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Well, well, well. This is surprising and very disappointing and I wonder what criteria were followed by the Fremantle Chamber of Commerce to have  and Election Forum about the Fremantle economy that only includes the candidates for City Ward and Hilton Ward.

That is extremely discriminatory and very offensive to all the other candidates in the other Wards who were not invited.  What was the selection of candidates based on I wonder. Blue eyes? Blond hair? Knowing someone who knows someone? It’s disgraceful as it makes the candidates in the other Wards look third rate and second class who have no idea about the economy.

This is from the Fremantle Network Facebook page:

The Fremantle Chamber of Commerce presents the 2015 Local Government Election Forum – Building The Fremantle Economy.

Local Government candidates for the City and Hilton wards will be stating their case to members of the business community about how their candidacy and platform will contribute to making Fremantle a better place to do business.

Roel Loopers

ROEL FOR FREO! Beaconsfield Ward. Truly Independent.

Written and authorised by Roel Loopers of 5 Maxwell Street, Beaconsfield 6162.


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Three community concerns got most of the attention at last night’s Election Forum for the Beaconsfield and Hilton Wards. Trees, tiny houses and traffic were discussed most, and rubbish left on verges for months.

We want more trees, protect the ones we’ve got better, and don’t kill all of them whenever we develop a piece of land. And more care could be taken about our parks and public green spaces in general.

Tiny houses filling up back yards were also a concern. What about social issues, noise, parties and parking and putting dwellings in green spaces will reduce the green lungs of our suburbs, will remove more trees and bushes and might create more problems than solutions. How many tiny structures should Council allow in a backyard, what about the design and visual appearance of them?

The Hilton townsite traffic problems and the danger of crossing South Street between Hilton Fresh and IGA at Paget Street was a serious concern. How can we slow motorists down and actually make them stop at red traffic lights near the pedestrian crossing. Visual communication through large planter boxes, etc. need to make people aware Hilton is not a four-lane semi-industrail area but one where the community goes shopping.

Community forums before elections are very important for the community to let candidates know what their concerns are and ask questions. There is one this Thurday for South Ward at the LOCAL, former Seaview Hotel from 7 and one on October 8 at the Fremantle Tennis Club for City Ward, so go and take part!

If candidates are more interested to tell the electorate what they are going to do instead of listening to the electorate telling them what they should be doing, community consultation is not happening. If they have all the answers without knowing the questions, be aware of fast talking candidates who fill up the forums and waste time with self importance.

Roel Loopers


Written and authorised by Roel Loopers. 5 Maxwell Street. Beaconsfield 6162


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I received the very first City of Fremantle PULSE magazine in the letterbox this morning and am wondering about the timing of it. Only two weeks ago we saw a huge wrap around in the Fremantle Herald spruiking all the great development Fremantle is getting.

Call me a cynic anytime, but is it really coincidental that the City is heavily promoting its achievements and virtues so short before the Local Government Elections, or is this an underhand way of supporting the sitting members by letting the community know how much they have achieved? Maybe the Electoral Commision should have a good look at it.

A recent personal experience where I was talked into not opening a public forum by an Elected Member who lied me straight in the face does not give me much confidence that there is no manipulation going on behind the scenes to keep and support the sitting members, and that would be unacceptable manipulation of the democratic process in Fremantle.

Roel Loopers

ROEL FOR FREO!. Beaconsfield Ward. Truly Independent.

Authorised and written by Roel Loopers. 5 Maxwell Street. Beaconsfield 6162.


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There was an interesting Future Freo public forum by the Committee for Perth at Notre Dame University today with speakers UWA Professor Matthew Tonts, city development expert and author of Urbanism without Effort Chuck Wolfe of Seattle, COP chair Marion Fulker and Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt.

It is about the “diversity of thought” Fulker said and that is a good base to start from I believe.

Chuck Wolfe is an international speaker but I thought in some ways quite David Engwicht-like, although he did not use the words place making once in his presentation.

City building is acupuncture with lots of little pricks, small achievable projects and goals and the rediscovery of simplicity we were told, and that we need to create places of comfort and scale. That is very much what the Freo community would like to see happen. Even more Freo was Wolfe’s suggestion that we need to recall the historic patterns of our cities and that the fundamental relationships between humans and cities need to be addressed in our planning.

