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The plans for a new clubhouse at Fremantle Park on Parry Street can finally go ahead after Fremantle Council approved it on Wednesday.

The clubhouse will become the new home for the Fremantle Workers Club, Fremantle Tennis Club and Fremantle Bowling Club which will share the two-storey premises.

The City of Fremantle also plans to build a public carpark next to it to accommodate inner city parking.

The $ 4,4 million project will be paid for by the Workers Club, the CoF and the Department of Sport and Recreation.

The Fremantle Workers Club will pay $ 1.85 million, as will the City. The State Department will pay $ 400,000, and Fremantle City will pay another $ 300,000 for the public carpark, if the use is approved by the state.

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It is fantastic to hear the Western Australian government has had a change of heart and has approved to fund $400,000 toward the building of a new community centre at Fremantle Park,  through the annual CSRFF-Community Sporting and Recreation Facilities Fund- grants.

A year ago the combined efforts by the Fremantle Workers, Fremantle Tennis, Fremantle Bowling clubs and the City of Fremantle was unsuccessful in trying to receive State Government funding but this year the community clubs are delighted that the City has been successful in its application.

There is a lot of residential development going on in the east CBD of Fremantle and that could well benefit the clubs and guarantee a rosy future, with more members helping to revitalise them.

Well done all who lobbied the State and got this great result!


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The Fremantle Tennis Club at Parry Street has put some lovely, quirky and endearing figures on their fance and is crying out to JOIN THE FAMILY!

They are having an OPEN DAY on October 10 from 2 pm, so go and join the fun and become part of the community group.

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Coming home this evening from the Fremantle monthly Council meeting and watching the very funny UTOPIA on ABC TV straight after that I thought that often reality is funnier than satiric fiction.

I would not attend as many Council and Council committee meetings as I can, and I would not stand for Council at the October election, if I did not believe local government democracy is extremely important, but tonight I shook my head in disbelief as the Elected Members went on and on…. and on about what Councils three most important priorities are when applying for Lotterywest funding. And a bloody difficult and near impossible decision it was to make, and it did not help either that the Director was not much help.

Is the relocation of the Men’s Shed, one that most local governments would fund themselves, the number one priority for Fremantle when talking to Lotterywest to get money, or is it the proposal by the Fremantle Tennis and Bowling clubs to build a new clubhouse at Fremantle Park together with the Fremantle Workers Club? Or could it just remotely be the massive $ 4 million development of Cantonment Hill, a huge Kings Park-like area that will become an enormous attraction for tourists and locals? Hard to decide hey. Well, one would think not when one sits in the public gallery with other people who have a grain of common sense, but our Freo Councillors managed to just keep talking and asking more questions and changing the wording of motions.  It could have been an episode of Utopia or Yes Minister.

I think they agreed at the end that Cantonment Hill, one of the biggest projects Fremantle will undertake for years, is the number one priority and that the other two come second and third. And all that for funding from a State agency that is not guaranteed.

It would have helped the Elected Members if the officers had given more precise recommendations and information and it would have saved a lot of time and boredom.

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The Fremantle Workers Club is moving from Henry Street to Fremantle Oval to share space with the South Fremantle Football Club until a new building at the Fremantle Tennis Club will be built.

So this coming weekend is the very last weekend in the Workers Club’s traditional home, so go and say goodbye. President Don Whittington emailed following information about the entertainment:

This Friday evening, Acid-Tea, our favourite ukelele band have agreed to play for us again. We had such a fantastic time last Friday and they must have done as well. The Café will be open with a limited menu from 6 to 8pm.

On Sunday, one of our most popular bands, Déjà Vu, are playing from 1.30- 5pm so we expect another large crowd. Then the Zydecats will play their final gig at the Club from 6pm-9pm. All the band will be there which is great news and it is sure to be an evening that you won’t forget.

We are putting on a special Sunday roast lunch at 12.30pm, prepared by Bill and Norma of Village Caterers. It will include Roast Pork. Roast Beef and a fantastic choice of vegetables: see the attached menu. The cost will be: $25 members and $30 guests and we need you to pay in advance, so we can be sure of numbers. Could you please pay at the Club by Friday night or give us a call: 9335 1840. In the evening the Café will be open for the Zydecats from 5.30pm to 7.30pm: a limited menu, including grilled and battered fish and vegetarian lasagne.

The Club will start operating from South Fremantle Football Club next Wednesday November 19th. Don’t forget to carry your membership card with you and you will be pleased to see staff that you already know from Henry St. Opening hours will be the same except that they will open at 10am – one hour earlier- on Saturdays. Relocating the TAB is a complicated process which will start on Wednesday 19th but it won’t be open at SFFC until Wednesday 26th.

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