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Posted in politics by freoview on November 22, 2010

Melissa Parke MP, member for Fremantle, has spoken out in favour of legalising gay and lesbian marriages.

Some people might feel offended by, or uncomfortable with, gay and lesbian people, and the fact they would like to get married, but who are we to judge? Surely two people who love each other should have the right to make that relationship recognised in matrimony of some kind.

If certain religions don’t want to allow church ceremonies for same sex marriages, that is their decision. There are still religions who will not marry people either who were married before and have divorced.

Love creates a special bond between two people, no matter what their sex is. Society should support them when they want to show commitment to their partners, not punish them for being different, and open about it.

It is rather disappointing that in the year 2010 we still need to have a political debate about it. One would have thought we’d grown up by now.

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