Brad Pettitt presented his thought on the Liveable Cities tour he did a few months ago and observed that they were about density done well, cities of short distances, and that cities should not be designed around cars. In the German city of Freiburg for example car use is only 35 cars per 100 inhabitants while in Perth it is 60/100 so substantially more.

Brad said that higher density is best done when accompanied by green spaces and that the new European suburbs had a diverse range of affordable housing for all ages. It was important to “Building on your uniqueness.”

Marion Fulker compared facts and perceptions and said that crime in Fremantle was about the same as everywhere else in the metro area. The problem with parking was not insufficient parking bays but the accessibility to them, she said. There was also no clear evidence that Fremantle’s environmental role was any more significant than that of other regions.

The education sector is a major employer in Fremantle she told us, and that young people and renters were more satisfied to live in Fremantle than people over 40 and property owners, but that 86% of residents are satisfied to live here.

UWA Professor Matthew Tonts told us there is a steady population growth in Fremantle but it is well below that of the Perth metro. We have a slowly ageing population, are a critical hub for import and export, and have a higher rising unemployment rate than Perth. Freo people are stayers Professor Tonts said with half of the population staying in the same location between 2006-11.

I came out of the forum wondering if over-planning cities harms the natural organic growth of them because we are in such a rush for change, and if we should not let progress evolve and let it simply happen because of inevitable change.

Fremantle is only 187 years old while European cities have often grown organically for centuries, and most have a real connection to the past and past culture. Freo’s latest building have little reference to our heritage and don’t connect with the past. They fill up spaces with density but not with culture and don’t look at all like “density done well’ the Freo Mayor talked about.

Roel Loopers

Facebook: ROEL FOR FREO! Beaconsfield Ward. Truly Independent.

Authorised and written by Roel Loopers. 5 Maxwell Street. Beaconsfield 6162.


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Liveable Cities Forum



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It was a packed house at the Fremantle Townhall, that overflowed onto Kings Square, on Tuesday evening for the RETHINK PERTH FREIGHT LINK forum with Federal politicians Allannah MacTiernan and Scott Ludlam and the Mayors of Fremantle, Cockburn, East Fremantle and Melville. The Maritime Union of Australia was represented as was the Residents and Ratepayers Association of Cottesloe.

North Freo comedian and author Ben Elton was the MC and started the night with a powerful speech telling the audience that we might need advise from Bronwyn Bishop on how to cart dead weight around. Container freight by helicopter? He also stressed this was a community issue and not a political one.

Mayor Brad Pettitt said the State had assured him the old railway bridge would be replaced in the future but all indications were the Barnett government wanted to duplicate the Stirling traffic bridge to accommodate more trucks to the port. It would cost at least $ 500 million to do that and would have a huge impact on East Fremantle. He said that 92% of vehicles using the proposed freight link would be private cars, not trucks.

Cockburn Mayor Logan Howlett said the future is in our hands and there is a better way than the PFL. Don’t trash our heritage, culture and nature for a road to nowhere.

Alannah MacTiernan told the crowd that the PFL proposal came out of the blue as there had been no State Government plans for it and it was not in the budget either. It was pushed by the Federal Government that only wants to support and fund roads. She said plans for an outer harbour had been advanced and going on since 1996 by both the Liberal and Labor governments when in power. This is truly a disgrace! Her request for documentation had been rejected because the release of the documents would cause damage between the State and Federal governments. It is such a flawed process, she said.

Senator Scott Ludlam sprouted optimism saying he believed the forum was the critical mass moment as had happened with the Ningaloo Reef and James Price Point protests that were won by the community. He said this movement could achieve the same as the city of Portland in the USA where the community rejected more freeways and the government listened and built lightrail.

Ludlam made one very important observation we should all think about “What is all this stuff in those containers? It is stuff we might not actually need!” He is right that excessive consumerism is a huge part of the problem.

He said that the Melville people were being sold-out as those along Leach Highway believed the PFL is a solution, while it would create more trucks through Melville. “It is a bullshit waste of taxpayers’ money!”

Senator Ludlam suggested to set up funds to take legal action and slow the process down in the courts and got 50 people to hand over $ 100 each to start it off.

