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That was a lot of rain for about an hour this morning till lunch time and the cormer at Phillimore Street was flooded pretty bad.

The walk way at the back of J Shed looked more like Lake Monger and that is not very inviting for people who explore Arthur’s Head.

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This large puddle made access to the City of Fremantle at Fremantle Oval a bit of an adventure. Pedestrians had to wait for cars to pass before attempting to walk along the edge of the water log.

There has been a lot of rain and there are huge puddles on the Esplanade as well, and smaller ones in my home as the drains could not cope. ; >(

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I know one should not chuckle about other people’s misfortune, but this is actually quite a funny story.

Imagine using the upper floor office toilet at No 1 High Street late on the Friday of the WA Day long weekend, and without anyone noticing the toilet keeps flushing when the staff leaves, which results in the bowl overflowing.

Still not a disaster, but the drainage in the restroom is also blocked and now all the water drips down to the floor below, where it gets into the power box and short circuits it.

Imagine the owners of Chalky’s cafe in Fremantle’s High Street coming back from down south late on Monday and just checking that everything is alright on the historic day, to find all the power in the building out, so they need to rescue all their food stock from fridges and freezer in total darkness.

They make mad dashes to Target for big plastic containers and to the service station for bags of ice, and even buy a deep freezer to store and preserve the food.

There was still no power on Tuesday, so a loss in trade as well, and now hoping that the insurance of the office above with the leaking toilet will cover it all.

Sometimes flushing the toilet can put you in deep shit. ; >)

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A new report by the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration predicts that rising sea levels would have dire consequences for Fremantle and Perth.

Marine Terrace, the Esplanade and Fishing Boat Harbour would be flooded, if the NOAA prediction is correct that it is more likely now that sea levels could rise up to 2.7 metres because of increased melting of antarctic ice.

Elizabeth Quay in Perth and other areas along the Swan River would also be impacted by the rising sea levels.

I wonder what it would do the the Port Coogee and South Beach developments and why the State Government and local governments still approve coastal development so close to the Indian Ocean when global warming is a serious threat to coastal development.

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Fremantle Council has approved a Diverse Housing Engagement Plan to help the City better understand the community’s views on the future choices of housing in Fremantle and to explain the need for more diverse housing and what it means for everyone.

The project will explore the challenges that exist between the need for smaller infill housing types versus the need to retain the character of existing areas. It will also look at community perceptions around smaller housing options versus more traditional larger housing types in Fremantle.

The engagement is expected to include roadshow events presenting concepts for smaller dwellings, a design workshop to explore new housing ideas and walking/bus tours showcasing innovative and diverse developments. A survey to gauge people’s understanding of what diverse housing means and their preferences for the future of housing in Fremantle will also be undertaken.

Information gained will be used to refine the City’s guiding principles for diverse housing before a more formal planning framework is developed.

Council considers it of value to gain the community’s input into the diverse housing project prior to undertaking the statutory planning process.

The community engagement plan is expected to run from September to December 2016 and will focus on the purpose/reasons for the project from a local perspective as opposed to a metropolitan or state perspective.

The engagement activities are subject to the final adoption of the 2016/17 budget by council.

I believe it is essential to stress that infill does not mean highrise and suburban infill can be achieved with buildings of maximum four storeys, as the City of Fremantle wants to do along South Street and in the Hilton centre.

A recent report by the Bankwest Curtin Economic Centre found that most people who commute to work want to work closer to home, ideally within walking distance or a short ten-minute drive.

Housing infill is good but there needs to be more active support from governments and organisations to decentralise and move offices to the outer suburbs, so that people have to commute less to Perth.

After the disaster on the East coast on the weekend one also has to wonder how long governments will permit new houses to be built close to the coast. There is no doubt that global warming will impact on buildings near the coast and rivers so who will pay for it when houses are destroyed? Will insurances cover this or will governments become liable for having approved houses in areas that will become flooded and eroded? Does the City of Fremantle has a policy on this?

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There are a few winter problems at the Fremantle Winter Garden festival on the Esplanade with rain of the last days making the area into messy mud and some events tents flooding with water. The Health and Safety people were on site and the large slide was taken down out of safety concerns. The Future Common people, who will be relocating some of their tents, wondered why no one had been made aware that the Esplanade gets water logged because of drainage problems.

There was steady rain for two days but not exactly a natural disaster of outrageous proportions, so why were the out of town organisers not told by the City of Fremantle to expect flooding and a muddy mess so that they could have been pro-active and implement a rain drainage plan, instead of now letting visitors navigate through mud, put ugly fencing in to control where people walk, etc? Ten officers from COF were putting sand down and matting to make it all a bit better, but it looks shit really, and that is very disappointing for the general public and organisers.

Rain drainage problems at the Esplanade have been known for years, so why does COF allow a winter festival to set up in an area that gets water logged in the wet season, one has to ask. Where is the common sense in that when it affects the enjoyment of the visitors and the income of the organisors?

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Let me quote a little from a letter to the editor in a community newspaper: … to the detriment and of total disregard for the everyday requirements of its domiciliary ratepayers. How about some attendance to the neglected rubbish strewn unsealed and rat-infested lanes?

Then consider:

* A program for poor kerbside drainage and local flooding issues.

* Attention to inadequate traffic management.

* The totally unmaintained and unsightly street verges, and a consolidated street tree program.

* The abominable state of street lighting.

* The very mundane and uninspiring town centre.

* The very dangerous slab footpaths.

Sounds familiar?

Well, it is not someone complaining about Fremantle but about Cottesloe in the Subiaco Post newspaper.

Yep, we are not alone. Local councils everywhere neglect the basics and the present and mainly plan for the future.

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Huge clouds, big waves and severe storms are battering Fremantle at the moment on this Sunday afternoon, so I could not stay indide reading but had to find a few photos to illustrate the weather.

The foot and bicycle path along the Swan River near the Leftbank pub was under water, and so was the jetty at Point Walter. On the North Mole huge waves swept over the road making it a challenge for  drivers, while up at my end of town the rubbish bins had blown over, so I had to push them against a fence to prevent it from happening again.

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