It’s not good enough and the plans should be withdrawn and redrawn!

If only all architects had the values of Perth architect Jean-mic Perrine who states on his company’s website that he tells his co-workers that they have a duty to create beauty and that mediocre buildings are not an option. Amen to that!

Roel Loopers



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I am going to have a bit of a rant, the kind of grumpy old man whinge someone who cares needs to have now and then to clear the air and let steam off, and I want to make some points to those who read this blog.

Freo’s View was not conceived as a council bashing forum where NIMBYS who don’t like any change in Fremantle can make uninformed accusations against elected members and the administration. It was not meant to be a platform for the ignorant who use social media to spew bile about those of us who care and try to make a positive difference to our community.

It was also not meant to give a voice to those who never attend council meetings but who are adamant that Fremantle councillors are just puppets on a string who do whatever Mayor Brad Pettitt tells them to do.

Freo’s View is meant to be a blog where I try to inform you in a fair, balanced and unbiased way on what goes on in the city I love; the good and the bad things. It is a blog that tries to make a positive difference, where I report on events, new businesses, council meetings, etc. If it happens in Fremantle I hope I will know about it and publish it here.

What I am not going to do however is a relentless broad swipe attack on anything Fremantle Council does, because unlike some I do not believe that this is the worst council we ever had. I am for example delighted to finally see a lot of development in the inner city, something not seen for over twenty years!

I have been accused of being too negative about Freo Council and I have been accused of being a Council lap dog who is on a promise by the Mayor to get on Council. Clearly the latter comes from someone who does not even understand that the Mayor only has one vote to elect a councillor in the ward he lives in.

I have been attacked by the former CEO who told me he was tired of me calling for his head, while members of the community attacked me for being too lenient and Council friendly. I have been called, left, green, a do-gooder, a bleeding heart. I have also been accused of getting paid by Sirona Capital to write positively about Kings Square, while that company’s managing director probably hates my guts because I have often questioned why it has taken so long for the development to get started.

Those who believe they have a god given right to see no changes in the suburbs they live in because their family has a long tradition there will probably be disappointment with my support for change and good infill. Those who don’t like festivals and events in the inner city but also complain Council does not do enough to support our traders, will find I don’t agree with them often, and those who want Council to do more for less will just need to get a sense of reality, because when everything gets more expensive governments will somehow have to accommodate that by increasing rates, parking fees, etc. That is the simple reality of life some people do not want to accept.

Everyone can have a say on Freo’s View as long as it is not defamatory or racist, but I encourage you all to make informed comments and make the effort to actually know what goes on at Council and come to meetings, so that you get inside knowledge of local council democracy.

I endeavour to keep this blog fair and balanced. If I believe Council deserves criticism because of decisions they make or for being inconsistent I will do so with passion, but I will also give credit when credit is due and when I agree with decisions our Councillors make. Fremantle Council is not the enemy of the community and I am most certainly not the enemy of Mayor Brad Pettitt and the City of Fremantle administration.

If you don’t like fairness and balance than this blog might not be for you, and that is perfectly fine by me. I do things my way and for one reason only, and that is to try to make a tiny positive difference and make Fremantle an even better place than it already is.

Fremantle is not the dump some of you claim it to be and if you prefer the soulless lifestyle of Cockburn I recommend you make a move, because Freo will always be different, special, quirky and controversial, and it will change, no matter how hard many in the community try to stop progress.

Have a great day!

Roel Loopers


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Thank you so much you weird and wonderful people of Fremantle and beyond for increasingly supporting this Freo’s View blog.

Yesterday’s visitors’ numbers of 7,056 were an absolute record in the five and a half years of Freo’s View and a vindication of all the hard work and commitment I put in to keep this blog relevant, up to date and interesting, and ideally a wee bit controversial and weird.

High fives for all who participate with comments and who send me information about what is going on in good old Freo! Thank you.

Roel Loopers

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