The Mayor of Melville who supports the PFL was brave to attend and said he was talking about people’s life and that the current road network was never designed to cope with the volume of traffic it had now.

Lawyer John Hammond, who is President of the Cottesloe Residents and Ratepayers Association, told the appreciative crowd that “In Cottesloe we are getting pissed off! We don’t want it!”

It was a good forum that could have been better with shorter speeches and a longer Q&A period, but it was positive that it was not a political Barnett government bashing but real concerns about lifestyle, communities, nature and the preservation of culture.

There are other options and the State and Federal governments should explore those before they make the huge mistake of building the Perth Freight Link to Fremantle Port that only has a limited time left until it reaches capacity. A new outer harbour port near Kwinana is essential but even that needs to be handled sensitively so that it has minimal impact on the communities and nature there.

Roel Loopers


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How do local governments really know what younger people want? We rarely see young people participating in community workshops and the few who do turn up, often only do because they are students of urban planning, sustainability, etc.

How can Fremantle Council engage younger people? What needs to be changed so that local government becomes interesting to them, because, after all, we are designing our future cities for them and, to a lesser extend, for the 55+ year-olds who do come to community consultation meetings.

Take the city of Kansas in the USA for example where the demand for inner city apartment living by 25-40 year olds became apparent, a new entertainment precinct was created, a stunning new performing art centre, a streetcar/lightrail, and a $ 90 million 30-storey 500,000-square-feet-tower was refurbished to make it into a ‘vertical city’ to house residential, offices, retail, a university satellite, childcare, and a public roof garden.

Inner city living in Kansas City has increased 50 percent since 2000.

So what will the City of Fremantle be doing to attract younger people to participate in the process of creating the future of our city? Bike paths along boring buildings won’t do and neither will the pretty dull and uninspiring nightlife of Freo. What do we need to provide as a community to have more happy young people living here? How can we revitalise the city so young people want to live, work and play here?

I want to hear the opinions of young people. I want to listen to them, so I know what they want, and we can assist them to enable that.

Roel Loopers

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A reminder that WA Police Commissioner Karl O’Callaghan will be at the Fremantle Town Hall this evening at 6 pm to explain the new Community Policing.

Roel Loopers

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What can Fremantle businesses learn from North Queensland about cultivating business? Up there in the north east of Australia they have been very successful in the strategic collaboration between the community and local business and Fremantle could learn from that.

Come and listen and network this Monday May 26 from 9 am till 12 noon at the Fremantle Town Hall to some of the main players in the QLD process. Cam Charlton, managing director of Kleinhardt, Stewart Smith, the successful owner/operator of the SuperYacht Group, and  Max Shepherd the recently retired General Manager of the Skyrail Rainforest Cableway, will talk about their experience.

The event is organised by the Fremantle Chamber of Commerce, City of Fremantle, Experience Perth, Australian Industry Group, and Enterprise Connect.

It is a free event, but please RSVP to:

Roel Loopers



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 Sri Lanka is known for cricket, sparkling beaches, lush forest, fine tea, great food and lovely hospitable people, but  it’s also a place where people have suffered decades of discrimination, where a brutal war culminated in 2009 with the death of over 40,000 Tamil civilians in the so-called ‘No Fire Zone’; a place where government critics are still regularly tortured, over 35 journalists have been killed or have disappeared, and where Tamil women, men and children are still reportedly gang raped by soldiers.
The Sri Lankan Genocide 2009… exhibition is a portrayal by various photo journalists and photographers of some of the disturbing human rights abuses carried out under the watch of the current Rajapaksa Regime.

Wednesday 30th April, Opening at 6pm and Forum with Q&A at 7pm. Victoria Hall, 179 High Street, Fremantle

Panelists: Greens Senator, Scott Ludlam; Federal Labor Member for Fremantle, Melissa Parke; Australian Tamil Congress Chairman, Professor Raj Rajeswaran; Tamil Refugee Council Spokesperson, Aran Mylvaganam.

Pending Confirmation: The Minister for Foreign Affairs, Julie Bishop and the High Commissioner for Sri Lanka in Australia, Admiral Thisara Samarasinghe

The exhibition will run 11am – 6pm from Thursday 1st – Saturday 3rd May


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