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French President Emmanuel Macron has suggested that the famous French breadstick Baguette should be heritage listed, so I was wondering what great food items we in Australia could put on the world heritage list.

No doubt that the good old meat pie and sausage roll are favourites, and probably the chiko roll is still up there for some, although I have never eaten one.

Anzac biscuits are a safe bet for heritage listing, and in our seaside town of Fremantle fish&chips is a must. Or if we want to stick with bread like the French president, why not Bread Pettitt?

As a multicultural society we probably also claim pizza and sushi as Australian food.

Any other suggestions? ; >)


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Fr 1


The first thing I do most mornings is drive onto the Fremantle South Mole to have a look at the activity in port.

This morning a French navy frigate arrived and turned around in the harbour, so here some photos of it.

I did not find anything about the vessel on the Fremantle Port website, so don’t know the name of the ship or the duration of her stay in port.


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The very thoughtful Fremantle Roundhouse volunteer guides raised the French flag this morning in solidarity with the people of France, after the horrendous terrorist attack in the city of Nice where at least 80 people got killed.

Let there be no doubt that these sick sadists who kill innocent people do not defend the honour of their god Allah but in fact insult the Islam religion. The millions of peaceful Muslims around the world are as much in horror about these attacks as the rest of us. Violence never brings solutions but only creates more hatred and more wars.

My heart bleeds for the people of France and the families and loved ones of those who died and got injured.

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Since I am involved with the SWAN RIVER COMMUNITY MARKETS at the Perth Belltower I am going to promote it now and then here on Freo’s View in the hope to entice some of my readers to make the epic journey across the mighty Swan into the big smoke.

The markets is on again tomorrow from 8 am till 1 pm and there is also the inaugural Bonjour French festival in Langley Park, so you could combine both events and make it a day out.

It will also give you the opportunity to check out the quite spectacular Elizabeth Quay development!

Take the train from the Murdoch train station to the Esplanade or from the Fremantle train station to Perth, or for the more adventurous drive to South Perth and hop on the ferry to Barrack Street. It will be fun!

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The amazing FREMANTLE CHAMBER ORCHESTRA is ten years old and will be celebrating with a concert at the Freo Townhall this Sunday July 26 at 3 pm. Mozart, Bruch, Beethoven and Schubert are on the musical menu so don’t miss it.

Swiss born Hans Hug established the FCO in 2005 and it has been a labour of love for the cellist whose nervous energy and dedication has inspired many young musicians to join the orchestra. They often play for next to nothing and only for love because there has been no substantial funding to support the FCO. In my opinion it has been one of the shortcomings of the City of Fremantle to not embrace the FCO and financially support it and guarantee its future.

I have been to many FCO concerts and the beauty often left me with tears in my eyes as the sublime music touches the soul and one is astounded that musicians so young can be that good.

Paris-based Ollivier-Phillipe Cuneo, who was the conductor of the very first Fremantle Chamber Orchestra performance, will be returning to Fremantle to conduct Sunday’s performance and the one on Saturday at the Perth Town Hall.

Tickets are $ 39.00 for adults, concessions $ $ 33.00 and under 17 years $ 20.00

Saturday July 25. Perth Town Hall. 3 pm. Sunday July 26. Fremantle Townhall. 3 pm



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I had numerous requests to post the photos of the Fremantle farewell of the PIAF Giant Puppets as a slideshow so here they are.

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The Giant Puppets are on their way back to France after an amazing success at the Perth International Arts Festival-PIAF that attracted hundreds of thousands of people and challenged the public transport in Perth.

Today thousands came to the Swan River foreshore to say goodbye to the huge marionettes. The sound of didgeridoos announced the progress of the barge along the river.

The Girl and the Diver were also accompanied by a large flotilla of boats  to the East Street jetty in Fremantle, where the puppets were put on the back of trucks to be driven to the port.

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I have been wondering for a long time what it is that makes so many people believe they are superior to others. My thoughts have been going there for years. Why are people racist, why do people believe their god, their culture, their skin tone is superior? And it does not stop there because it happens in schools and in the workplace and on our roads. People become bullies because they believe they are superior to others, they kill because they believe their religion and their god are superior and that they should punish those inferiors who dare to believe in a different god and who have a different culture

The West Australian reports today about an increase in road accidents involving cyclists, who end up badly hurt under trucks and four-wheel drives, mainly because motorists believe they are superior to other road users. It’s not often ones sees a car give way to pedestrians when rounding a corner, although that is a requirement.

Religious zealots around the world believe they have a god-given right to kill people and kids believe it is okay to defame and humiliate other children on social media, because society is becoming more righteous and selfish. The ME society is more about ego than about sharing and tolerance. Lack of respect for others makes people feel superior and hence they don’t care about the consequences of their actions. Killing an ‘infidel’ or a cyclist is no big deal for those whose arrogance is disproportionate to their intelligence. Inconsiderate speeding hoons terrorise our roads daily while religious terrorists go on rampages to prove points their prophets have never made.

What we don’t seem to understand is that we are all just ripples in the big pond of life and that our self-importance is basically silly. Life is like a market with many stalls and there would not be a market if there were only one single stall, run by someone with a big over-inflated ego. It is a very simple message really, but one that many people don’t seem to get.

Share and care, show empathy instead of judgment, show love not hate, embrace and don’t reject. Have enough confidence to respect other gods and cultures because it won’t diminish the importance of your god and your belief. Your car does not make you the owner of the roads or superior to cyclists, so slow down, give way, take care, and show that you care!

The world is a grandiose place of immense beauty and there is enough of it for all of us to share, no matter what we look like or believe in. Let’s go out there each and every day and show that we care and that we value the lives of everyone.

Je suis Charlie. R.I.P.

Roel Loopers


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I have not seen all the Fremantle Street Art Festival acts yet, but I have found my absolute favourite in the French group La Fausse Company and their performance Le Chant Des Pavillons, which is inspired by Shaun Tan‘s book The Arrival.

This is great theatrical stuff with weird instruments and old fashion clothing, that takes one out of the comfort zone somehow with beautiful music that is very endearing. I’d probably describe it best as gentle anarchism.

I highly recommend you go and see it tomorrow. They start from the Esplanade Hotel at noon and from the Town Hall and 2 and wander down the streets, stop, do weird and wonderful things and move on. It’s quite unforgettable.

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aqua art






By chance I happened to come across City of Fremantle Street Art Festival director Alex Marshall standing waist-deep in the Fishing Boat Harbour together with members of the French group ACQUACOUSTIQUE, who will be performing Concert in Sea Minor there over the long weekend.

Alex showed his dedication to the event by helping to put down some pallets for the artists to perform on, so they are slightly more elevated out of the water. Great commitment, Mister Marshall!! Alex is the topless one, by the way

Roel Loopers


I got it wrong! Of course South Terrace is closed for traffic on the weekend, not Marine Terrace as I reported previously. Sorry!!!


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