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The 114th WA Volunteer Fire Rescue Services Easter Championships are being held this weekend at the Gilbert Fraser reserve in North Fremantle. Go and have a look at it from 9am this easter Sunday morning. It’s fun to watch!

Bush firies from as far away as Port Hedland, Esperance and even Victoria are taking part and they deserve recognition and support for their tireless work to protect their communities.

The event has been held at the North Freo oval for over 40 years but I was not aware of it until I read a tiny one line somewhere on Thursday.

It needs to get a lot better promotion so that the local community comes out in droves to watch it. It’s rather pathetic that just under 100 spectators attend the events and they were family and a few supporters.

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Bureaucracy-like car salesmen, lawyers, politicians, Dutchmen, journalists, and Roel Loopers, to name just a few-has a bad reputation.

I know one should never generalise so let me declare that I have often dealt with excellent public servants at the City of Fremantle and all levels of government.

Why am I writing this? Because I thought there must be some reason and order within City of Fremantle madness I do not understand. It’s probably not the fault of an officer but of the system and lack of rules.

Yesterday the two new fire extinguishers in the Roundhouse were tested and the contractor told me the only other devise he needed to test at Arthur Head for CoF was the one in the Gunners Cottage, which is the office of the Roundhouse volunteers.

This means that none of the artist’s studios at Captain’s and Mrs Trivett lanes have fire extinguishers installed although some of them have highly flammable goods in them. I don’t know a painter who would not have turpentine in their studio.

It seems illogical to me that the Roundhouse, that is highly unlikely to ever catch fire, needs to have two fire extinguishers, but highly flammable artist’s studios in tiny residential cottages that are also open to the public don’t have any.

If a fire broke out in one of the cottages it could very easily and rapidly spread to the others along the lane and all that heritage would be gone.

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A house fire broke out around 3 pm today in Jenkins Street, near the corner of Chester Street in South Fremantle. Big plumes of smoke filled the sky and school kids were the first spectators.

The fire brigade was there quick smart, so now hoping for the owners/occupiers that not too much damage has been done.

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A fire that broke out last evening at 6.30 at the long-established Fairway Panel Beaters at South Terrace, Fremantle has done substantial damage to the building. Local residents had to be evacuated because of toxic fumes and asbestos fears.

The business has been owned by brothers Brian and Robert Richardson for 46 years, so it is quite a shock to the family.

Workers turned up this morning not knowing if they still had a job, but the general sentiment was that it is great no one was hurt and the business can be rebuilt. I wish them well!

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That was a rather interesting fire emergency test at the new MSC building in Cliff Street this morning, when men shot huge sprays of water in the air from the roof of the building, and the strong wind blowing it all over High Street and inside Chalkys cafe. Lucky no one sat at the outside tables or they would have got drenched.

Barista Keith yelled out to them to stop it and they finally did, after a few pedestrians got a good soaking.

I believe it was very inconsiderate and lazy as they could have alerted the cafe and stopped pedestrian traffic during the test. I hope no one at No 1 Little High Street left their windows or balcony doors open.

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More vandalism has occurred at Arthur Head and the urgency for CCTC in the area is becoming more and more important.

Two days ago I reported on the overflowing skip bin at J Shed that Sunset Events left there since the last concert on Saturday, and last night an idiot or two set fire to the bin and  FESA had to attend.

And while this is happening at Arthur Head our city ‘leaders’ are sitting on their hands and do nothing about it, because admitting they were wrong would be far worse than the heritage precinct going up in flames.

The area needs immediate action, City of Fremantle. Do it now and stop the procrastination and favouratism of Sunset Events!

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A fire that has been burning near Bibra Lake in the suburb of Coolbellup in Cockburn has been upgraded again at midday as lives and homes are at risk according to FESA.

The fire started at 6 am at Pioneer Park near Progress Drive and is believed to have been deliberately lit.

The students of the nearby Waldorf School had to seek shelter inside the school when the fire broke containment lines mid morning.

I just came back from there and there are a lot of very worried people in the area watching the helicopters and fixed-wing planes dumping water on the fires not far from there homes. There was a strong breeze and that is not helpful.

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A bushfire WATCH AND ACT has been issued for people in an area bounded by North Lake Road, Forrest Road, Coolbellup Avenue and Cordelia Avenue in the southern part of Coolbellup in the City of Cockburn.

It appears there is a pattern here as locals say there are now regular fires in the area that appear to be deliberately lit, so is someone making a stupid political statement or are these just morons who like to see beautiful nature go up in smoke while threatening the homes of people?

Roel Loopers

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It is fantastic to see that ticket holders, events organisers Sunset Events, and food stall operators are trying to support the bushfire victims down south after the cancellation of SOUTHBOUND. This message below came through on Facebook and well done to everyone to show your support and empathy and realise that the cancellation of a music festival is nothing compared to the loss of homes, livestock, etc!

“We’ve been overwhelmed with the support shown over the last 11 hours since our announcement that Southbound 2016 has had to be cancelled due to high fire risk within the area. We’ve had a lot of feedback regarding patrons wanting to donate both part or their entire ticket refund to those affected by the fire. We are currently working to set up a system where this can be facilitated. We have excess food on site which we will be offering to those who are both working to fight the fires and affected and currently working with the relevant parties to make this happen. We’ll keep you updated as we work on both of these initiatives. We are gutted but trying to turn our disappointment in not being able to deliver Southbound to you into a positive thing for those affected by the fires.”

Roel Loopers



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A large fire broke out at the property of Liberal party politician Matthew Hanssen this morning on the corner of Central Avenue and South Street in Beaconsfield. The building contains Mr Hanssen’s home, the Hanssen computer business and the Zedz fish&chips shop.

Matthew told me he had no idea how the blaze started but that the property is insured.

It is not a very good start of the year for Matthew Hanssen who stood for federal parliament against Melissa Parke and for state parliament against Simone McGurk. He also contested the Mayor of Fremantle election two years ago.

I feel very sorry for Matthew and the business operators as this is one of the worst starts of the year imaginable.

Roel Loopers

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