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The Fremantle General Dental Clinic has now moved to Fremantle Hospital after the WA State Government spent $ 2.99 million on the relocation of the clinic, which was on the corner of Parry Street.

The service has not only been relocated but improved and expanded.

The new clinic has nine treatment rooms, a dental laboratory, sterilisation areas and staff support rooms. It will offer patients:

  • Dental examinations and assessments;
  • Radiographic examinations and interpretation;
  • Preventive and prophylactic services;
  • Periodontics;
  • Extractions and minor oral surgery procedures; and
  • Fillings, dentures and some crown and bridge services.

Dental care in the new Fremantle Hospital clinic is only available to eligible patients, such a people who have a Pensioner or Health Care Card,

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The staff at the Member for Fremantle, Minister Simone McGurk‘s office were far too polite to point out to me that I need to see an optometrist as I clearly urgently need spectacles.

The always kind Mat at the electoral office in Freo made me aware that there is a big sign at Fremantle Hospital that announces the relocation of the Fremantle Dental Clinic to the hospital, which is very good news. I drive by the hospital many times a day but failed to notice the sign. So much for being a very observant photographer, hey.

The City of Fremantle has sold the current home of the FDC on the corner of Holdsworth and Parry streets, so there was concern in the community that people on health and social benefit cards would have nowhere to go in our port city for free dental treatment.

The new clinic will have nine dental rooms, public waiting, staff support and administration and will be on the fifth floor of B Block.

Thank you Simone McGurk for following that up for me and pointing out the relocation is in the 2017/18 State budget.

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Freo Hospital urgent care clinic


It is good to hear from Fremantle Labor by-election candidate Josh Wilson that opposition leader Bill Shorten has pledged to invest $ 5 million in Fremantle Hospital if Labor wins next year’s federal election.

Bill Shorten announced that Fremantle Hospital would get a walk in clinic for urgent medical care, that would help take the strain away from the emergency department of Fiona Stanley Hospital.

Fremantle lost its emergency department three years ago and thousands of Freo people have to travel to Fiona Stanley for immediate care and outpatient clinics.

Fremantle’s urgent care clinic would open seven days a week and stay open later than most GP practises and deal with non life threatening cases.

I have no doubt that the traders in Wray Avenue would love to see more activity at Fremantle Hospital as it would be a boost for their businesses.

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Jeff McDonald

Jeff McDonald is the first Fremantle candidate to nominate for the October Local Government election for the Hilton/Samson Ward.

Jeff is the Manager Medical Workforce at Fremantle Hospital so the ideal person to put a bandaid around the pain Freo Council sometimes causes in the community.

I have no idea if Jeff is aligned to any of the political parties or if he is a true independent, but we’ll find out more about him in the next three months.

Good on you Jeff for stepping up and caring enough about our community to try to take on such a responsibility!

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It is good to see something positive coming out of something bad, and that happened after the horrendous alleged murder of a mother in Fremantle’s Stevens Street. The mum had taken her son for assessment to the Allen Street Mental Health Clinic but because they got there after it closed at 8 pm she could not get them to treat her son. As a consequence of the tragedy the Minister for Health has announced that the clinic will now stay open two hours longer till 10 pm.

In an ideal world there should be a 24/7 facility for mental health patients and I wonder if that will happen after te closure of the Fremantle Hospital emergency ward and an upgrade of the mental health ward.

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About 30 people protested this morning against the closure of the Emergency Department of Fremantle Hospital. Labor Member for Fremantle Simone McGurk was there, as was Shadow Minister for Health Roger Cook and MP Melissa Parke.

The department closed at 7 this morning, the same time as the new emergency department at the Fiona Stanley Hospital opened in Murdoch. Strangely at 11 am one sign to the emergency department there was still covered and roving reporter Gideon Digbey told me there were no significant signs to Emergency on South Street and Murdoch Drive.

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The Emergency Department at Fremantle Hospital closed at 7 am this morning. It has been fenced off and workers were changing the signs. Freo residents and visitors will now have to drive to the Emergency Department of the new Fiona Stanley Hospital in Murdoch if they need urgent care.

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The downgrading of Fremantle Hospital and the closure of the Emergency Department is in full swing today. A fleet of ambulances are transporting patients to the new Fiona Stanley Hospital in Murdoch all day today. Motorcycle police are doing the traffic control on the corner of Hampton Road and Ellen Street and South Street and Solomon Street and all along the route to Murdoch.

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It is true that Fremantle is with its back to the wall and it looks like it might get worse before we see major economic improvement, but we need to hang in there and not despair, and not let the pressure get to us.

Mayor Brad Pettitt is right that it is not acceptable that State Government pours millions of dollars into the Perth CBD and other local councils, but has done very little for Fremantle for decades. WA’s second city has to do it all on its own like and unloved step daughter, without any support from the State’s major political parties. The Liberal and Labor parties, when in government, don’t care much about Fremantle and that needs to change fast!

Early next year 1900 jobs will be lost at Fremantle Hospital and there is no doubt this will affect cafes and retailers in the area. It might even mean hospital staff relocating closer to their new workplace Fiona Stanley Hospital.

The delay of the Kings Square development is not helpful and that is something where Premier Colin Barnett could show that he is serious about supporting Fremantle. It should not take two years to make a decision on a government department moving to the port city and the delay is seriously hurting Fremantle, so come on, Premier, give us some good news!

What Fremantle Council should not do however is panic and allow unacceptable development that disregards Fremantle’s unique character and heritage. It should not bend over backward to accommodate developers who promise the world with unsubstantiated claims of leased-out office floors, major retailers, etc. just so Council will accept mediocre buildings that have no place in our city.

It is about pride, courage and integrity. It is always easier to surrender and give in to demands when one is in trouble, but giving in now to fast track development is going to be damaging to Freo in the long term. And who guarantees that landlords will charge reasonable rents in a difficult economic climate. Retailers are leaving because of high rent demands they can’t afford to pay.

This Council made the right calls that Fremantle needed economic development and resurgence, that it needed to be invigorated with modern new buildings, more inner city residents, retailers and office space, and all the ground work for that has been done. Now it needs to relax and not panic. Fremantle Council needs to remain strong and reject development proposals that will ruin what visitors to Fremantle find so special about this place. Giving in to unreasonable demands of poor building design, excessive bulk and height simply because we are desperate to see new buildings going up, is not good governance and would damage the long term future of our city.

I hope our Elected Members consider this when voting on the Atwell Arcade development proposal at Wednesday’s special council meeting. Only approve the building when all the Design Advisory Committee’s concerns have been met by the proponent. Nothing else is good enough for Fremantle.

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Customs House

The beautiful Fremantle Customs House on the corner of Phillimore and Henry streets is for sale, so who knows this could be another opportunity to adapt the building into residential or a hotel.

The Customs, Centrelink and Health Departments do have short-term leases in the building, so let’s see what the future brings.

The down grading of Fremantle Hospital will see a large number of staff move to the new Fiona Stanley Hospital in Murdoch, so Freo needs to make up for the loss of people somehow, as that will affect the economy and livelihood of cafes in the area.

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