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Posted in fremantle by freoview on March 28, 2012

The FOTOFREO 2012 WA Life photo competition winners have been announced. Unfortunately I have been unable to get hold of the winning photos, so maybe someone from FotoFreo could email them to be, so I can publish them here.

Mike Wishart won with his photo Fishing Freo Harbour and received the $ 5000.00 prize, while Melinda Ison-Poor was runner up with her image The Swan Moment.

Total prize pool was $ 10,000.00. WA Life attracted entries from 100 photographers and 203 photos were selected for judging. The competition photos was shown all over Fremantle on shop windows.

There are stunning shows at this year’s FotoFreo! Don’t miss the ones in the Maritime Museum, the Midland Railway Workshops, the Moores building, and the Buffalo Club!!

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Posted in fremantle by freoview on March 23, 2012

Me old Kalgoorlie mate Bob and I trained it from Fremantle to Midland and Perth today to have a look at more FotoFreo 2012 shows. First stop were the old Midland Railway Workshops to check out Divergence: Photographs from Elsewhere. This is a show by over sixty photographers and it is overwhelming in it’s quantity. There are so many photos that it is hard to pick the good ones from the less good ones, but there are very many very stunning images there that are worth the train trip to the east.

I must again stress though that like the Walkley exhibition in Fremantle’s Moores Building, there are just far too many photos in this show and the curators should have been more selective, or split up the show over different venues.

Disappointing also the lack of signage to the Workshops. There is no FotoFreo sign even in front of the gates of the Workshops, let alone one near the train station to direct people to the exhibition.

From there back on the train to Perth to the Central Gallery at TAFE. I liked Eva Fernandez‘ moody photos of building ruins, that stell stories of past lives, and liked the still waterscapes by Juha Tolonen.

At Turner Galleries I was impressed with the photos of Bronek Kozka in Reconstruction of Memory. These are all very well set up, composed, and lit images of life. One set of four photos tells the story of an apparently boring evening of four people, while a triptych shows life in a Chinese restaurant.

After the Turner show came the turn-off at PICA in Hijacked III: Contemporary Photography from Australia & the UK. It was the disappointment of the day for me as I found most of the stuff very pretentious. Bob wasn’t impressed with it either.

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Posted in fremantle by freoview on March 21, 2012

My good friend Bob Sommerville, who is a Fremantle designer and photography fanatic, spent six days in Jordan with French artist Geraldine Sevrain. The result of their creative trip is now a FotoFreo 2012 exhibition at Carlos’ Round House Cafe at 1 Little High Street in Fremantle.

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Posted in fremantle by freoview on March 21, 2012

Alastair McNaughton‘s FotoFreo 2012 exhibition Shacks opened last night at Greg James J Shed Studio in Fremantle. A large crowd turned up and enjoyed the atmosphere of the studio gallery, and appreciated the speech by well known Fremantle photographer, raconteur and socialite Roger Garwood.

Shacks is good documentary photography about the Naval Base shacks near Kwinana. I would have liked to see a few moody early morning, late afternoon and evening shots, as that would have made the show more complete, but it is a good quality example of photojournalism.

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